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TMetric – Time Tracker & Productivity App

Description from extension meta Simple time tracking extension which helps you be more productive, complete projects in time and bill your clients correctly.
Image from store TMetric – Time Tracker & Productivity App
Description from store Online time tracking software with powerful reporting and simple task management features. TMetric is a work time tracking web-app for individuals and teams who's primary workplace is at the computer. Integrates with Trello, Asana, Jira, and 40+ other apps. Full list of integrations is here https://tmetric.com/integrations/ Complete following simple steps to enable integrate time tracking with your app. 1. Sign Up to TMetric 2. Install this extension. 3. Login to your app
Latest reviews (2019-03-29) Anton Klymyk: I can't stop the timer. "Service is in the maintenance mode. The operation is not allowed. Please retry after several minutes." After several hours i can't still stop it. So timer appear incorrect data. Update: change from 2 stars to 4 stars. Problem solved and I tried a lot of such apps, but Tmetric really convenient app to track your time. Highly recommend. (2019-03-01) Sergio Thirdlingson: Good. Integrated with trello.com. (2019-02-12) Ada Chao: only work on https://example.gitlab.com/group/project/merge_requests/1111, won't work on other tab of MR ex: https://example.gitlab.com/group/project/merge_requests/1111/diffs (2018-09-27) Mita Cristian: Positives: Very simplistic, powerful and easy to use tool for time tracking and analysis. Negatives: Too often the connection to the server is broken and can't log in or use the TMetric app. (2018-09-19) Вася Пупкин: Почему нет возможности приостановить таймер по текущей задачи, а затем возобновить? Сейчас после нажатия Stop - таймер обнуляется. (2018-08-23) Élise Caron: Works very well... when it does. I only had the chance to use in a handful of time, because the popup always says connection with server lost, so I end up using the webpage. (2018-04-10) TMetric does NOT integrate with Todoist browser addon nor with Todoist mobile app. So the timer button will show up ONLY at the Todoist web app. That's really lame...! (2018-03-18) Matthaeus Carvalho: Funciona muito bem com o trello, registrando as tarefas fácil. Só dar start e pause. (2018-03-14) Mateusz Jaje: please add support for multiple accounts in this extension, to simple switch between accounts (2018-01-19) Deniz Gelion: Of all the time management platforms, TMetric is by far the best available one, which is free. The price system also seems to be very fair and subtle, definitely recommended! (2017-10-11) Krzych Wagner: Please add Pipedrive https://pipedrive.com integration :) (2017-07-19) Martin Lavigne: Simple and yet powerful. I would add a few minor features but all and all it's a complete Team Oriented Timesheet System. Now if we could record the User Activity* in the reports and exports it would be perfect for me and my team. * Activities recorded on the team member device (blue histogram) that help monitor and supervise "actual" work... (2017-06-28) Soporte Versat: Con la última actualización del Pivotal Tracker, ya no se puede cronometrar los proyectos. Ya no se visualiza el botón de Start time ---------------- With the last update of the Pivotal Tracker, you can no longer time the projects. The Start Time button is no longer displayed (2017-05-08) Excellent extension, fantastic time tracker and integrations. (2017-03-16) Yuri Tceretian: Great service for time tracking with JIRA integration. (2016-11-15) Samuel Suther: Sehr schönes Tool. Bitte fügt im Kontext-Menü der Extension noch einen direkt-link auf die Webpage von TMetric in den eigenen Account hinzu. (2016-04-27) Martin Meixger: Just simply great for a team with 15 (2016-01-19) Andrey Safonov: Add the time next to the Start button of timer in asana.com
(2018-11-05, v:2.9.5) Hizumisen: YouTrack integration
With the latest YouTrack frontend layout, the tmetric button is embedded in the ticket title "some-ticket Start timer". This issue also makes tmetric lose ticket reference.
(2018-07-23, v:2.9.0) Asana integration
Using this to track tasks in asana, how do we get this to auto populate the project that I amm working on? Seems to work for me but my colleague, also on windows with chrome, it doesn't seem to auto populate the project, which means having to type it in, which isn't as efficient.
(2018-06-04, v:2.8.0) Esau Rosales: integration
how can i integrate tmetric with zoho crm
(2018-05-28, v:2.8.0) Outdated?
Unable to Connect to my account via the extension. I have made sure I am logged in on the web-site, and it works fine there.
(2018-05-27, v:2.8.0) Gilles Crofils: How TMetric could be integrated in OpenProject ?
I just dont understand when the icon should be displayed.

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