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Discover your browsing habits! Time tracking at its best.

Image from store Webtime Tracker
Description from store Webtime Tracker keeps track of how you spend time on the web and presents the stats in a useful and intuitive way. 🚀 What you'll see ⭐️ Time spent on individual websites ⭐️ Detailed domain stats ⭐️ Total time spent browsing ⭐️ Usage visualized by colorful graphs 🚀 Extras ⭐️ Backup and restore, export to CSV ⭐️ Screenshots (e.g. for sharing) ⭐️ Works even offline ⭐️ Precise algorithm measuring time only when Chrome window is active (not covered by other windows) 🚀 Statistics ⭐️ Today overview ⭐️ Daily averages ⭐️ All-time stats 🚀 Customizable features ⭐️ Idle time interval ⭐️ Doughnut graph gaps (for readability) ⭐️ Time tracker in icon 🚀 Permissions explained ⭐️ "Read you browsing history": to allow the extension to read current tab's domain (lowest permission required among another time trackers) Completely free and with no ads Made with ♥ by Peta Sittek

Latest reviews

  • (2023-03-22) J. Belle Emmanuelle: Quand on utilise l'extension depuis un certain temps (au de là de 100 jours), elle ''bug'' et oblige à faire fermer votre navigateur. Il faut ''réinitialiser'' le tracker une à deux fois par année, j'imagine que ça lui fait trop d'historique à comptabiliser sinon.
  • (2023-03-18) neno vako: Отличная Статистика!!
  • (2023-03-14) Mark Wilhelm: I needed this app for a use it wasn't designed for. My kid is getting older and starting to seek out parts of the web that his curiosity ought not to. He's learned to purge his browser history but this extension acts as a backup history to all the places he's been. I can then go through and find URLs that he shouldn't be accessing. Then I can go into our router and add them to a blocked list. He just thinks the website was taken down. It's perfect.
  • (2023-03-10) Algo Racing: The extension does not work on Kiwi browser for Android but otherwise it's pretty good. It lacks permission access to read websitee I visit which I think is the issue making it not work. Maybe a fork of the extension for Kiwi could work?
  • (2023-03-08) Aaradhya Aamera: very convenient
  • (2023-03-06) Luis Miguel FM: Excelente manera de llevar un control de que sitios te gustan más visitar en Internet
  • (2023-03-04) Santosh Gunturu: It is simple and awesome. Everyone should use the extension
  • (2023-03-02) Atheophanous2: Works very well!
  • (2023-03-02) Chris Kerkhof: Does exactly what I need it to!
  • (2023-03-01) Amrit kumar chanchal: kokok
  • (2023-02-25) XI C 07 Aryan Varma: It is great and useful.
  • (2023-02-15) Zedroid: Hi, I tried to install the extension on my kiwi browser for android. It seems to work except the data counter / collection part. How can I make it work on my kiwi browser?
  • (2023-02-14) Jaiden Briscoe: good
  • (2023-02-10) xXUnknownGuestXx: Very nice for tracking what my little brother does on my computer
  • (2023-02-07) Zachary Wiles: Very helpful!!! I'd love to sync my data & stats from multiple machines. Please consider releasing open source.
  • (2023-02-02) Agni bz: Muy buena extension para poder llevar un buen control del tiempo!!! si la recomiendo!!
  • (2023-02-02) will hadley: Very useful and straightforward.
  • (2023-01-22) Utkarsh Yadav: Thank you, Web Time Tracker! This tool has been an invaluable asset to my workflow, allowing me to easily track my time spent on different projects and tasks. The user interface is clean and intuitive, and the ability to generate detailed reports has helped me to better understand my productivity and identify areas for improvement. I would highly recommend this time tracking tool to anyone looking to improve their time management skills. Thanks again, Web Time Tracker!
  • (2023-01-21) K.I. Rohan: It's really helping me to save my times. A lot of thanks to the developer.
  • (2023-01-17) M H: One of the best time tracking tools in the browser. I have been using it since years ago.
  • (2023-01-15) Sahil Sahil kumar: thank you for making this extention
  • (2023-01-13) Hesam Gir: very helpful
  • (2023-01-09) Lamp Lara: GOod
  • (2023-01-09) Sanchit Kumar: Mighty fine and so helpful
  • (2023-01-09) Ayman Mahmud: Very good
  • (2023-01-03) Muhammad Areeb: Love this Extension
  • (2023-01-01) Juliano Souza: So fiquem atentos numa coisa: só salva os últimos 3 dias. Se quiser mais dias, tem que pagar. Detalhe adicional: PDFs locais não é contabilizado =/
  • (2023-01-01) Tom Perry: Limits the data for the last 3 days. You can donate 10 $ or more to get the full version. There are better alternatives like Web Activity Time Tracker.
  • (2022-12-31) TakoShimiyo: Rozšíření je velmi užitečné, jen bych přidal funkci spojování stránek. Některé stránky velice často mění koncovku a rozšíření potom tyto stránky rozdělí na více, takže nevím kolik přesně času jsem na té stránce strávil času.
  • (2022-12-31) milton gutierrez saban: is a good extension uwu
  • (2022-12-31) Palak Pra: Excellent project
  • (2022-12-31) Hambone Designs: An absolute must! So fun to see what sites I waste loads of time on :)
  • (2022-12-29) carlos afonso: 4 the metrics junkies
  • (2022-12-27) Ernesto Lana: Very helpful to be aware of browser usage
  • (2022-12-24) soham bit: its just amazing helped me a lot in time management
  • (2022-12-23) Random LlamaDude: easy to use
  • (2022-12-23) TheTruthIsThatImDumb: This is perfect and I love it, great for keeping track and seeing for how long and for how many days I've been doing something on different sites.
  • (2022-12-23) Harsh Sharma: amazing
  • (2022-12-09) Aleks Gor: То, что нужно. Просто и со вкусом. Доволен. Плюс ставим всякие приложения типо телеграмма как расширения браузера и отслеживаем все.
  • (2022-12-08) Himank Verma: great
  • (2022-12-08) Anaseig: Amazing! I love it!
  • (2022-12-07) CatWayRoad: nice
  • (2022-12-06) Roman Pelaez: very well made nice berry nice big W yes
  • (2022-12-05) Shuang Li: Works as expected, never had a problem with it.
  • (2022-12-02) clara davis: i love this extension so so much as someone who is obsessed w personal data but also just as someone who needs a little reminder of how long i have been looking at a website sometimes
  • (2022-12-02) Moogi Niharika7: absolutely amazing ...thanks a lot mate!!
  • (2022-12-01) Second__ Dropper: The best way to keep a check on yourself. I wish I could know about it earlier.👍
  • (2022-11-29) dumpling_king: I love how I see what sites I'm on, really helped me to find out that I need to stop being on youtube all the time
  • (2022-11-28) Brayan Diaz: Very Useful
  • (2022-11-27) N4th4n13l: W app

Latest issues

  • (2023-01-27, v:1.7.8) K V: Where do I pull the reports?
    So, I installed the Chrome extension but can't figure out where to pull the reports on the web activity. I click on the link for the developer's website and it just takes me to more chrome extension apps. Help please!~
  • (2022-11-06, v:1.5.2) Matthew Nicholson: Fullscreen bug
    I've noticed that my time on netflix is only tracked when I'm not fullscreen and when I have gone fullscreen the time tracker stops
  • (2022-10-31, v:1.5.2) Stanislav K: Weekly average?
    Suggestion: Let us see daily/weekly/monhtly stats and browse through them to compare our habits and see how they changed over time. Current daily and all-time are not ve ry indicative of how our habits change over time, because we can compare only today with the rest and if I use the tracker for a year and my habits changed in the past few months, there is still a lot of old habits reflected in the all-time stats.
  • (2022-10-25, v:1.5.2) Martin Mendoza: A way to refine all-time pie chart
    Hello - I love this extension and it has helped me track my browsing habits really well - thank you for making it! I would like it if were possible to refine the pie chart view for the all-time view in the "other" portion. For me, the other portion is a gray blob which is almost 50% of my browsing, so it does not give me much information. It would be nice to have a little bit more granular control over that, such as choosing a threshold below which data should be lumped into "other". Thanks!
  • (2022-10-18, v:1.5.2) Joanne Naas: What if device is turned off?
    Does turning device off and on during the day, reset the timers? Seems like times are very low compared to reality.
  • (2022-10-04, v:1.5.2) Manas Dhibar: Privacy policy
    What kind of data that you take
  • (2022-09-14, v:1.5.2) ankur agrawal: how can i track the timing for the incognito mode browsing as some website does not work in normal mode
    how can i track the timing for the incognito mode browsing as some website does not work in normal mode
  • (2022-09-13, v:1.5.2) Ashish Kulkarni: Does deleting browser history affect functionality of this extension
    Hi If user keeps on deleting browser history will this extension work? does this extension rely on browser history?
  • (2022-08-11, v:1.5.2) Charlene Y.: Local File tracking
    Hi, I open files on my web browser and I've seen that it doesn't track. Also, extension screenshots/websites are not tracked either. Is there any way to get it so it can? Thank you
  • (2022-07-30, v:1.5.2) Pedro M.: Recovering Past Data
    Hello, I recently removed Webtime Tracker on my device and I wanted to know if it was possible to retain the data back from it again now that I reinstalled it on my browser.
  • (2022-07-21, v:1.5.2) Vicente del Rio: Tiempo en pagina web
    Hola, deseo saber si esta extension mide el tiempo que una pagina web esta abierta o mide el tiempo en que estas navegando en la pagina web. Si es la primera es recomendable que la actualicen a la segunda porque hay miles de personas tienen paginas web en su navegador pero no significa que estén navegando ellas.
  • (2022-07-13, v:1.5.2) Jiang Qi: SYNC
    At present, the class sync function is not supported for the time being, so the history data will be lost after changing computers, and I hope that similar functions will be added subsequently.
  • (2022-07-12, v:1.5.2) Sheila Fisher: Previous Days Stats
    Is there a way to see the stats for any given day prior to the current day?
  • (2022-06-20, v:1.5.2) George1717: Companion App
    Can you make a companion app that tracks time spent in applications as well? No other options work as well as an app that works in the same way would, as they all are for businesses and let you log time, but not automatically track time spent in different apps.
  • (2022-06-01, v:1.5.2) Shuto Nakamura: New function for Webtime Tracker
    Thank you for creat this extension! It's very great. But, I want new function of this extension. It's data's backup and import function and cloud back up and import. I hope it will.
  • (2022-05-12, v:1.5.2) Derek Thompson: Only root URLs?
    Hi Webtime Tracker team, Is it possible to see the time spent on individual pages inside of a domain? Right now it looks like the tool only supports root domain time tracking... Let me know. Thanks!
  • (2022-05-02, v:1.5.2) Zamora R. A.Z.R.: Only counts if the browser is the active window
    You can open youtube, for instance, and just click outside the browser (the desktop or another window) to keep watching the video without the extension counting the time. Would it be possible to keep counting time as long as the tab is active. Only if the browser itself is minimized or the tab is not selected then it should stop counting time. Thank you.
  • (2022-04-24, v:1.5.2) 王之: increase weekly statistics
    Strongly request to increase weekly statistics (easy to compare weekly time usage and improvement)
  • (2022-03-24, v:1.5.2) LEANDRO DE OLIVEIRA: Facebook
    Why Facebook time is different from others sites? I spent few time in FB and the tack shows a lot of time spent...
  • (2022-03-08, v:1.5.2) Sai: Is there any way to know the previous day's detailed usage statistics
    I can find the detailed usage of current day, but not the previous days'. Is there any way to get this data.
  • (2022-03-01, v:1.5.2) Aditya Jha: Doesn't track time on Local PDF Files
    It doesn't not track the time spent on local pdf files that are opened in chrome. While i am studying through the pdf i want the time tracked so that i can know for how much duration i studied. Otherwise, a fantastic extension, already told many of my friends about
  • (2022-02-28, v:1.5.2) Niranjan Krishnamurthy: Track individual days
    Hey, is there a way I could access the data for individual days for say the previous week, instead of average. Thanks.
  • (2022-02-09, v:1.5.2) Sameer: sync across devices
    Please bring an option to this so that we can access the data from our phone
  • (2022-02-07, v:1.5.2) Ishav Gupta: Please introduce a way to append old web tracking history to the current history
    I have an old backup taken before 3 months and would like to append it to current history without deleting the current history. Currently there is no way of doing that. Please implement this feature.
  • (2022-01-12, v:1.5.2) Harish Balasubramanian: Syncing with a new device
    Hey Peta! I loved your app and it has been immensely useful for someone who loves procrastinating i.e me. I recently switched over to a new laptop, and I was wondering if you could add a feature to import the CSV file containing my usage data into my new device. Thank you!
  • (2021-12-14, v:1.5.2) DaDoge924: Sync data on other gadget
    would be kool if my data can be sync on other browser using google account
  • (2021-12-13, v:1.5.2) C. Manäge: Video Streaming timeout
    When I have the inactivity set to 30sec it doesn't properly track how much time I spend on streaming sites like YouTube, Netflix, Crunchyroll, etc. But when I set inactivity to 30 min it counts my time on Wikipedia for longer even though I walked away from my screen. It would be a good feature to have the option to change "Stop tracking if no activity detected for x minutes" for specific sites like YouTube, Crunchyroll, etc
  • (2021-12-06, v:1.5.2) Vermillion Hue: Sync across devices
    Can you make it to sync across devices with a login functionality with gmail.
  • (2021-12-06, v:1.5.2) Vermillion Hue: Sync across devices
    Can you make it to sync across devices with a login functionality with gmail.
  • (2021-12-02, v:1.5.2) Illamma: Does the extension still track when a YouTube video or any other video is playing?
    Say you set the extension to stop tracking after 10 minutes of inactivity. And you proceed to play a 20-minute YouTube, or any other video. Would the tracker stop tracking 10 minutes into the video?
  • (2021-11-16, v:1.5.2) Muhammad Hamza Niaz: Webtime Tracker Weekly View
    Hi! I hope all is well I really love this chrome extension. I was wondering if you can add a weekly view of my usage as well? That way I can get a better picture of which days I have spent the most time on which website. Thank you! I hope you have a great day
  • (2021-11-10, v:1.5.2) Casimir De Hauteclocque: L7D
    Hi I would like to have the weekly average data / Last 7 days average data
  • (2021-11-07, v:1.5.2) Shamarski Simon: Tracking for PDF files
    I am able to open PDF files in my browser. I think it may be good to be able to track how long an individual has an open pdf file, as it is a method of tracking how long someone is reading.
  • (2021-11-06, v:1.5.2) Sahil Sah: Totally Wrong Tracking time
    it doesn't shows web time correctly. instead it shows very less time than actuall. like specially for youtube the time it shows is really out of the box, i i'm whtching youtube for 8hr. it shows me about 2hr13min.
  • (2021-10-24, v:1.5.2) Sai: Is there any way to view previous days' detailed usage history?
    I can able to only view current day's usage data.(i.e: The websites visited and time consumed on them). I would like to know is there any way to know the previous day's usage history likely.
  • (2021-10-18, v:1.5.2) Sebastian Maciejewski: Data export
    Is there any way to export the data? I've gathered up nearly 9 months and it would be nice to store it somewhere where it would be backed-up :) Even if the data is in some kind of raw form, like huge messy json file or sth similar, it would be a great feature
  • (2021-10-15, v:1.5.2) Htet Oo Wai Yan: Exclude feature
    Please, consider adding a feature to exclude selected websites to stop tracking them.
  • (2021-10-04, v:1.5.2) Michelle Wall: Big Issue
    it seems that the "Stop tracking if no activity detected for" feature isn't working, it keeps counting even when I'm inactive.
  • (2021-09-26, v:1.5.2) Zaglol Gamal: Add an option to open the extension in a new window or a new tab
    Sometimes I accidentally click away from the extension's popup which interrupts whatever I'm doing. By adding an option to open the extension in a new window (like the screenshot window) or even a new tab, it will not only solve this problem, but also allow users to search their stats for a domain using the Chrome's Find dialog. That's all. Thank you for you work!
  • (2021-09-01, v:1.5.2) Sanghmitra Rathore: Ideal time
    Hi there, I found this very useful. I have a question that, Does it provide non-working time also? if someone left the seat for a while then counter should not count that time. do you put any minimum activity time boundation ?
  • (2021-08-09, v:1.5.2) G'anisher Ne'matov: it is sometimes not counting
    Hello! when I am watching a film on https://hd.kinopoisk.ru/, it is calculating wrongly, especially, when I am watching film in full-screen
  • (2021-08-03, v:1.5.2) Darren Coleman: Set duration / timescales for tracking
    Is it possible to set the duration timescales for tracking to weekly or monthly? At the moment it's today, daily average and all time. I'd like to be able to set this to monthly.
  • (2021-07-24, v:1.5.2) Abhinav Arya: ADD TO FILE URLs
    Sir I din't understand what the option add to file urls means.can u explain?
  • (2021-07-16, v:1.5.2) Agustina Muschitiello: Stats from previous days
    Greetings from Argentina! Great app, seriously. I just wanted to know if there is a way to check the full stats of previous days, or just the current day. Thank you!
  • (2021-07-11, v:1.5.2) Hugo D.: Youtube, Full screen
    When we are watching a video on youtube in full screen, the tracker does not add the time
  • (2021-06-05, v:1.5.2) Epicity: Any plans to port to Firefox?
    It'll be cool to see this there as well
  • (2021-05-30, v:1.5.2) Renato Kwiatkowski: Quanto custa?
    Quanto custa? E, qual a forma de pagamento?
  • (2021-05-29, v:1.5.2) Red: How to stop tracking certain sites
    I only want to see stats from a few websites I use. I don't want it to track other websites. Are there anyways of doing this ?
  • (2021-05-11, v:1.5.2) Anuj Gupta: Time in hours instead minutes
    the floating time bubble is always in minutes, I wish it showed hours after crossing 60 mins. So that I instantly know that I have wasted 5 hours playing online chess and not 300 mins. (which is the same but not as effective)
  • (2021-05-07, v:1.5.2) Darío Enrique: Have the counter detect streamed content such as youtube or twitch.
    Whenever I watch a long stream or multi hour vod, the counter fails to notice that I'm actively viewing the stream, even if I'm not touching the mouse. I'm likely laying back on my chair, and would love to be able to see how many hours that adds up to since I do watch long VODs on twitch, for example. Would it also be possible for it to detect when multiple tabs that are in view are also in use? I have two monitors and I tend to have the streams on the side, and work on my main. It'd be nice to see how much time was I viewing the stream and worked. Surely, this isn't simple, but suggesting just in case!


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