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Send torrent links to your Deluge server.

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Description from store To report an issue, please visit my GitHub Issues page: https://github.com/sbussetti/deluge-siphon . The reviews section of the webstore is not a good place to leave feedback about specific issues if you would like them to be resolved. This extension is an incredibly simple Deluge adder that allows you to send torrent links to your Deluge server with just a click from Google's most excellent Chrome browser. Works with link and cookie based tracker authentication and supports magnet links, which should cover every kind of tracker and torrent out there. Please keep in mind, Deluge did not support magnet links until 1.3.3 so if you want to use this extension for adding magnet links you MUST upgrade your Deluge server. On Github: https://github.com/sbussetti/deluge-siphon

Latest reviews

  • (2021-08-29) Tarique Naseem: I have my Deluge instance running on my Synology box and both torrent and magnet links work. I can't believe I've been messing around with manually copying torrents to watch folders all this time!
  • (2021-03-03) Daniel Jurco: works well if Deluge is hosted on the same system however does not send torrents to Deluge hosted on a different box. Seems to be already logged as an issue on Github.
  • (2021-01-03) exary37: Not working for me anymore.. Maybe the private tracker I use I don't know but nothing appears in my client. I give 4 stars anyway because I used it for years :)
  • (2020-03-17) Sagittarius: opensource, lightweight, usefully!
  • (2020-03-15) Phillip Hustwick: I have no idea how I missed this plugin. It's been months and I've been manually adding the label tag for every torrent I add. It's literally the best plugin in the Chrome store for Deluge!!!! Thank you so much! (This isn't that important, but if it could do SSL, it would be perfect.)
  • (2019-11-21) Алексей Беляев: Пользуюсь этим плагином для управления Deluge установленным на роутер. Всё отлично!
  • (2019-08-16) Brad Yates: Finally upgraded from uTorrent and loving Deluge with this extension. Just had to check the 'Allow remote connections' options and the rest was obvious. Thanks!
  • (2019-08-11) George Cooke: It is working 2019-08-11. Thanks a lot Developer!!
  • (2019-08-03) A. Gregory Wallace: Fantastic plugin, saves the hassle of downloading .torrent files and adding them manually to my deluge web client, supports label plugin as well A+ =D
  • (2018-12-27) Ben Lay: Was working flawlessly, now it tells me to enable this in Preferences -> Daemon Remote connections must be allowed. I have also put a ticket in under support on github.
  • (2018-10-20) Music Loca Amor: Does what it says on the tin.
  • (2017-10-18) Matthieu Belmontet: Doesn't work.
  • (2017-09-07) Shawn Townshend: works perfect. i giggle every time i click on a torrent the notification pops up. 8-}
  • (2017-08-23) Nate Swetland: Love it... I really wish there was a better way to browse for the remote folder you want to download to... Currently you need to know the full path for the download folder, which is kinda clunky, but other than that, its really great!
  • (2017-04-27) Thomas Kaxe: Works perfectly. The only one I've found so far, that actually worked with my remote webui. :D Thank you alot!
  • (2017-04-14) Simon: AMAZING
  • (2017-03-19) Joachim Silseth Eide: Update: Author fixed the issues and got back with some info on where to properly report bugs. Thanks a lot Steve, your plugin is great! 5 stars indeed! --no longer relevant:-- Options GUI is broken at the moment, you cannot enter server settings any longer and therefore the plugin will spam you with "Your Deluge server responded with an error". Dev needs to fix this. Otherwise this plugin is a 5-star worthy tool!
  • (2017-03-14) Harrison Pace: Awesome extension! Love it makes downloading so simple! Very good interface ! One suggestion would be to disable the Changelog page pop up.
  • (2017-03-13) Daniel Purnell: Can't currently change my connection information. The connection info section doesn't have any text boxes for credentials.
  • (2017-03-13) Johnny Rivas: EDIT: I was suddenly getting repeated popups of "Your Deluge server responded with an error", but I don't have any problems on my server. I looked at my options and all my boxes were unchecked and the magnet link field is empty. Can you please tell me what goes in the magnet link field again please? Until then this extension has been working great, and I really appreciate all work you've done on this program.
  • (2017-03-12) William Papa: Very useful to me. Does what it says it will do. Only issues; too many notifications about updates, and the newest update doesn't show connection settings fields on options page for me, I'm trying to set this up on a new machine and can't now... Hopefully fixed soon.
  • (2017-02-04) drs: Tries to conenct to localhost instead of the specified host.
  • (2017-01-31) Jack James: Please stop opening a new tab to tell me there was a "bugfix". It's really irritating.
  • (2016-12-07) Andrius Versockas: Add with options doesn't work :/ just dims the background and that's it :/ No more easy way to send to deluge
  • (2016-11-25) Anthony: I hate that I can't right click -> send to deluge anymore, have to go through a sub menu now
  • (2016-11-21) Jason: left click no longer works. leaving 5 stars hoping for quick fix
  • (2016-11-21) Cody Warmbo: Latest update breaks magnet link support. Left and right click both no longer function. Always get "Requesting link" and nothing further happens.
  • (2016-06-24) Charles Tangsirichareon: totally makes life easier! only issues are parsing of some magnets/torrents
  • (2016-06-18) Андрей Д: It's great, really, thank you! ! Need to restart browser after installing extension to use context menu option
  • (2016-06-15) John Pollock: Does exactly what I want it to do.
  • (2016-03-03) Michael Chavez: Just started using this a day or so ago, but so far I am really liking it. Got it originally for my chromebook to send torrents to my seedbox, but I've been using on my regular chrome browser and it is much faster at adding links. Normally I would have to wait a moment for deluge to open up, confirm adding torrent - this just has a little pop up on bottom right screen that lets me know what it's doing. All the torrents have worked perfectly, and no issues.

Latest issues

  • (2015-05-12, v:0.66.4) Tim Gonzales: Where do .torrent files go once added?
    Probably a dumb question, but what happens to the .torrent file once it gets sent to my Deluge server? Does it get deleted as soon as the torrent is successfully added? Or are they archived somewhere?
  • (2015-02-12, v:0.66.4) Sven-Hendrik Haase: Error on adding torrents
    Getting this: Error: cannot import name_URI when clicking add.
  • (2014-11-20, v:0.66.4) Chad Bergeron: Needs SSL Support
    Title says it all. Loved it, but moved to SSL and now I can't use it.
  • (2014-10-23, v:0.66.3) Daniel Chalmers: Deluge 1.3.10 issue
    This extension no longer works with magnet links in the new version. When attempting to add a magnet link, an error message will appear telling the user that "Your version does not support magnet links". This is incorrect. I assume the bug exists from string matching and that fact that 1.3.10 can be < 1.3.9.
  • (2014-10-18, v:0.66.3) Think Smart: Does not support magnet links.
    I got a problem and im not sure if this is caused by Deluge it self like maybe a bug has been activated, or if this is the problem of DelugeSiphon being outdated in some kind of way. =============================== DelugeSiphon Your version of Deluge [1.3.10] does not support magnet links. Consider upgrading =============================== This happens only when trying to send magnet links. Torrent are being send to the server without problems. Os: Linux Ubuntu 14.04 Chrome: v38.0.2125.104 Deluge: v1.3.10 Libtorrent: v1.0.1.0
  • (2014-06-22, v:0.66.3) Yunus Altuner: Malwarebytes and DelugeSiphon
    Malwarebytes is constantly blocking incoming from this ip address: Detection, 6/22/2014 12:07:24 AM, SYSTEM, Protection, Malicious Website Protection, IP,, 3389, Inbound, C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe, I completed a WHOIS on the ip address and it is from Canada. I then disabled DelugeSiphon extension and the messages stopped. Why would DelugeSiphon be causing this?
  • (2013-12-01, v:0.65.11) Kasper: Error
    I keep getting the same error when trying to add new torrents. It says "Error 'module' object has no attribute '_parse'" I have used this extension before and everything worked perfecly, so I'm not sure what im doing wrong?
  • (2013-11-23, v:0.65.11) Kristian Tigersjäl: Won't work
    Hi! I have the deluge server, latest as of today, running at my pi. it works fine browsing there and transdroid handles it great, but delugesiphone cannot add torrents, just displays an error.
  • (2013-09-18, v:0.65.10) Florian Schmaus: Remote Server URL not possible?
    I am unable to enter the following remote deluge server URL: https:/foo.bar.com:9091/ It always shows "Invalid server url." But the deluge WebUI is reachable under this address, port and https. Are remote server URLs not possible?
  • (2013-01-08, v:0.63.6) does not work
    Torrents from my private tracker don't get added to remote deluge (even if the extension reports that they have been added successfully). Deluge server is in my local lan btw and I have double checked everything. I'm also running the extension after having logged in (cookie exists in chrome), yet it does not work.


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