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Create smart text expansions to get more done and streamline your work. Billions of keystrokes saved!

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Description from store Insert text templates anywhere using keyboard shortcuts. 5-star rated, free text expander loved by over 400,000 users in more than 60,000 companies—easy to use, powerful and secure. Save hours and avoid mistakes by eliminating repetitive typing using customizable templates. Top Text Blaze benefits: ★ Save hours by automating ANY repetitive typing Insert standard greetings, commonly used phrases, canned responses, text, calendar links, and signatures. Format and style your templates - change color and size, add pictures, links, and lists. ★ Works anywhere you work Text Blaze works with text fields on any website. Wherever you are in Chrome, the Text Blaze Chrome Extension is there to help you save time. ★ Trusted by over 400,000+ users across the world Support and sales teams, teachers, health-care professionals, HR, lawyers, students, writers, real estate agents, and users in other roles across the world trust Text Blaze to help them supercharge their work. ★ Use placeholders in your templates - Text Fields, drop down menus and more Build forms with fill fields that you can edit when you insert the templates. Form fields include text fields, dropdown menus, dates, toggles, and more. ★ Make your template dynamic with the current date, formulas or more Automatically insert the current date, perform date calculations, including website information, and much more! ★ Supercharge your team with sharing and collaboration Collaborate on shared snippets to ensure your team always hits exactly the right notes in your messaging. Everyone's snippets are updated automatically when changes are made, keeping team communication consistent. ★ Tab between form fields and select menu options with AutoPilot Automate form filling or any other workflow you can perform with your keyboard by simulating key presses. For example, you can simulate Tab key to move between form fields. ★ Easily search your templates from any web page Quickly search your templates from anywhere with the Text Blaze Assistant or right click on any web page to insert a template from a menu. ★ Use Text Blaze everywhere Text Blaze works for everyone, everywhere. Here’s a few examples: 🤝Customer Support: create shortcuts for frequently used responses, troubleshooting tips, or knowledge base articles. This can be especially helpful when handling multiple tickets at once, on customer support sites like Zendesk, Freshdesk, and Intercom. 🎓Teachers: create shortcuts for frequently used phrases or feedback comments. This can be especially helpful when grading papers on educational sites like Google Classroom, Blackboard, Canvas, and Edmodo. 🩺Healthcare Professionals: doctors and nurses, including veterinarians, can create shortcuts to save time on healthcare sites like Epic, Cerner, Athenahealth, and Allscripts. 💼Recruiting: create shortcuts for frequently used interview questions, email templates, or job descriptions. This can be especially helpful when working on multiple job openings at once, on recruiting sites like LinkedIn, Greenhouse, JazzHR, and Workable. 💰Sales: create shortcuts for frequently used sales pitches, email templates, or proposals. This can be especially helpful when working on multiple deals at once, on sales sites like Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Zoho CRM. 📊Marketing: create shortcuts for frequently used marketing messages, social media updates, or ad copy. This can save time when creating campaigns or managing multiple accounts, on marketing sites like Hootsuite, Buffer, Sprout Social, and SEMrush. 🏛️Lawyers: create shortcuts for frequently used legal terms, clauses, or citations. This can save time on legal sites like LexisNexis, Westlaw, Clio, and MyCase. 🏠 Real Estate: create shortcuts for frequently used phrases or listing descriptions. This can save time when creating listings or responding to inquiries, on real estate sites like Zillow, Realtor.com, and Redfin. Text Blaze has a lot of other great features, but it's time to give it a try. Simply install the extension to get started! — ★ Text Blaze In the News: Fast Company: “This keyboard shortcut secret is a huge time saver in Gmail—and beyond” Tech Crunch: “Fell in love with the product,” adding that he “wanted to invest as soon as I tried the product.” Android Police: “Text Blaze is a tool that can save you a ton of time when you need to type the same words over and over.” –- For questions about Text Blaze, please email us at <[email protected]> More information and documentation: <https://blaze.today>; Privacy policy: <https://blaze.today/privacypolicy.html>;

Latest reviews

  • (2024-02-28) Libros y Riqueza: Ahorra mucho tiempo !!!
  • (2024-02-27) Jonathon Yard: Makes everything so easy if you are typing a lot of the same stuff. Even just emails or usernames to login. Be lost without it.
  • (2024-02-25) INnovAIte Weekly: Esta aplicación es super practica. Te ahorra un montón de tiempo.
  • (2024-02-21) Theresa Turla: Easy to use and works immediately. A huge time saver!
  • (2024-02-21) Nathalie Frochot: Super facile à utiliser ! Top.
  • (2024-02-16) Robin Jones: It's a really useful tool that saves me a lot of time. It's generally very easy to write snippets and, as a rule, they work first time!
  • (2024-02-14) Irfan Ali: It's amazing and time savings.
  • (2024-02-12) Nathan Manning: Fluid and user friendly tool that plugs in to almost anything you need that has typing functionality. I'm speeding through things at work that used to have tedious copy pasting and repetitive form filling.
  • (2024-02-12) Bernhard Lukas: Gutes Tool zur Produktivitätssteigerung und in der freien Version kann man schon ganz gut damit arbeiten.
  • (2024-02-08) Darrel Smith: This the greatest thing since copy&paste!
  • (2024-02-06) Andy Halliday: thanks so great
  • (2024-02-03) Michael Schütz: Funktioniert einwandfrei und macht mein (Online-)leben um einiges leichter. Shortcut eingeben - fertig! Selbst die kostenlose Version ist schon sehr umfangreich. Top!
  • (2024-01-30) Joshua E (Josh): Top class i love you whoever made this
  • (2024-01-30) Vonarian: It's just flawless, I haven't found a single issue, it's fast and easy to use!
  • (2024-01-28) Lala Musa: text blaze is amazing this is solve my all template problems
  • (2024-01-23) NotaBot: Game changing app. Give it a chance you wont regret it.
  • (2024-01-22) Brandy Lawson: Incredible. Exceedingly useful for consistency in sales and delivery communications for our team as we can use the templates in Gmail, ClickUp, and when we send MailChimp test emails.
  • (2024-01-22) Alexandra Lelong: Super pratique, facile à apprivoiser, facile à mettre en place, vraiment un gain de temps impressionnant
  • (2024-01-19) Muhammad Tahir Nawaz: Text Blaze is my go-to extension, streamlining my workflow with its powerful text expansion features. It's a time-saving marvel, simplifying even the most tedious tasks—truly a must-have for professionals.
  • (2024-01-18) Daniel Espinoza (C): la mera maquina text blaze
  • (2024-01-18) Utkarsh Chourasia: One of the best and most useful extension I ever had in my arsenal!
  • (2024-01-12) steph: Been using it for years! Big time saver!!! Thank you!
  • (2024-01-11) Javier Calero Ruiz: Really helpful and time saving
  • (2024-01-10) Mathilde PG: Game changer ! J'ai intégré cette extension à mon quotidien super rapidement et simplement.
  • (2024-01-09) Sublim cosmetics: Même 100/100 c'est mérité Excellente application permet de gagner un temps fou Merci à l'équipe derrière cette app
  • (2024-01-05) Loreta Mariano: Very useful
  • (2024-01-05) Michelle Stringer: best extension I have ever used, it really cuts down on my documentation time.
  • (2024-01-04) Chris Parthemos: Incredibly useful and boosts my productivity greatly
  • (2023-12-28) Valdemar Ferreira De Barros: Excelente ferramenta para produtividade. Já economizei muito tempo usando a ferramenta para responder mensagens padrões no Linkedin, revisar código em Code Review e emails. Tenho a versão paga e vale muito a pena.
  • (2023-12-28) Toly RANDRIAMANGA: a must have !!!
  • (2023-12-28) Ramona Stefanou: very useful an works very well. Saves lots of time. The best use I find for it is using it with AI that doesn't like copy paste, it really is live saving.
  • (2023-12-27) Jonathan Kaufman: Great extension. Really helps cut repetitive typing.
  • (2023-12-23) Jordan Savoie: love it
  • (2023-12-19) Andres Padilla Diaz: Time saver
  • (2023-12-17) Allan Taylor: so useful for those repetitive notes, would be lost without it
  • (2023-12-17) Ana F. Ducay: Super práctica un must
  • (2023-12-11) Rob Leon: Test Blaze is awesome! It helps me sort my AI prompts and common snippets. It's one of my favorite tools when it comes to productivity-time-savers!
  • (2023-12-07) Carl Abraham: Great text expander
  • (2023-12-07) Vicky Kumar: It is lovely. It makes the work super easy
  • (2023-12-06) Krystal Brackett: I use it every day and I love it.
  • (2023-12-06) Mélanie GAILLARD - punchtavisibilite: Une application superbe que j'utilise au quotidien et que je partage même en formation pour aider les entrepreneurs à écrire plus facilement et gagner du temps dans leur organisation.
  • (2023-12-03) Strange Glen: 16 Months Usage = 58 Hours saved. There is little more to be said. Worth every single penny.
  • (2023-12-02) Morgan Coleman: A tremendous help for the most tedious parts of my job!
  • (2023-12-02) JG Weston: The free version is excellent for the average user. If you are a professional wordsmith then the paid for version could be worth it. The productivity gains are amazing. I have used it for about 6 months now and never had a problem. A must have extension if you do any serious typing.
  • (2023-12-01) Jeremy Marcus: Perfect. Started using this after the text expander I was using before jacked up their prices to ridiculous levels. The free version of Text Blaze is excellent, and the paid version is appropriately priced for the features. I'm here to stay! Thanks
  • (2023-11-30) Daniel Cajiga: Gran aplicación, ayuda a ahorrar mucho tiempo. Gracias por un gran trabajo.
  • (2023-11-30) 王柏凱: Loves it
  • (2023-11-27) Gasket Guy OKC Accounting: Great extension. Easy to use. Lots of time saving snippets. I have about 30 go to snippets ranging from a complicated word I hate to type to entire email responses that are easier to use than email templates. There's a lot more that I need to discover and save even more time.
  • (2023-11-26) M.H. Analytics: Once i start disciplining myself to use it more it will save me a ton of time. Save all important note easily.
  • (2023-11-24) Jonathan Amaya: Excellent!

Latest issues

  • (2022-10-28, v:2.8.11) Erfried Krüger: MAHNUNG
    hallo sie schreiben mir eine letzte Mahnung sie haben meine Kontonummer und haben nichts abgebucht wozu brauche ich dann Klarna ?????
  • (2022-10-27, v:2.8.11) Baraa AlFarkh: HubSpot - WhatsApp Integration?
    Can Text Blaze help us to send template WhatsApp messages from right from HubSpot?
  • (2022-10-26, v:2.8.11) Deniss Corzo_MAJ: no puedo usar text blaze
    estuve usando text blaze normal y de un momento a otro dejo de funcionar. sale que lo tengo como extensión pero no me funcionan las abreviaturas programadas por text blaze.
  • (2022-10-18, v:2.8.11) Jon Eskdale: The Text BlazeExtension is using a lot of processor power even when Idle
    My Laptop (Dell i9 8th Gen) keeps running its fans at high speed (noisy) i tracked this down to Microsoft Edge and Chrome (using Shift Esc ) to see the browser task monitor it shows that it is Text blaze which is using the power Disabling Text Blaze extension returns the fans to normal speed and the processor usage returns to 3% from about 20% Any suggestions - I do appreciate and like to use Text Blaze but not with this power usage. Version: 2 . 8 .10 Thanks Jon
  • (2022-09-19, v:2.8.8) Jessy Grossi: Invoice
    Hi, I'll need to download all my invoices but the dashboard only allow to download the very last one.
  • (2022-09-14, v:2.8.8) eugenia coitiño: no consigo hacer uso de text blaze
    buenas tardes, tengo un problema, tengo descargado el text plaze y no me permite usarlo, no me reconoce, me gustaría que me brindaran alguna solución
  • (2022-09-08, v:2.8.8) Carla Chacon: No puedo hacer uso de la extencion
    Antes si puedia hacer uso de la extencion y ahora me dice no compatible que puedo hacer.
  • (2022-07-18, v:2.8.1) Raquel Games ;-;: Pergunta
    Olá, tem de alguma forma usar em todos lugares digitais possiveis?
  • (2022-06-24, v:2.8.1) Michael: Sending text twice...
    When I hit the hotkey, the text prints out twice in a row.. well more like 1.8 times, as the last characters of the first print-out are missing.
  • (2022-06-08, v:2.8.0) ketly souza dos santos: Problema ao acessar / Não é possível fazer login
    Estou com problema ao acessar o textblaze. Não entra pelo meu E-mail da empresa, fica carregando e não entra, preciso muito acessar minhas anotações. Me ajuda por favor.
  • (2022-05-16, v:2.7.2) Pâmela Jardim: How to cancel the purchase?
    I need to cancel the purchase 'cause I accidentally paid the annual price instead of the monthly price.
  • (2022-03-17, v:2.7.1) Sébastien Cyr: Identifier 'CURSOR_PLACEHOLDER' has already been declared
    Version: 2.7.1 Getting lots of errors like this in the console from this file: chrome-extension://idgadaccgipmpannjkmfddolnnhmeklj/js/contentScript.js
  • (2022-02-23, v:2.7.1) Irish Sarmiento: Formatting not showing on Gmail
    I've just copied over a dozen templates and the formatting isn't showing up on Gmail. It's all in default formatting. How can I make this work?
  • (2022-01-25, v:2.7.1) Diana McEwen: Please Help!
    This app is awesome! But when using the extension how do I make the right box smaller so I can see all the snippets that I have saved on the left side? Also can the box move around or have the floating format like other apps?
  • (2021-11-15, v:2.6.8) Raghu Chovvath: unable to install
    chrome store says not compatible
  • (2021-07-28, v:2.6.3) Sara Fritch: Dashboard is not opening/loading
    Dashboard is not opening/loading
  • (2021-04-21, v:2.6.1) milena castañeda villegas: Inactivación
    No funciona, no puedo activar la extensión correctamente
  • (2021-01-25, v:2.5.4) jivernino54 Jivierm: not working with iMacross
    Hi! Im using Text Blaze with iMacross and after last update extension stopped inserting snippets. If you fisically type "/test" on keyboard snippet triggers normally, but when iMacross types "/test" snippet not triggering
  • (2020-11-30, v:2.5.1) Kerri Moore: not sending the messages
    prompting with keys and no messages are forming
  • (2020-11-21, v:2.5.1) Santiago Beltran: Contraseña
    Perdi la contraseña de la cuenta [email protected] y np tengo acceso al mail. requiero poder acceder a la cuenta por que estan las notas que uso para mi trabajo.
  • (2020-09-27, v:2.5.1) Grace B: can this work on Youtube searching bar?
    I installed it in the hope of using it on youtube as i do a lot of searching there, but it didn't seem to work. did i not use it properly or it just doesn't work on youtube? if it doesn't , will you add this in the future? thank you.
  • (2020-09-18, v:2.5.1) Brigham Lifeline: Text Blaze on Smartphone
    I love using text blaze for our business! I wish I could use it was easily off my Smartphone as I do from my desk and off of my laptop. Is there a mobile app that allows for this?
  • (2020-08-31, v:2.4.9) Keren Amy Horowitz: *NOBODY IS HELPING ME ...,*
    Hi, >> Recently, I got the "TextBlaze" Google Chrome Extension. The "TextBlaze" Google Chrome Extension works wonders for me. I have a Disability that is called Cerebral Palsy (CP, for short). My CP landed me in a PowerChair, and I cannot walk. My CP also affects my hands, and therefore, I type slow with a MASSIVE amount of effort. Even though I type slowly and with a MASSIVE amount of effort, I do a TREMENDOUS amount of typing. Also because of my CP, I have a stutter in my voice, and therefore, I really cannot talk very well so people cannot really understand my speech, but I use technology to talk and communicate. Technology is my LifeLine, and I rely TREMENDOUSLY AND HEAVILY on Typing. Therefore, the "TextBlaze" Google Chrome Extension is a MUCH-NEEDED added Blessing for me. As of now, I have the free Version of the "TextBlaze" Google Chrome Extension. I have been Reading about the Paid Version of the "TextBlaze" Google Chrome Extension, and, I know for a fact that the Paid Version of the "TextBlaze" Google Chrome Extension, will help me even more with its Enterprise Feature's. The problem is, the Paid Enterprise Version of the "TextBlaze" Google Chrome Extension is "$20 Per user / month Annual Contract". I am very tight on Money due to my CP Need's, and, I cannot afford $20 Per user / month Annual Contract". I know that this is an unusual request, but, can we please come to an agreement of some sort, where I can Pay for the Enterprise Version of the "TextBlaze" Google Chrome Extension BUT ALL IN ONE GO, so it is not a recurring Payment?? I have CP so my situation limits my whereabouts, BUT, I am VERY Computer-Oriented and, as I said, I rely heavily on Typing, and, me studying the Enterprise Version of the "TextBlaze" Google Chrome Extension, this one will TRULY fit my Need's in terms of making Typing and such MUCH MORE accessible and successful for me. Please, can we come to some sort of agreement?? I NEED to hear back from you now PLEASE.
  • (2020-07-24, v:2.4.6) Richard Innocent: Lost Info
    Hey I loss all my Text blaze info when I loss my extensions. I purchased a pro account for the year and I do not have access to it at all. Is there anyway you can help?
  • (2020-04-12, v:2.4.4) Marc Kramer: Add Extension
    I updated my Mac Air. And reinstalled chrome. My extensions transferred except Text Blaze. When I go to add, it only shows Remove. I'm afraid to remove and re-add as I do not want to lose my templates. Please advise. Thanks! Marc
  • (2020-04-10, v:2.4.4) Stephanie Gibbs: Chromebook Update
    Hi! I LOVE this extension but it seems a recent Chromebook update has broken the extension for me :( . It's still enabled in my extension settings, the icon appears on my browser, and the dashboard is fine but nothing populates when I use my keyboard shortcuts.
  • (2020-01-21, v:2.4.1) Silvia Ribeiro Paraes: extenção adicionar
    Não consigo adicionar a extenção no navegador por qual motivo ?
  • (2019-09-26, v:2.2.4) Tim Kamen: Added Line Breaks
    I am using a simple snippit to insert my signature and it is adding additional line breaks. The preview looks fine, but when I try to use it with Intercom for example it adds in additional line breaks. Any suggestions on how to correct this? Thanks in advance.
  • (2019-08-02, v:2.1.7) Concentrix Chat Comprador: No me deja ingresar a la pagina. Me ayudas
    No se puede acceder a este sitio web dashboard.blaze.today ha tardado demasiado tiempo en responder.
  • (2019-07-13, v:2.1.5) Spencer Liscano: Cancelling subscription
    I would like to cancel my subscription, but I did not realize how difficult this would be. I will not be purchasing google chrome premium subscriptions moving forward, simply based off of this poor experience with searching the depths of google Chrome play store and still unable to locate the ''cancel subscription button. It is 2019, this is google, and it feels like this is done on purpose to discourage people from cancelling. Could you please cancel my subscription or help me locate where to do this, using something other than the google FAQ link for subscription cancellation? Thank you!
  • (2019-06-05, v:2.1.2) cortney bunker: Snippets deleted
    I reloaded my page and it "deleted" all of my snippets, doesn't show me any of mine that I had and doesn't allow me to create ant news ones. However, when I type the shortcut in, it still works. Just not on the actual webpage. How can I get those back on the webpage?
  • (2019-04-08, v:2.0.4) Angelo Venegas: Payment
    Your payment processor keeps rejecting my CC.
  • (2019-03-28, v:2.0.4) Adding extra space
    Hi I saw some mentions of this and it is happening to me too. As I tested the issue a couple times it seems to be when I type /shortcut and then a space quickly after. This is just muscle memory / habit as a user to type something and then hit the spacebar. For some reason the tool seems to render this action as a space and then the outputted text, possibly because of a slight time delay in fetching and replacing the text (ie, the space is acknowledged before the text is spit out and the cursor moves). I suppose I will have to either train myself to wait and NOT hit the space bar instinctively... or wait for a fix (if that's even possible). Thanks. PS - The tool doesn't work in this comment box! (just tried it, hehe).
  • (2019-01-19, v:1.9.5) David Hodges: ChromeOS Tablet
    Hi, seems to work great with a physical keyboard but when in tablet mode using the on screen keyboard it doesn't work.
  • (2018-11-02, v:1.8.9) Jeff Ruday: Import from ...
    I've been an ActiveWords user for many years. Is it possible to import my snippets from AW into Blaze? That would be awesome for when I am using my Chromebook. Thank you.
  • (2018-10-02, v:1.8.5) Nick Dastoor: No longer works in Gmail
    Hi - the shortcuts no longer expand for me in Gmail (neither subject lines nor body of email). Working fine elsewhere. I'm on Chrome Version 69.0.3497.81 (Official Build) (64-bit) on locked down work Mac so unable to update Chrome if that's the issue.
  • (2018-03-23, v:1.7.1) Maurice Heikens: Does not work anymore
    Since the update 2 days ago my snippets don't react anymore and I cannot access the Options (its'greyed out) I'm using the latest Google Chrome version.
  • (2018-03-21, v:1.7.1) Justin Rhodes: Not working in Opera?
    I've been using the Install Chrome Extensions add-on for Opera to allow this to work in Opera. Starting today it looks like it's no longer working and I'm not able to open or use Text Blaze at all. Just curious if this was intentional or if something changed to break the usage.


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