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Description from extension meta Play videos on thumbnail and use YouTube as a music player.
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Description from store Privacy Policy We do NOT collect or share any type of your data for any purposes. We do NOT use google analytics or other mechanisms to track you. Complete Privacy Policy: https://mayankjani.me/youtube-pro/privacy Welcome to Youtube PRO! Purpose of the extension: Do you find opening videos on countless new tabs a pain? Then this extension serves that problem by introducing 3 different ways to play a video WITHOUT opening a new tab and saving your precious time. How you use this extension? Just open YouTube as you normally do and hover over any thumbnail and you will see 3 options on left side of thumbnail: 1) Music mode: Play/Control video on a music player which stays at bottom of screen. 2) Thumbnail mode: Play video right on the thumbnail! Sounds crazy? Try it to believe it! 3) Theatre mode: Play video on the same page in a bigger size on a black background(thus the theatre mode). Note: You don't need to do anything else to use this extension, like clicking extension icon on chrome app bar. Donate to contribute to development! https://www.paypal.me/mayankjani In depth explanation of features. • Thumbnail Player: Watch videos on the thumbnail so you never have to leave the page to watch a video. Hover over video thumbnail to reveal play button through which you can play videos. You can also enable play button to show permanently instead of hover in settings. • Music Player: You can use YouTube as a music player. While hovering videos you can click on music icon to play song directly in music player. Great for music lovers! • Theatre Mode: Watch videos in theatre mode with darkened background and larger size of player. • Autoplay, Next/Previous: When in music player, next song will autoplay immediately when current one finishes or you can manually play next/previous song from the player. • Customization: Visit options to customize player. Note This is an independent extension and not by Google or YouTube.
Latest reviews (2019-10-28) sd daneshi: very good and helpful. (2019-02-24) Sergey Andreev: Крайне интересная штука, возможности которой не очевидны из описания. Добавляет функционала миниатюрам youtube из ваших подписок или рекомендаций, например, при нажатии они увеличиваются, также на них появляются иконки управления С помощью этих иконок можно переключиться в режим театрального просмотра, или наоборот, в режим музыкального плеера - это когда вы продолжаете смотреть основное видео, а внизу странички появляется панель управления музыкой из миниатюры. То есть вот сейчас я сморю ролик "Игромании", и в этой же вкладке фоном играет рокабилли радио. Естественно, громкость звука, пауза, переход к следующему треку - все у них отдельно. В параметрах расширения можно настроить расположение и видимость кнопок управления, размер увеличенной миниатюры и плеера. В общем, это новое расширение, не дубль какой-то. (2019-01-24) Donie D: bring this to Firefox! (2018-12-15) Disciple de Jésus-Christ: marche ! (2018-10-28) Responsive User: HARİKA BİR EKLENTİ,TIPKI VK.COM SİTESİ GİBİ VİDEOLARI SİNEMA MOD TARZINDA İZLEYEBİLİYORUZ.VK YA ÇOK BENZİYOR ,TEŞEKKÜRLER VK İLE YOUTUBE ARASINDAKİ BENZERLİK BURADA:https://i.resimyukle.xyz/zGBA9R.jpg (2018-09-22) Muhammad waleed: Some bugs but really really time saving and life saving (2018-09-14) Miriam edna LAVI: vorrei vedere ed ascoltare la mia playlist (2018-09-09) Алексей Бычков: отлично (2018-08-19) Luis M.: Ni se abre! (2018-04-12) Gerardo Vargas Hernández: ff (2018-03-11) TheWilley: This is just awsome and makes youtube 10 times better! Thanks! <3 (2018-02-17) Era Javukh: Nice concept, but badly laid out. Would prefer if the video window disappears after a few seconds or if it can get minimized in taskbar. I don't like how it's just down there near the taskbar. It's pretty much a small 'minimized' window so to speak. I can might as well minimize Youtube videos than download this extension. (2017-12-17) Webber Beskeen: Wow - amazing! (2017-12-15) jay russell: it just took me back to the google store (2017-11-30) gajendra patel: this extension is awesome..love it... (2017-11-12) Gersivan Oliveira: Bem produtiva. Faltou só o botão de "like/dislike". (2017-11-04) Finn 1501: 1080p60fps works no lag yay (2017-06-04) Mehmet Salman: Awesome. I appreciate your work. (2017-06-02) Aary Trivedi: SIMPLY AWESOME! (2017-02-24) Robby Bennett: It's great except for one thing that's missing. I wish there was a way to save the other settings that are available (lock player to bottom and toggle minimalistic view.) You could do this by adding these 2 things in the extension options, or just find a way to retain the setting once it's been clicked. (2017-02-07) Pranay Modi: this extension is awesome..love it... it too much helpful extension... i appreciate your idea.. hope we can see this kind of new invention in future..Keep it up... (2017-02-03) nirav panchal: It's a amazing extension i have ever used. I love youtube and this is the life of youtube video. It's Really a great invention.
Latest issues (2019-05-06, v:0.0.14) Brittany Hill: playing music
i dont know how
(2019-03-20, v:0.0.11) Jawash Asalan: Possibility to change current position in media player?
Hi, this extension is amazing. Just the media player bugs a bit. It always displays a pause button for me, whether it's playing or not but the more important one is that it's not possible to change the current play-position in order to fast forward and such in the media player itself. That would be amazing, thanks for this extension!
(2019-01-25, v:0.0.11) error
everytime i click on it it brings me to the web store and I seen the last comments and it is not a bug.
(2018-12-14, v:0.0.11) somethings wrong
When i try to open YouTube pro it takes me to the chrome web-store. Please help
(2018-12-03, v:0.0.11) youtube pro
its ight
(2018-11-02, v:0.0.11) Muhammad waleed: Can not navigate between a channels landing page videos or playlists beecause the extensions causes problems with with the button to move right or left
Please fix the issue
(2018-10-02, v:0.0.11) Problem
Every time I click to get on this, it takes me the Chrome Web Store.
(2018-09-27, v:0.0.11) it wont open
when i click on the thumbnail it brings me to the web store how do i fix it
(2018-09-22, v:0.0.11) Muhammad waleed: I can not navigate through a horizontal playlist like on my main youtube page. There is no option to disable this in your website
When i press the forward button like this > in circle at the end of a playlist like recommended videos, it does not allow me to see more videos.
(2018-09-19, v:0.0.11) Muhammad waleed: Music icon does not work, it just loads the video.
When i click the music icon on hovering over the thumbnail, the audio is not played instead video starts playing as pop up

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