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Supercharge your inbox with collaboration. Convert emails into tasks.

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Description from store Supercharge your inbox with Redbooth for Gmail: - Convert emails into tasks - Create tasks instantly, directly from your inbox Key Redbooth Features: - Create, assign and update tasks anytime, anywhere - Quickly access important projects, tasks and files - Share files through our integrations with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box - Chat instantly with your team, on the go - HD video conferencing and screen sharing with up to 100 users - Available on iPhone, Android, iPad and web Work smarter with Redbooth! To start a free trial, visit www.redbooth.com.

Latest reviews

  • (2019-02-12) Muy util
  • (2018-04-10) Ulrik Binzer: This is super buggy and needs some TLC. A.) it completely breaks when i click the "attache email thread" B.) It only shows one pane, so 2/3rds of the app basically doesn't work.
  • (2018-02-10) Andrea Compagnucci: You can't attached anything and it works very slow and hard with gmail! Fix it, please.
  • (2018-01-17) James Napier: Won't let me attached email thread so not great! Was working a few months back?
  • (2015-08-14) Elmar Putz: Works perfectly for Redbooth, but it's basically an iframe-integration of certain redbooth views into gmail
  • (2014-08-01) Arek Olow: This extension is harder to use than it should be: it does not auto-populate task name from email like other task apps do. Also, the mail attachment does not work anymore making it almost worthless.
  • (2014-07-22) Evan Evans: Powerful, but requires too much handholding. Needs to autofill fields with information, and the user interface on the Gmail side for scheduling tasks was a bit DOS (ie: mundane). If it was more user friendly in the productivity area, I would give it 4 stars. If it also had a better GUI, I would up to 5. As it stands ... 3, and uninstalling.
  • (2014-07-21) Sam Sharples: used to work flawlessly. Now it won't attach the email to the task so is pretty pointless :-(
  • (2014-05-25) Adam Baumgartner: What Ross Yes said....
  • (2014-03-17) Argentina Narrada Asociación Civil (AN): Super util, incluso en su versión gratuita.
  • (2014-03-12) Ross Yesikov: Adding task via Gmail is a good idea, however the implementation is buggy: When a task window pops up, none of the fields is pre-populated. It's so intuitive that the email Subject should become the Task Name and the email Body should become the Task body. The person assigned on the task should be me, or at least I should be able to choose from a list of people. I hope it's just a bug that will get fixed soon. This way I could really create a task with exactly two clicks: "Save as RB task", "Create task".
  • (2014-01-31) Mitch Canton: UPDATED: After feedback to dev, they have launched new version. I deleted old, installed new, now works as it should. Adjusting to 4 stars. *Would have 5 if it would attach docs when sending task. I have the same exact issue as JDThomas. With this enabled, Chrome would continually ask me to Kill the Gmail (apps) tab. I confirmed issue both by using Redbooth in Firefox (of course without the extension) and then again in Chrome with the extension disabled. Both of those scenarios significantly improved system performance, to the extent that I has decided to leave it disabled. That's too bad, as it has promise, but I won't sacrifice it to that level of performance. I don't normally give 2 stars, but honestly, if you can't use it, how does it deserve better. I love the base program, so hopefully they fix it.
  • (2014-01-25) Shailesh Pisat: A good option to add tasks from Gmail but the label/link in left pane Redbooth activity/tasks for interface is not working.
  • (2014-01-24) Web Webster: It would seem that the 21 Jan 2014 update (to Version: 0.7.9) boogered whatever handshake was taking place b/w Gmail (We're on Gooole Apps for Bidness) and Redbooth. The result is no email appearing in the Inbox on Gmail, though other folders display their contents just fine. DIsabling the extension restored expected email behavior. 3 stars because the extension _was_ super-useful and solid prior to the update. Customer Support at Redbooth is super-quick and helpful and this may be resolved very soon, in which case I'll adjust the rating.
  • (2014-01-23) JD Thomas (Techfun): On two different machines on two different networks this extension (only since the Redbooth change and after granting the new permissions) has made GMail sluggish to the point of tab warnings appearing in Chrome. Disable the extension and the problem is gone. Re-enable it and it comes right back. I have just disabled it instead of removing it entirely. I love the features so I hope this problem gets ironed out.
  • (2013-11-21) Ashley Wallace: The integration w/ Gmail and Google calendar is intuitive and a huge productivity booster. I can also add tasks from any web page. Plus the Gmail integration includes all attachments when I save an email as a task. It allows me to assign tasks for up to 5 co-workers/friends(for free) and I can set reminders to keep my projects on time. AND .... It integrates with my DropBox, Box, and Drive accounts. Hello??? This is AWESOME!!!!
  • (2013-10-11) Nick Webb: Really like being able to create teambox tasks from gmail. However, for me there are two huge issues: 1) 99% of the time when I create a task from gmail, something is skipped. For example I assign a person to the task, and a due date. 99% of the time the task is created, but without an assigned person. That's really bad as then it won't show up on their radar. 2) I have a HUGE high-res screen (30"), and when I click the "Create TeamBox" task, it only half fits on the screen unless the window is very large (i.e. full screen, or at least 3/4 of the screen). Good progress though, perhaps #1 is only a problem for me as I'm often creating tasks in tasklists with > 100 tasks... seems to be slow.
  • (2013-08-20) Brad Purton: I'm beginning to love Teambox, my only problem with this extension is there is no way to refresh the Teambox Tasks tab other than re-loading gmail. It needs a reload button or an option for it to reload each time you access it.
  • (2013-05-01) Kiarinchi hola: MUY BUENISISIMOO
  • (2013-03-07) Alejo Contreras: Muy buena integración con el mejor servicio de email!!!
  • (2013-02-04) Carlos Rebolledo Aguirre: Excelente también, porque mejora la productividad y asignación de tareas al equipo de trabajo desde el correo. Muy necesaria.
  • (2013-01-19) Z Skropanic: Works nice. However, there is a problem -- how to unlink Gmail account from Teambox?
  • (2013-01-18) Lefteris Sasloglou: Hi, I want to remove Teambox from my Gmail, but it is always there. Can you please help. I do not need it right now.
  • (2013-01-08) Christian Valiulis: I can live in Gmail for communications and projects.
  • (2013-01-04) Nikolay Tzonev: does not work, such extesions should be removed from the web store!!!
  • (2012-10-01) John Gallagher: can't get it working Had a problem, resolved within 24 hours, well done. This is the type of service that breeds loyalty.
  • (2012-10-01) David Williams: Love this!
  • (2012-09-30) Elias Sanchez: Me desapareció hace varios dias "Teambox en Gmail". Desinstalé y volví a Instalar la extensión y no funciona.. Necesito ayuda, ya que me sirve mucho esta extensión. Gracias, Saludos.-

Latest issues

  • (2019-04-11, v:0.9.2) Jonathan Blouin: Does this extension still works?
    I'm not able to attach the email in a new task... and not able to pick the workspace, tasklist, etc. Thanks!
  • (2019-04-08, v:0.9.2) Andrea Compagnucci: 16 account owner. The plugin doesn't work since two days ago
    Hi, I have 16 Redbooth accounts in my company. Some time ago on our report you have set a malfunction. For two days the plugin has crashed again on all licenses. Can you fix it quickly? Thank you. Salve, in azienda ho 16 account Redbooth. Tempo fa su nostra segnalazione avete fissato un malfunzionamento. Da due giorni il plugin si è bloccato di nuovo su tutte le licenze. Potete sistemarlo rapidamente? Grazie.
  • (2018-08-13, v:0.9.2) Linda Motter: will not create task
    when I click to add task I just keep getting login to redbooth even though I just did.
  • (2018-03-02, v:0.9.1) Jon Haas: Does Attach Email Thread to Task
    When the "attach email thread" checkbox is selected, the extension does not work.
  • (2018-01-23, v:0.9.1) Andrea Compagnucci: blocco di gmail
    Salve, in azienda ho 10 account Redbooth. A luglio ho segnalato un cattivo funzionamento del plugin che bloccava o rallentava tutti gli account di posta. Dopo il vostro intervento il plugin ha funzionato correttamente. Tuttavia da una settimana i problemi sono ricominciati! Potete risolvere una volta per tutte o fare un nuovo plugin? Grazie
  • (2017-10-27, v:0.9.1) left hand navigation
    I do not appear to have the left hand navigation option in gmail for redbooth.
  • (2017-10-26, v:0.9.1) Redbooth Tasks and Redbooth Activity not available
    the options show in the screenshot in the left hand list are not available, the only thing that shows up is the add task button. have you removed these features?
  • (2017-08-18, v:0.9.0) Rachel Purton: Gmail Freezing/Delayed Functionality
    This plugin has made gmail unusable for our entire team. When we try to go to our inboxes or filter emails into folders, there is a 10-15 second delay. This is very disappointing, as the Redbooth button was a favorite addition especially for our project manager. Can someone from Redbooth please respond? I see others on here with the same problem. Is there any plan to fix this?
  • (2017-07-01, v:0.9.0) Andrea Compagnucci: blocco di gmail
    Salve, in azienda usiamo tutti redbooth e tre di noi avevano istallato questo add-on. Purtroppo da circa un mese la vostra applicazione va in conflitto con gmail bloccando tutto il sistema di posta. L'assistenza di Google ci ha consigliato di staccare gli add-on di Chrome uno ad uno e alla fine abbiamo capito che era proprio questo a creare problemi, il più utile! Vi prego di risolvere al più presto. Grazie
  • (2017-06-06, v:0.9.0) Jean-Vincent Evanno: Gmail is freezing
    Hi guys, Hope you are doing well ! Just to let you know that I have recently added the plug in to my Gmail account, it seems to have some freezing issues since (only in Gmail, and that didn't happen before). Do you have any info about this ? What should I do to avoid this situation ? Thank you for your reply :)
  • (2017-04-16, v:0.8.6) Julia Delrieu: login from gmail simply not working
    I double checked my login info 3 times, I know I have the right login info, but still I'm getting a "login failed!" error message. What am I missing? Thanks


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