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Bookmark Manager Plus

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Search bookmarks and do whatever you can imagine.

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Description from store This extension focuses on searching. If you have many bookmarks and folders, you can easily access by searching. Of course, beside searching, It's full of useful functions. This extension stems from my extensive experience of Chrome bookmarks. Since Using it, I found myself struggling with missing functions such as searching for special characters. I'm not sure there might be someone like me using thousands of bookmarks. If you're a bookmarkholic like me, I bet you'll find how powerful this could be. I hope many of you find usefulness in this extension. [GitHub] https://github.com/HyunWooBro/Bookmark-Manager-Plus ==================================== Features: ==================================== Basic filter options - Filter by page or folder visibility - Sort by hierarchy, title, url, added date - Search by date Advanced search options - Highlights queries in result items - Case sensitive - Limit scope - more ... Badge Display (you can select in option) - Same Domain Bookmark Number - Total Bookmark Number - Today Bookmark Number Contextmenu Providing additional view for preview or dnd(drag and drop) Can search with any special characters Search history ==================================== Summary of keyboard shortcuts ==================================== - Ctrl + a : select all - Ctrl + c : copy - Ctrl + x : cut - Ctrl + v : paste - Ctrl + s : edit search box - Ctrl + e : edit item - Ctrl + f : add folder - Ctrl + b : add page - Ctrl + Shift + a : append/remove view - Ctrl + r : reset icon toolbar options - Delete : delete item - Left arrow / Backspace : explore backward - Right arrow : explore forward ==================================== Tips ==================================== - Clicking a page icon opens the page in the current tab - Clicking a page icon with Ctrl key opens the page in another tab - Clicking a page icon with Shift key opens the page in another window - Clicking a folder icon opens the folder in the current view - Clicking a folder icon with Ctrl key opens the folder in the other view (only if you appended View) ==================================== Patch list: ==================================== v0.9.0 - released v0.9.1 - Added date limit - Preview also prints item count - Fixed an issue when opening pages on a new window v0.9.2 - Optimized Search - Fixed an issue where scroll remained when exploring or searching v0.9.3 - Fixed an issue where the number of deleted items was shown as NaN - Fixed an issue where Preview overwrote View - Fixed an issue where cancel button didn't work - Fixed an issue where an explore list was hidden by the frame separator - Renamed to "Bookmark Manager Plus" v0.9.4 - Optimized Search - Fixed an issue where sync error on the folder list set before occurred v0.9.5 - Added dropdown selectors to pick the month and year - Fixed an annoyance with icon toolbars not closed - Fixed an issue where html tags in the item title caused errors (introduced by v0.9.4 optimization) - Added date limits - Added an issue where the calendar toolbar suddenly closed after selecting a date v0.9.6 - Added helper buttons to the icon toolbar for date - Explore history is now synced - Clickable Explore arrow now looks black v0.9.7 - WARNING : The current version(0.9.7) is not compatible with the previous versions because internal implementation has changed. If you want to update, you should first remove the extension and reinstall - Fixed an issue where Explore history didn't work on another computer - Added text for current mode (Search or Explore) on the footer panel - Added 'Real-Time Apply' option which allows option changes to be applied in real time - Rearranged Search Filter options and some options can be disabled according to its depending option's state - Empty string search now starts only by manual click or Enter - Incremental Search is now default on - Warning Count only applies to Search and no longer asks for confirmation - 'URL Match' or 'Title Match' no longer affects Explore - Folder in use can't be deleted v0.9.8 - Fixed an issue where Explore arrows on the appended View didn't work properly - Fixed an issue where Search by Enter worked twice - Optimized 'Scope Limit' - Optimized Search and Explore by applying cache partly - 'Incremental Search' now only works for longer than 2 letters - Explore history list is now available (right-mouse click on Explore arrows) - Explore sibling list now highlights the selected folder and auto scrolls to it - Folded groups now show the number of items and have background colors v0.9.9 - Fixed an issue where selecting items didn't work with the cursor out of range - Fixed an issue where infinite loop occurred in wildcard or regular expression search - Fixed an issue where a group with empty title in sorting by title didn't work properly - Fixed an issue where the appended view was affected by some icon toolbar options - The appended view is now retained on restart - Keyboard shortcuts are added - An option for reset is added - Highlight is now given to added or moved items - Suppressed an alert poping up on moving items in the same folder - Optimized refresh ==================================== TODO list: ==================================== code refactoring, optimization user customization(custom syntax highlight, color, etc) autocomplete results suggestion separator undo column info (like Windows Explore) preview highlight (when viewing higher parent folders) fix known small bugs considering introducing treeview considering implementing bookmark statistics considering tags, memos, rating what else? Just let me know what you think. I'm open to all suggestions. Any idea or complaint would be welcome. I love this extension, so I'll do my best with any cool idea. If you love it, support me.

Latest reviews

  • (2020-08-26) Unknow0059: I say that with a heavy heart, because even this does not offer the features I seek, but this is hands-down the best bookmark manager extension there is for Chrome. Congrats for beating the competition.
  • (2020-07-20) Ernst P: Werkt helemaal niet. Je krijgt alleen een search bar te zien en geen enkele bookmark
  • (2020-07-16) Juergen Nehrlich: Cool app, thanks a lot! But I have the following problem: When I open the "append view" and click on "go to root folder" in that "append view", this extra view is no longer working at all. And there seems to be no way to undo this. So I cannot go back to bring the previews of my folders back that I previously had etc. Maybe you can shed some light on this! Thanks!
  • (2020-07-13) James: Highly recommend this extension - couple of areas for future development/improvement/consideration: 1) CTRL + Z / UNDO / REDO feature 2) Shift + arrow up/down feature to select multiple folders without needing to engage the mouse 3) Window size / corner select and drag feature to change as required (full screen mode would be interesting) 4) Agree a help section would be useful - i.e. documentation Ta
  • (2020-03-27) ivaylo rusev: When I installed for first time (chrome on win 10) I was made to search through the bookmarks, but there was a several things : 1-existing bookmarks does not appear when I click on the extension 2-when I clicked "Append view" then I was unable to remove it with clicking "Remove view".... .... BUT I reinstalled the extension and it work as is expected!! This extension may replace editing bookmarks and folders with the native page (chrome://bookmarks). Instead of open standard bookmark page I am able to search (by several criteria) on a same page I am now. Also I needed it to look for bookmarks saved recently and view their folder. The search feature of this extension is incredible enhancement !!! I was looking for similar extension of year-two ago and i've tried many bookmark manager extensions.. but no success.. until now.... and i am disappointed that i couldn't find it earlier :) It is fantastic bookmarks manager! Best Regards!
  • (2020-03-23) Dan Moorehead — PowerSheet.ai: By far the best of the 50+ bookmark manager extensions I've tried over the past half dozen years for various browsers. I love the split Commander-style UI open when open second folder (eg. to drag into) in a docked view. Many power tools. Fuzzy search. Ability to search exclusively in selected folders. Thanks so much for developing! I would appreciate if you would consider the following suggestions which I believe can make a big impact on making this an all-in-one bookmark management solution and in saving a lot of time in managing bookmarks: Usability Improvement Requests (+ Workarounds): 1. Please add ability to open your popup in a new tab. And optimize UI for that larger view. - Workaround: You can bookmark URL: extension://pfbeenngglcojppheoegjjjomfkejibg/popup.html and then open that in another tab. (If not the same, use the extension ID show under Manager Extensions > Bookmark Manager Plus in place of that ID). 2. Add Sort Bookmarks (Current Folder) and Sort Bookmarks (Recursive) 3. Allow Copy pasting selected bookmarks to system clipboard (at least for URLs) – Ideally with option for {URL}{Tab}{Title} format and maybe JSON format too) – Workaround: Can copy from Bookmark Manager and Viewer (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/bookmark-manager-and-view/mnhojcjhcilkgkmijhphlbmghmmdhlfg), which also shows example of requested Open in Tab support. 4. Allow (persisted) resizing to much larger. – Ideally can also restrict to lesser of that preferred size and the screen size or browser window size (for when opened on lower res of multiple monitors or for non-maximized browser window, etc,.) 5. Multi Column display option (Title, URL, Date Created, Date Modified, Date Visited) 6. Dedicated Search (all bookmarks) vs. Filter (current folder/view) boxes. – I often have to switch between these every other time I search. boxes for all bookmarks vs. current folder/view filtering, so that even going to Advanced Options > Toggle every other time is tedious and I end up using a 2nd browser extension when need to search all bookmarks instead of last viewed folder. – In worst case, at least have a 1-click toggle button (top-level) for Search in Folder vs. All Bookmarks (often end up needing to switch between like every 2nd search). Ideally with Alt vs. Control enter to override behavior. 7. Always show Text and URL edit boxes at bottom of popup, to use to edit currently selected bookmark instead of tedious need to show edit dialogs each time. 8. Separate sort options for Date Created vs. Date Modified vs. Date Visited (eg. can click to toggle or dedicated toolbar buttons)
  • (2019-12-16) Aaditya: Fantastic bookmarks manager. The ease to navigate through my multiple nested folders is freaking awesome. I can easily discover some of my long forgotten bookmarks and organize them according to my present needs. Also the UI is perfectly sized and the extension doesn't tries to hijack my newtab like some other managers.
  • (2019-12-10) KC Chen: The reason I installed it is that I want to find under what folder/subfolders a specific bookmark is located or where it is in root directory. This extension does more than what I expected, it shows the bookmarks fitting my search criteria and show the complete path of them, too. After some survey, I found it has a myriad of search features than I'm asking for. I'm super satisfied and recommend this to those heavy-bookmark users.
  • (2019-11-20) ich moimeyo: Thank you for providing a brilliant Bookmark Search extension - it is helping me tremendously in consolidating my imported bookmarks gathered on different devices/platforms over the years. I especially enjoy the ¨Sort by URL¨ mode as it shows duplicate bookmarks I had renamed; such as my many bookmarklets by searching for ¨javascript:¨ It importantly displays the folders they are in without me having to press ¨Show in folder¨ for each one. For viewing in a full tab: chrome-extension://pfbeenngglcojppheoegjjjomfkejibg/popup.html
  • (2019-09-25) Stephen Church: Really good extension, allows for searching and re-organizing of bookmarks. Nice job.
  • (2019-09-25) Vanja Lovretić: it does what i want to do with my bookmarks. it sorts folders, subfolders etc, in difference with some other "sorters" where one action is applyed to ALL bookmarks. BUT. when i do what i want to do, resorted order is only in this add-on cache/memory, but original bookmarks in chrome are still in same old order. i probably missing something, but extension is self-explanatory and there is not much space to do something wrong. please, if someone know am i wrong, or not. thanks!
  • (2019-05-27) Dr. Marc G. Taylor: Did NOTHING, but send me back to the website to get the SAME DAMNED THING. USELESS POS.
  • (2019-05-14) Aboobaker Mahomed: Really powerful as a search tool! Doesnt show your bookmarks initially but thats fine as this is designed to be a search tool! love it
  • (2019-05-08) Daniel Corral: Es la mejor aplicacion para Bookmarks que existe en Chrome Web Store
  • (2019-03-21) Streisand Effect: Doesn't search all bookmarks. Should be about 100 results, but only shows 2-4. Pretty major bug, since that makes this extension completely useless.
  • (2019-03-17) AD G: It can't find a 1 character search, example is, colon, greater sign, slashes, question marks. Why search for this, because these symbols saves in chrome will not show up in IE because they are system reserved characters and I need to use Windows Explorer to remove duplicate URLs. Why, because super sorter my remove duplicates, it doesn't remove all duplicates.
  • (2019-02-17) Josh P: to see all your bookmarks click the search bar and hit enter...all your bookmarks will pop up and you can actually do something from there...when i opened this all i saw was a blank white box. it took me about 5 minutes to figure this out. the main reason i wanted this extension was for the second window you can open so i could manage bookmarks easier... i havent gotten to try much of it yet so im hoping it does what im looking for.
  • (2019-02-11) Sharee co.: Shows Just a empty window. No folders, No Bookmarks. Tried anything. no change.
  • (2018-12-22) Malte Laurids Brigge: This should really be relabeled as a Bookmark Search extension because you can't manage bookmarks with it. I imagine it would be quite helpful to search within thousands of bookmarks. You can search with two terms with a space between - I don't understand the clunky +-V functions when it doesn't help to add or subtract from your query, only to see past queries but that's the same on any form. I also don't understand group but I'm not currently studying db or stats, but if you are... go nuts. Give the creator some props for a good bookmark search engine. I'd simply rebrand it. (If I'm missing more that it does, everyone is because nothing else is explained. Why not write it up in Korean and get Google to translate or people viewing it can for themselves?) Thanks for sharing your extension. I don't see anyone else has here, including me :)
  • (2018-12-03) Trần Minh Hiếu: It'd be better if i can sync all my chrome bookmarks to this extension
  • (2018-10-11) Tom Stein: It would be useful if immediately after activation any text would go into the search box or if folders would open with a simple (not double) click. Yes, you can use 1.000 booksmarks with this extension. But it takes time and clicks.
  • (2018-08-09) Rohit Paliwal: Installed this, but I don't see it doing anything or any documentation on how to make it work with my existing bookmarks in my chrome and organise them.
  • (2018-07-21) Jason Darrell: For a user who's built this extension because they struggled to search through the thousands of bookmarks they had created via alternative means and then not offer a way to import bookmarks into the app they built is somewhat mind-boggling. No use whatsoever.
  • (2018-07-20) Rombout Versluijs: I dont see any of my bookmarks. Just tried this in chrome 67, all is empty?
  • (2018-07-17) George Gevorkyan: HyunWooBro, Please, make a hotkey to open Bookmarks menu For Vivaldi support: You need to change entry point from getExploreItem("0"); to getExploreItem("1"); in script.js and extension will work fine


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