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Shows the next episode which is to be aired for your chosen TV shows. All information is taken from www.episodeworld.com.

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Description from store Summary This extension lets you to gather all your favorite TV shows to one place. You can easily browse a list of shows and see when the next episode of every show is aired. A day counter, which is always seen, shows days remaining until next episode airs. Version history 1.3 * added auto-complete when typing in new show * added background auto-refresh * added show ordering by next episode air date * fixed many shows unable to be found by the extension

Latest reviews

  • (2016-04-27) Cristian Valls: This is malware... There is a better app that works for tv series, comics, books, etc. It's called reCollect and you can install it here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/recollect-tv-series-anime/fnhkekcinhfmkgjefgplhcjldcacmkml
  • (2016-02-26) Sylvia Agudelo: I liked this extension a lot while it worked. It showed how many days til the next show right on the navbar, told you name and number of the next episode, and you could add as many shows as you liked. All in a neat little unobtrusive button. However, it stopped working and although it still can recognize if a show is cancelled or not, it no longer tells you much more than that. Cannot add any recent shows either. I guess the developer is not interested in updating this one anymore. Pity.
  • (2015-04-18) Peter Rogerson: terrible. doesn't work
  • (2015-02-03) bradley moore: this is obviously a hacker, the entire operation however, is clean, someone tapped into the system, and used it to hide their leftover code, that's my defensive hacking review, my advice, do not delete it from your extensions, simply disable it, and see if you can find out what's re-installing it every time you delete it.
  • (2015-01-28) 60namrruC: I hate all extensions that install themselves. This being one of the very few I encountered. This extension keeps closing my apps I'm trying to keep open, and it keeps opening Chrome for no apparent reason. To fully remove all unwanted apps that keep installing, under the extensions, tick 'Developer' at the top. Find the extension(s) and copy the ID number down. Search your computer for those ID's. All the ones I find are usually folders hiding at/near the base of the hard drive( C:/theextensionapp). Close chrome and delete that folder and it should remove it from your computer. Be sure to empty the recycle bin afterwards!
  • (2014-08-27) Asli: Bugün izlenecek diziniz var mı yok mu sol köşede gösteriyor. Çok beğendim. Thanks!
  • (2014-07-30) Czank László: A jó anyukáját aki kitalálta ezt a sz+rt! Meg az automatice feltelepít csak úgy sutyiban!
  • (2014-06-08) Sultan Alsaggaf: THIS thing auto installed itself in my browser and started throwing ADS all over web pages. this shouldn't exist!!! poor webstore monitoring sadly.
  • (2014-03-13) Gregg Gruschow: Excellent extension. Simple design and easy to use. Function > Form. One suggestion: Ability for user to input his/her zipcode to have the time of showing. (ie. In 4 days - Sat 15 Mar - 10:00pm)
  • (2014-01-29) Prem Piyush Goyal: No details for Netflix or Amazon shows.
  • (2014-01-20) Matthew Welch: Fairly cool extension. Would be much improved with a "recently aired/to watch" flag that you could check that you watched the show.
  • (2014-01-17) Michel Skovbo: Works perfectly - nice small app !
  • (2013-11-16) Kasper Dissing Bargsteen: I loved it, but now it doesn´t work.... Fix it please!
  • (2013-11-06) Mandy Wilson: I really really liked it but now it's not working and hasn't been updated in 18 months. Developers need to get on the ball and fix this!
  • (2013-07-10) Rıdvan Berkay Çetin: Nice extension but they can design much more better.
  • (2013-05-03) Peter Ball: Very good, nice and simple, unobtrusive and just works :)
  • (2012-04-30) Rodger Gamblin: I think it would be strongly improved if I could order the shows by air date
  • (2012-04-29) Alex Hamling: Depends on the show you're searching for. No Dr. Who. Need a search/select option in case you misspell the name of the show.
  • (2012-04-26) Caleb Pearce: Uses local time (where I am in New Zealand) instead of American time so says that shows are out a day early. Plus NO ADVENTURE TIME! Very cool on the hole though.
  • (2012-04-25) love it but doctor house not find it
  • (2012-04-24) J O: great idea but very limited, doesn't do Travel Channel, HGTV, etc
  • (2012-04-24) vipul varkar: good job keep it up...
  • (2012-04-24) Sebastien Chouillet: Good idea, but issues in finding some shows: NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Hawaii Five-0
  • (2012-04-23) Eric Hindes: Not a large listing of shows, frequently hang-ups and very little functionality. It is a good idea, but it needs some refinement before it is ready. IE: doesn't have a show listed for Hawaii 5-0, but hangs-up while looking for Hawaii five-0. If you enter CSI, it doesn't give you the option for the other shows with CSI in the name.
  • (2011-12-03) Sergiy Kovalchuk: Thanks, gets the job done, but would love to see some improvements: - It would be useful to mark episodes that are out now with "to watch" flag, which you need to manually clear by clicking "watched" button. Episode can come out today, doesn't necessary mean I will watch it right away. - Option to sort episodes by release date automatically - When there are too many episodes in the list for scrollbar to appear, scrollbar goes over buttons - Have autocompletion field for adding new episode that hints matching show titles. - Would be useful to have ability for a user to define their own link for each show (could place to watch online, episode guide, etc) Sorry for the long list :)

Latest issues

  • (2015-05-24, v:1.3.6) Radar McManus: Next Episode box
    When will the "Next Episode" box be updated? All I see is N/A.
  • (2015-02-20, v:1.3.6) Gagandeep Singh Bawa: Not able to install
    When i try to install it my chrome, it shows NETWORK_FAILED error. First i thought it was due to proxy network of my campus. But when i connected using my mobile hotspot it shows the same error. Please guys
  • (2015-01-13, v:1.3.6) cbgimse1: malware
    installed itself and started trying to connect to malware infected websites which were blocked by avast
  • (2014-07-05, v:1.3.6) Strobie “Wan” Kenobi: Refreshing wrong
    As of 2 or so months ago your app stopped working properly. The dates wouldn't update on the episodes, it would be June 25th but the episode would say it would air on the 21st. Hitting refresh wouldn't help. I would have to disable and reenable to get it to work, but this would make me lose all the shows I entered. Please fix, I love this extension, but this makes it unusable.
  • (2013-11-06, v:1.3.6) Mandy Wilson: It's not working
    It stopped working a few days ago so I removed it and readded it. I added some shows back but it won't let me add more and it won't let me reorder them. What's going on with this? I really liked it and relied on it for my fall lineup!
  • (2013-03-12, v:1.3.6) Dmitry Efimenko: support of multiple languages
    Wondering if you'd be interested in supporting multiple languages. I'd be able to provide my help with translating to Russian. In case you decide to support different languages, you'd need to have translated TV shows' names. Also, it would be nice to be able to categorize the TV shows that I'm "Currently watching" and TV shows that I'm "Planning to watch". Separating these into two different tabs will make browsing easier.
  • (2012-10-13, v:1.3.6) Carlos Gil: Settings syncing
    HI great extension, but as I use it on several devices, it would be great if it would sync the show list when syncing the extensions. From what I read, the extensions have to be modified in order to take advantage of a recent api change. can you check?
  • (2012-10-03, v:1.3.6) Dani L (EruDani): Shows Gone!
    It seems to be a recurrent issue, I just see one show on my list! How can you fix this?
  • (2012-07-06, v:1.3.6) Robyn Bremner: all my shows are gone
    As of a few days ago, my list of shows is empty :(


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