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Copy your Tags, Triggers and Variables and Paste them into any other account

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Description from store Easily Copy and Paste your Tags, Triggers, and Variables from one Google Tag Manager account to the next. Simply add them to the extension and then paste them into your intended account. Your items will be uploaded through the GTM API. You can put together your own menu of Tags, Triggers and Variables that you want to copy to another account. No more Container exports and reimports through the GTM Admin interface. Notes: - The relationship between Tags and Triggers will remain intact as long as they are part of the same "paste". - If an asset (Tag, Trigger or Variables) under the same name already exists, the extension will upload the asset with "- Copy" attached to the end of the name. - Currently, it's not possible to copy Built-In Variables, Folders and Custom Templates Updates: - Added Firebase OAuth Flow, you don't have to be logged in to Chrome to use the extension anymore - Added ability to Copy whole Containers into the paste Extension (May 2019) - Added ability to add all Tags, Triggers or Variables at once by right clicking on the item in the right Menu and adding them to the clipboard - Bug Fixes for larger uploads - Dec, 2019 - Bug fixes FAQ: - I'm having problems with the authentication. After I click the extension a window opens, but nothing happens? This issue maybe caused by Cloudflares spam protection. Please visit auth.measureschool.com and pass the Captcha protection. Then try again. - Can I copy Built-In Variables, Folders and Custom Templates? No, this is currently not supported - I'm getting a Error when uploading certain Tags. This maybe caused by tags with a Tag Sequencing relationship to another tag, which is not part of the paste. I'd recommend to disable the Tag Sequencing option from the tag first and then re-copy the tag into the clipboard, before retrying the paste

Latest reviews

  • (2021-07-20) Romulo Gomes: Super useful, tks Julian!! I recommend this to everyone I know that has to work with GTM.
  • (2021-07-19) Uriah Gibson: Hey hey! Love it so far, only one thing I can think of that would make this better, the ability to have a few folders where I could keep sets of tags, triggers and variables that I constantly use in different accounts. ex. tags I constantly have to set up that are generic that are tedious, so basically I'm just asking you to help me be a little lazier. lolz, keep up the good work
  • (2021-04-09) Amit yadav: Thank you
  • (2021-02-11) Chantry Group: An essential tool if you use Google Tag Manager to create multiple tags!
  • (2020-11-19) Paid Ads: Amazing! Saved me so much time. You can copy tags/triggers/variables etc within a container, or, copy/paste to another separate container all together. Thank you for creating this well made extension measureschool :)
  • (2020-10-12) Christopher Derrell: Excellent plugin, very useful, very easy to use.
  • (2020-09-21) Nick O: Can you please find a way to enable copying dataLayer and Lookup Table variables... That would save me so much time & is the only thing stopping this from becoming a perfect extension
  • (2020-09-03) Kayla Echols: Easy to use. Works for my 9-5 when updating tags, triggers, and variables and I need to export to another account. :) Thanks!
  • (2020-03-08) Edward S: Using this 2020. Rocks!
  • (2019-12-12) Justin Maxwell: I get a big red warning on enabling this extension: > ! You should avoid this app > Google is concerned this app may try to expose and exploit your private information. (Then click Show Advanced) > Google hasn't reviewed this app yet and can't confirm it's authentic. Unverified apps may pose a threat to your personal data. Learn more
  • (2019-11-06) Panos Tsimpos: Has saved hours of work when dealing with 10+ containers. Simpler than doing JSON exports and imports.
  • (2019-09-19) Alexander Dmitriev: it doesnt work, it was good when it worked but now it is useless
  • (2019-08-22) Andrey Mistulov: Thanks, mate! Save a lot of time
  • (2019-08-01) Robert Corbett: Please tell me why I need to give access to my name, email address, language preference, and profile picture with measureschool.com to use this extension?
  • (2019-07-04) Karra Revanth: Awesome dude, really loved it
  • (2019-06-27) Tony Snark: PERFECT. This extension shouldn't need to exist, but I'm so glad it does. It's crazy that GTM doesn't have a native copy/paste or porting function. Thank you for picking up Googe's slack!
  • (2019-03-26) Петр Передрий: For reasons that are not understandable, I cannot use the extension. I can neither copy nor paste any elements. How exactly do you need to log in?
  • (2019-02-13) Matthew Nixon: Good for small volumes but very buggy for larger volumes, also logs out every 10 minutes
  • (2019-01-16) James Drawn: Amazing
  • (2018-11-16) A real time saver
  • (2018-11-12) Evgeniya Ovseevich: Great Extension!! Thanks a lot
  • (2018-11-02) Jason Riddle: Brilliant, incredibly useful and easy to use tool that saves time and prevents mistakes.
  • (2018-10-30) Federico Nahmad: Increíble! click derecho y copiar, entrás a otro GTM y Paste! Recién testeado y funciona perfecto.
  • (2018-10-29) Lars Kops: Saves so much time and works flawlessy! Thank you very much!
  • (2018-10-26) Hector Aguilar: Thank You Julian, for this plugin, You are awesome!
  • (2018-10-26) I've been using gtmTools.com (also worked on by Simo Ahava) to accomplish this. But this plugin makes it even simpler to get what I need from one container and paste it into another. Love it!
  • (2018-10-26) Robert H: Measure School is a great resource for anyone working with GTM and Google Analytics on a regular basis. This is a very helpful plugin that will make your life easier!
  • (2018-10-26) Extremely Helpful Extension
  • (2018-10-26) Thomas Wiegand: Danke Julian. Genial
  • (2018-10-25) Thomas Zahnd: Top. Grosse Zeitersparnis.
  • (2018-10-22) Rohit Rathore: Awesome Extension.
  • (2018-10-21) Dilmar Ames: Very useful extension. Thanks MeasureSchool (Julian) for such a wonderful work in this extension. A time saver.
  • (2018-10-19) Vladimir Koкarеviсh: This is a great extension! Must have for every one who work with GTM very often
  • (2018-09-25) Chris Griffin: Very simple, easy to use tool that has helped me streamline the process of transferring pieces of one GTM configuration to another, without having to deal with the export and import of .json files. Highly recommend for those in an agency setting and manager multiple clients' GTM accounts!

Latest issues

  • (2021-04-06, v:0.1.8) Olivier VIT Loïc GERBOUT et équipe RESONEO: When a built-in variable appears in the list of Variables, even when you don't select it, it breaks the process of coping a Variable
    "They're was an error, can't upload built-in Variables" While not selecting such a built variable, but one is present, for example in the Overview pane In the context of a non default Workspace Please contact us if additionnal details are needed [email protected]
  • (2021-04-02, v:0.1.8) Lech Dutkiewicz: It just seems not to work anymore
    I've been using this addon for a few years. But today I noticed I'm not able to add any variables nor tags to the list of elements I'd like to copy. If I remember it right, it was being handled by right clicking variables or tags and there was an option to add each element to the list. It doesn't appear anymore. I would like to send you any intofmation that could be helpful, but I just don't want what it could be. So let me know.
  • (2021-03-10, v:0.1.8) Marketing Honey Bear Digital: GTM Copy Paste - Authorization error
    hey guys- any idea what's causing the authorization errors I keep getting? It says "Error: Couldn't upload GA - EE - AddtoCart(Authorization Error) for every tag i try to copy/paste. I've tried logging out/reauthorizing, removing the extension and reinstalling, etc etc.....to no avail. Let me know if you've found a fix. Thanks! don bartlett [email protected] (via [email protected], but please send to the [email protected] addy if you can)
  • (2021-02-18, v:0.1.8) Richard Halls: Authorization Error
    Hi, I've been happily using this tool for years but today it has completely stopped working. Every time I try and paste, every single thing has an Authorization Error. I've tried logging out and logging back in. resetting my machine. Logging out of my GA profile. Just completely packed in all of a sudden.
  • (2020-08-12, v:0.1.8) Design Portfolio: Can't authenticate extension
    Hi there, great tool! However, today I am unable to open or do anything such as authenticate the tool. Have tried disabling and re enabling it. Any other solutions?
  • (2020-08-12, v:0.1.8) Edward S: Can't copy and paste tags
    I get this error message when I copy and paste tags (https://i.imgur.com/GWgMjDe.png)
  • (2020-06-01, v:0.1.7) Informa Engage Reporting: can't upload built in variables error for everything
    for the past month or so, I'm getting the 'can't upload built in variables' error for any type of variable I try to copy - data layer variables / JS variables / URL variables etc. I've tried log-out/log-in, un-installing/re-installing etc. I'm on most recent version of Chrome Version 83.0.4103.61 on a PC. Thanks - super helpful extension when working!
  • (2020-04-17, v:0.1.6) Crypto Potato: Trying to copy-past and getting Error 400. what could be the reason?
    Trying to copy-past and getting Error 400. what could be the reason? trying to copy from a regular WEB container to an AMP one. Thanks
  • (2020-03-09, v:0.1.6) Ekaterina Titova: Error: Couldn't upload Set_Client_Id(Authorization Error)
    Error: Couldn't upload Set_Client_Id(Authorization Error) i'm using single account
  • (2019-12-11, v:0.1.5) Russ Kuba: Error Message From Google
    Getting this error when trying to login: Sign in with Google temporarily disabled for this app This app has not been verified yet by Google in order to use Google Sign In.
  • (2019-11-20, v:0.1.5) bd db: Plugin missing copy function
    Hi. When I try and use the plugin I see the option to authenticate, I manage to sign in to my account but then when I right click on a tag, variable or trigger there is no option to copy the tag. the only option in the menu is to authorize the plug in which works but no copy option gets added
  • (2019-08-20, v:0.1.5) Art-ong Songdon: TypeError: error is not a function
    Got error when paste: TypeError: error is not a function
  • (2019-08-13, v:0.1.5) luis lopez: combine?
  • (2019-07-09, v:0.1.5) Ryan Winter: Can't copy custom variables
    Hi Julian, awesome tool. I'm running into an issue when trying to copy a custom variable - I get a notification saying "There was an error. Can't upload built-in variables". I've reinstalled the plugin and re-authenticated, but still see the same error. Any tips gratefully received!
  • (2019-05-16, v:0.1.5) Alexey Shulzhenko: Can't authorize
    The app it amazing, but authorization popup appears to be empty
  • (2019-05-09, v:0.1.4) Yuri Nosenko: Setting Google Analytics Settings on Tags
    Noticed that the Google Analytics Settings was not set for my pasted tags. This wasn't mentioned in the video, so wondering if that's a bug or expected behavior.
  • (2019-03-28, v:0.1.1) I can't authorize
    Hello Julian! GTM copy paste is great! Thanks a lot! But I can't authorize for 3 weeks or something. What should I do to work work with it again?
  • (2019-03-04, v:0.1.1) Broken for a now
    Hi, cant authorize for some reason
  • (2019-02-04, v:0.1.1) Broken after new GTM redesign
    Hi, Seems like this has stopped working now that the new design of GTM has rolled out! Any update plans for the extension to get it back on track? :) Simen
  • (2018-12-26, v:0.1.1) limra profile: copy paste
    it does not working.


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