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Currently the best Chinese popup dictionary. More features. Frequently updated.

Image from store Zhongzhong: An improved Chinese Dictionary
Description from store The most up-to-date Chinese dictionary extension for Chrome. Easier to use, with more features and more frequently updated than any other. Hover over the Chinese words to get their pronunciation and meaning. Turn it on and off by clicking on the extension icon. Better than Perapera and Zhongwen, with more functionality: - **Read aloud** with mainland and Taiwan options - **Hanzi character information** - **Stroke order animation** - Cleaner white default theme - Enable/disable Pinyin, Zhuyin and definitions - More lookup options - Bug fixes Zhongzhong is in active development. Request a feature and we'll consider it for implementation! https://github.com/PabloRomanH/zhongzhong/issues For detailed usage instructions and keyboard shortcuts, check out the message that is displayed after turning on the extension. **Changes**: 1.3.0 - Setting colors for the tones is now also applied to zhuyin. - Stroke animations are working again. - Updated to the latest version of the CEDICT Chinese dictionary (February 26 2023. 1.2.9 - Added option to disable Skritter shortcut. - Updated to the latest version of the CEDICT Chinese dictionary (March 27 2020). 1.2.8 - Fixed shortcuts with Alt. - Updated to the latest version of the CEDICT Chinese dictionary (November 22 2019). 1.2.7 - Key shortcut to enable/disable the extension can be remapped to any Alt + [key] combination. - Key shortcuts to open online references can be disabled in the options. - Updated to the latest version of the CEDICT Chinese dictionary (July 20 2019). 1.2.6 - **Enable and disable the extension with the new key shortcut**: Alt + Z - Disabling tone colors now also affects Zhuyin. - Changing font now also affects Zhuyin. - Updated to the latest version of the CEDICT Chinese dictionary (November 10 2018). - Several small fixes. 1.2.4 - New option in the options page to disable quick settings key shortcuts for people who don't use them. - When adjusting the vertical position of the popup (with X/Y keys) the position is now remembered until you disable the extension. - Dictionary selection is now forgotten when you disable the extension and enable it again. You can still choose the default dictionary in the options page. - Updated to the latest version of the CEDICT Chinese dictionary (March 21 2018). 1.2.3 - Fixed a bug with some characters with variants. - Updated to the latest version of the CEDICT Chinese dictionary (Jan 21 2018). 1.2.2 - Fixed Taiwanese read-aloud setting. - You can now change the color of tones in the options page. - Updated to the latest version of the CEDICT Chinese dictionary (Dec 26 2017). 1.2.1 - Fixed YellowBridge lookup. - JuKuu lookup blocked by JuKuu. Disabling it for now. - Updated to the latest version of the CEDICT Chinese dictionary (Dec 17 2017). 1.2.0 - Added Chinese Cangjie codes in hanzi view. - Fixed position of stroke order animation. - Updated Chinese Grammar Wiki keywords. - Updated to the latest version of the CEDICT Chinese dictionary (Nov 19 2017). 1.1.4 - Added keyboard shortcut guide to the options page. - Updated to the latest version of the CEDICT Chinese dictionary (May 19 2017). 1.1.3 - Fixed some bugs in Zhuyin (Bopomofo) - Updated to the latest version of the CEDICT Chinese dictionary (February 7 2017). 1.1.2 - **Stroke order animations** integrated in the Hanzi information view! - Can change the default dictionary to the Hanzi information view. - Updated to the latest version of the CEDICT Chinese dictionary (November 11 2016). 1.1.1 - Updated to the latest version of the CEDICT Chinese dictionary (October 7 2016). 1.1.0 - Added lookup for hanzi stroke order and the Koohii.com Heisig study tool. - Updated to the latest version of the CEDICT Chinese dictionary (September 11 2016). 1.0.9 - **Read-aloud!** Press the 'V' key to hear the pronunciation of the word. 1.0.8 - **Hanzi information!** Press the Enter or Shift keys to switch to the new Hanzi information view and back. - Updated to the latest version of the CEDICT Chinese dictionary (July 17 2016). 1.0.7 - Updated graphics and icons. 1.0.6 - Updated to the latest version of the CEDICT Chinese dictionary (April 16 2016) with more than 700 added entries and 2600 improved entries. 1.0.5 - Cosmetic improvements to the default white theme. - Updated to the latest version of the CEDICT Chinese dictionary (November 28). - Added 2 new online lookup resources: Moedict and Baidu Baike. 1.0.3 - Redesigned options page. Now configuration is applied instantly. - Added option to choose between 3 different fonts: serif, sans-serif and handwritten. - For old or alternative characters: Now their definitions are showed instead of showing only a rather unuseful message "variant of ...". 1.0.2 - Added option to disable showing definitions. - Added keybindings to toggle showing Pinyin, Zhuyin and definitions. - New default white theme. - Option to show only traditional or simplified characters. 1.0.1 - Updated to last CEDICT Chinese dictionary version. - Added option to disable Pinyin.

Latest reviews

  • (2023-11-06) MeiAn Huang: It really IS the best free pop-up Chinese dictionary in the Chrome store. As an int-adv Chinese learner, I can't live without it! Very underrated. Able to, with a quick hover, see the meanings and pronunciations of compound words and idioms, as well as each individual word or character in the phrase. If you're still learning characters, the shift+hover feature is a great reference tool. The sound works for me, although with a delay, but the voice is very nice.
  • (2023-09-20) OvO: This makes reading so much easier and really helped motivate me to read chinese novels to improve my chinese! Thanks to the genius that created this extention I am forever gratful!
  • (2023-02-14) Hakan Alpay: character stroke order animation not working rn
  • (2022-05-21) Mikhwan 256: very helpful... been wondering in years about an app like this... thankfully, I just discovered this extension today... idk, should I be happy because found this app? or should I be sad because not discovered it years ago? but at last, this is [ a s t o u n d i n g ] [ a s t o n i s h i n g]
  • (2022-03-22) Teksong Eap: The most excellent extension for reading chinese I have ever found, a must have, also quite customizable
  • (2021-12-03) jenny4444js: Awesome!! However, I don't think the keyboard shortcut to play the text-to-speech is working.
  • (2021-07-15) Muhammed Mostafa: The read aloud is incorrect most of the time please fix it ,other than that the extension is great.
  • (2021-05-01) Mini Duos Samsung: Great add-on! Thanks to the authors for this outstanding work. All is working smooth. Chose it finally for its balance of options available among other very close and remarkable alternatives. I have a (bug?) feature suggestion: when color tones are set, pinyin syllables display in new user colors. But zhuyin stays the same and is displayed in default colors. Also, can this be made, that not only pinyin/zhuyin syllables, but also hanzi characters themselves are displayed in different colors, based on their tone, i.e. the same color scheme as for pinyin (default or user defined)?
  • (2021-04-29) Awetewtewtew Awetwetw: please add an option to save the sentences and enable export options like on readlang.com, vocabtracker, rikaisama
  • (2021-03-11) Angela K: thanks. can you also save the sentence swhen you save the word to the wordlist?
  • (2021-01-09) Jennifer Woo: Amazing app with a live strokes gif! A perfect for any chinese learner. Would love one for Korean!
  • (2020-12-21) Amatsu: Good extension but no read aloud feature when i press V
  • (2020-10-13) ligiaung369 Jaw: Can someone tell me if I can use this on my Google Slides?0r Google documents.
  • (2020-09-16) Kenneth H: it is an amazing extention, very very useful wehn you dont wanna constantly search things up
  • (2020-09-06) Hak Han Koh (Han): It's good but please remove the keyboard shortcut buttons. I keep activating/deactivating them accidentally and it's really annoying. Update: The keyboard shortcut thing has been fixed! Thanks! But now it doesn't work with multiple characters in Google Docs :/
  • (2020-09-05) Lee Silver: Great Extension! Best, I ever used, Finally I choose this after test. Even support voice with 'out loud' extension.
  • (2020-08-07) Asaph Cheng Yao: Underated
  • (2020-07-06) wallacenawawa: Best Extension! I changed to this ext. from similar popup ext. I do like the speak aloud option but I do hope I can hear voice w/o pressing "v", too. I saw a new dictionary "Koohii" added, but how come Japanese Kanji dictionary..., I hope u add one like Chinese-English dictionary "TrainChinese" or "Pleco" soon.
  • (2020-04-08) Rex Gao: Great useful extension, but could you add a manual font selector? I prefer kaishu/regular script but the option for handwritten doesn't work for me
  • (2020-02-26) Cedric (kuyaC): Would be cool if you added the option to show cantonese pronounciation. Alt+W often doesn't work to turn it off, especially during duolingo lessons. Often the character to the right of the one my mouse is over gets explained (very common in duolingo lessons again), or a character gets explained when my mouse isn't currently hovering above one. The word list doesn't synchronize across my devices. Edit: Thanks for the response
  • (2020-02-10) Mark Sisley: Great extension. Any chance you could add the HSK level for full words? Char dict has it but I'd like full word HSK levels
  • (2020-02-09) Hien Minh: This app helps me alot in study chinese. But I can't use it in google docs
  • (2020-02-04) Nuntaporn Sridumrong: love this app
  • (2019-10-02) Tetsuo Kyoda: Greatest application in the mouse-over Chinese dictionaries!!
  • (2019-03-08) Eliseu Viana: Zhongwen: Chinese-English Dictionary nao tava ativando (08/03/2019) essa extensao me salvo
  • (2019-03-05) Russell Young: Doesn't show in text entry. The functionality looks really good though.
  • (2018-12-28) micom fa: not work in input text area.
  • (2018-12-05) Justin Garrison: Hey, thank you so much for this extension! Is there any way that the zhuyin or pinyin display could be set to different dictionaries, like Taiwanese Mandarin ones? Also, the Alt + 1, Alt + 2, Alt + 3... extensions aren't working for me, but I'm on Windows.
  • (2018-11-29) Barnabus Premier: Clean and efficient extension. Thank you! Just lack some simple features and better presentation. Feature: it would be better if users could fix the position of the floating window (when floating everywhere it can hide parts of the text) Presentation: for example, when the dictionary finds an expression (with 4 characters), to separate it clearly from the detailed vocabulary (meaning of each character), or use bold characters, that would improve the visibility.
  • (2018-10-12) Xander Koo: Good extension, but pressing K still triggers the shortcut regardless of whether or not you have shortcuts enabled. Also, when you disable tone colors it doesn't do the same for bopomofo, and also displays bopomofo in a serif font regardless of your choice for the Chinese characters.
  • (2018-05-11) Sean kim: very nice. unlike other popup dictionary it give us so many option including text speech. thanks for making this awesome webapp. ps is there any way to use this with google translator?
  • (2018-04-04) Martin R: Excellent extension. my only problem is that I'm using a chromebook, so I can't use ALT-1 etc to look up example sentences, as chromebook uses those to launch other apps :(
  • (2018-03-30) Việt Hùng Nguyễn: It's OK but frequently automatically disable pinyin and difinition display. I have to open Options and re-activate them many times. Removed.
  • (2018-02-28) Jordan Schneider: YES YOU CAN CHANGE THE COLORS FOR THE TONES!
  • (2017-12-20) Werner Sævland: Much better than all the alternatives! Keep up the good work :)
  • (2017-09-20) Mel Gross: This is everything I wanted to combine from the two other "big" mandarin popup dictionaries, and then some!
  • (2017-07-25) தந்தை ழுத்துக: Wow, 5 Stars, Really an improved version (easy look-up, pronunciation etc.) Great Work!
  • (2017-03-08) Excellent!
  • (2015-10-14) Twins Photographer: Love it! Just exactly what I want.

Latest issues

  • (2022-09-27, v:1.2.9) lo kaiwen: Data Collection/Privacy Policy
    Hi, Your app looks great; and a year ago I left a comment asking "What data does the app collect?". I am sorry to bother you, but I haven't received a reply, nor have you updated the privacy statements on the your app's GOOGLE extension page. Is there a link to a description of the privacy policy, or is there information about the privacy policy that is for users? Thank you very much for your time reading my note.
  • (2022-04-11, v:1.2.9) David Thomas: Stroke order animation
    I used to be able to toggle these by pressing shift, but now when I press shift it shows me a static image of the character, no animation, even if it's labeled as one. How to fix?
  • (2021-12-13, v:1.2.9) Michael: Read aloud feature is too slow?
    Does anyone know how to speed up the read aloud feature speech? I reinstalled the chrome extension and the sound is playing at about half the speed now. I don't see any options to increase the speed. Thanks.
  • (2021-09-28, v:1.2.9) Kevin Schoenmakers: No longer works in Google Docs
    I've been using the Zhongwen extension for Google Chrome, often so I can look up Chinese words in documents that I'm editing with Google Docs. But it seems to not be working at the moment, even though at the same time it does still work in other tabs of the same browser for non-Google Docs pages.
  • (2021-09-12, v:1.2.9) Yanis Fourel: Not working on Google docs
    The popup does not show when hovering chinese characters in a google docs, even when holding Alt or AltGr, and even when only seeing the document in 'suggestion' or 'viewing' mode. However, the popup does show up when hovering characters in the 'document outline' (which is the panel on the left that outline the structure of the document, it can be enabled via 'view > show document outline') HOW TO REPRODUCE: - with google chrome Version 93.0.4577.63 (Official Build) (64-bit) on either windows 10 or linux (Manjaro) with zhongzhong being the only chrome extension enabled - Go to https://docs.google.com/document/u/0/, login if needed - Create a new blank document - Paste in "第三堂課" (or anything else really) Hovering the text in the main panel does nothing, but hovering the same text in the document ouline works as expected
  • (2021-08-20, v:1.2.9) Mini Duos Samsung: Configurable colors depending on tone, for Zhuyin (Bopomofo) and hanzi characters (now only for Pinyin)
    Hello! Thanks for the wonderful addon. The suggestion is to allow a user to configure tone colors not only for Pinyin (already implemented), but also for Zhuyin (Bopomofo) and also, if possible, for the hanzi themselves. Now their color scheme is pre-configured and cannot be changed, which can be quite confusing if Pinyin is colored differently by user's own scheme. Cheers, Alex
  • (2021-08-05, v:1.2.9) Mari Debono: extension not activating
    the extention is not working on google chrome, I clicked on the icon on the top right corner and it says 'on' but the definitions are not appearing. When hovering over the icon it also says that to enable it I need to press ALT+Z but after doing so it still was not working. When I right click I have the option to go to the word list but I still can't add any words. What can I do ?
  • (2021-04-09, v:1.2.9) lo kaiwen: Privacy statement
    What data does this extension collect?
  • (2021-01-05, v:1.2.9) Ollie Q: Possible to add a Chinese-to-Chinese dictionary?
    That would make this extension absolutely complete. Perhaps, Moedict? Thanks!
  • (2020-11-24, v:1.2.9) yang hao: txt or html on local hard drive.
    Works great when reading online websites. However, when I use the chrome browser to read an html file or txt file that is from my hard drive it doesn't work at all. Is there a tag that can be placed in the html so the plugin will work? Thanks for plug-in.
  • (2020-08-19, v:1.2.9) Rob C: Popup issue persists
    Someone mentioned a popup issue in 2016, specifically in Google docs. I am having that same problem. It will only display the definitions for individual characters, not the whole word. i.e. it would display the definition for 工,not 工作 Is this a known issue? Is there any possible workaround? Thank you for a great chrome extension!
  • (2020-05-23, v:1.2.9) Melly Jelly: Radical & common words addition to improve the extension.
    Hello, Can you add radical explanation to the dictionary, also ensure the radical explains both characters highlighted, such as 参加. Do not provide radical just for 参 and not for 加. Also is it possible to add most commonly used word with 参and加. The most common words do not have to be an entire list, maybe like 5 common words. These features will greatly improve your extension. Thank you so much for making a great extension.
  • (2020-04-30, v:1.2.9) Yannick Oberhauser: Question about sound
    Hey! Wonderful extension. The best of the ones available by far. Only problem is the sound wont't play when I press V. Why could that be? Have a great day!
  • (2020-03-03, v:1.2.8) Seb Restrepo: Pinyin, Zhuyin, and Hanzi should all match selected Tone Colors
    It would also be great if Pinyin, Zhuyin, and Chinese Characters (both Traditional and Simplified) all matched the prefered Tone Colors automatically. That would make this plugin perfect, and that is what the popular Pleco app does! :-) Currently, only Pinyin tone colors are customizable such that Zhuyin and Chinese Character tone colors remain default even if Pinyin tone colors are changed, and these discrepancies can be confusing. Thank you!!! FYI Chinese learners online tend to prefer orange/yellow for first tone, green for second tone, blue for third tone, red/purple/pink for fourth tone, and grey for neutral tone. https://www.sinosplice.com/life/archives/2009/08/11/tone-and-color-in-chinese
  • (2019-10-16, v:1.2.7) Daniel Allegri: Pop Up Problem- Individual Characters
    I used the dictionary for a while, but it suddenly just started displaying the definitions for individual characters, not the whole word. I.e. it would display the definition for 工,not 工作 or 表 not 表示. Could you help me figure out how to get the whole world displayed? Thanks!
  • (2019-08-10, v:1.2.7) Gyula Molnár: Stroke orders not showing up in Quizlet
    Hi there! Great extension, thanks for all the effort. However, I'd like to suggest a fix. The thing is that when I'm howering over a character in Learn mode on Quizlet.com, and then push shift to bring up the extended popup, everything turns up all right, except for the stroke order. I took the liberty to look into the thing, and turns out the issue is here to be found: [content.js:1255-1256] ... var unicode = window.getSelection().toString().charCodeAt(0); var strokeorder = 'https://www.mdbg.net/chindict/rsc/img/stroke_anim/' + unicode + '.gif'; ... Now, in this particular case window.getSelection().toString() seems to be an empty string, and so the request that's being sent will be .../NaN.gif. Changing line 1255 to var unicode = entry.hanzi.charCodeAt(0); seems to have resolved the issue for me, though I haven't yet tested it rigorously :) Keep up the great work, Gyula Molnár
  • (2019-06-13, v: f pc: No définition appears
    Thank you for this very usefull extension. When I click on the button and when I move the cursor over Chinese text a popup appear with the pronunciation but not with the definitions.
  • (2019-05-21, v: Ray Lillywhite: 'k' keyboard shortcut doesn't respect disabling keyboard shortcuts
    I disabled keyboard shortcuts but the K key still opens Koohii.com
  • (2019-02-04, v:1.2.6) Pressing 'K'
    When I press 'K', especially when I'm not highlighting anything nor on a Chinese website, koohii pops up. This makes it especially difficult to fill in forms. Please look into this bug. Thank you for the wonderful extension!
  • (2018-12-18, v:1.2.6) Nathan Cain: Save all looked up words
    I would like the option to save all words that I click/tap to lookup. So I don't have to press R.
  • (2018-12-16, v:1.2.6) Nathan Cain: tablet mode without keyboard
    In tablet mode I don't have a keyboard. How can I change the location of the popup or add to word list?
  • (2018-11-22, v:1.2.6) Asaph Cheng Yao: Alt-Z
    Thank you for your wonderful extension. However, your hotkey Alt-Z seriously conflicts with other functions on my computer. Kindly allow for users' assignation of the hotkey.
  • (2018-11-21, v:1.2.6) Famiglia dell'Immacolata Mediatrice San Francesco: Adding definitions
    Is it possible to add words manually to the dictionary? Or will it be a possible add-on in the future?
  • (2017-06-10, v:1.1.4) Hoa Lê: question
    how do i open troke and related information of hanzi pop-up?


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