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Description from extension meta Drag scrollbar with your middle mouse button anywhere on the page. Supports also "grab and drag" style and Momentum.
Image from store ScrollAnywhere
Description from store Scroll Anywhere enables you to drag scrollbar with your middle / right / left mouse button without touching a scrollbar. Just hold the middle button and move mouse up-down or left-right. You can also change the behavior to simple "grab and drag" style. Supports also Momentum - ability to throw the page (like on your phone) - including infinite scrolling option. Now with the option to change the cursor while scrolling! Video preview (0:12) here: https://youtu.be/VLv_wAfVO9A Homepage: www.FastAddons.com Increase your productivity and save time! Warning: very addictive! :) Known issues: - does not work on https://chrome.google.com/webstore/ (blocked by Chrome) - does not work on browser specific pages like "chrome://extensions" (blocked by Chrome) - does not work on other extensions pages like options page of some addon (blocked by Chrome) - in Linux right click (context menu) cannot be canceled so only middle button is working correctly Note: I'm developing this add-on in my free time for you for free. Please consider supporting my work by donation: https://www.patreon.com/fastaddons Or by donation: https://paypal.me/fastaddons Thank you :)
Latest reviews (2019-11-10) Eugene Bezhan: Thank you for making life easier :) (2019-09-15) P: doesnt work at all (2019-02-05) mertcan: perfect than you but need this also for windows (2019-01-03) Martin Kozon: Perfect! The middle/scroll button is broken on my mouse so it's actually perfect alternative for me - I don't need to buy a new mouse (I'm too lazy to do that). I also love how smoothly I can scroll through a website now! (2018-12-02) Kemo Sabe: we need left key to be able to scroll. am i missing something? (2018-11-20) 黄志强: does not work on MAC OS, the latest Chrome (2018-06-07) Jacky Chen: Please support "Left Button" for scroll function as version of Firefox did. (2018-03-22) Summer Sanchinoz: Much better than getting a mouse that has the clutter that a side-scrolling mouse wheel would come with. Smooth scrolling and smooth sailing! (2017-09-29) Ramsey Khalaf: Excellent. I used to use Scrollbar Anywhere but I noticed that I really reduced using it as it wouldn't work at times and wasn't consistent as Duarte mentioned. I have been using your plugin on Firefox actually and when I saw your "About" page, I noticed that you offered it in Chrome. Tried it out and really like it! Great work :). You should improve it in Firefox though, it's lagging when scrolling in Firefox 56. (2017-08-13) Duarte Farrajota Ramos: This is fantastic! 'Ive been using Scrollbar Anywhere addon for a while now, and I just tried this for a few seconds now and it is soo much better First difference I noticed is it works a lot more consistently, be it over images, links, iframes etc won't stop it from working. Inertial scrolling is also very smooth and a joy to use. Very useful to quickly find something in long pages (2017-07-22) АликФильма: No choice with the left mouse button like in Firefox extension. Please add.
Latest issues (2019-11-20, v:8.0) Tom Marshall: No longer working
I am using Chrome 59.0.3071.86 because they never update my computer here at work. The extension quit working. It looks like it was updated Nov 15th. That update apparently broke compatibility with this version of Chrome. I have uninstalled and reinstalled a couple of times and it still won't work.
(2019-11-18, v:8.0) ivan petrov: Left button
Make the left mouse button turn on the extension with a delay of 1-3 seconds.
(2019-11-09, v:7.3) 黑輪醬: Scroll slowly
The ScrollAnywhere scroll slowly on this page: https://tw.buy.yahoo.com/category/4386188 Please take a look, thank you.
(2019-09-22, v:7.3) alex nixon: Can you disable scrolling when pressing a link?
Can you create option to disable scrolling when pressing a link (like a default middle mouse)? If I press a link and move mouse up, page will scroll up and link is not pressed.
(2017-09-29, v:5.4) Ramsey Khalaf: Scrolling equal to scroll bar
I actually would love that feature as well. I used to use it in Firefox's Grab and Drag I think and it's awesome because its momentum changes based on the size of the page. If the page is very long, it is faster as it has to follow the scroll bar. If the page is short, it is slower. Can you do something like that :)?
(2017-09-17, v:5.4) Alter: Scroll place equal right stripe
Hello! Great extension! Аsk you about the two requests, if you can, please. Add mode when place on screen where click be equal place in right scrollbar. For example, now if you go to middle of site and start scrolling it starts from middle, i want that it start from place where cursor be relative place of stripe in right scrollbar. And add possibility disable reset place of stripe in right sb when move cursor with stripe and go out right zone to middle of screen. Thanks.
(2017-09-08, v:5.3) Interferes with Smooth Gestures Plus
Hey, just shot you a donation. Thanks for working on this problem. I have a gesture set in there that is HoldRMB+ScrollUp and it no longer works with this installed. I only have "Middle-Button" selected, so I don't think this extension should be interfering with the right mouse button at all. For reference, I was originally using HandTool with the same settings (middle-button) until it stopped working in Chrome 61 and it didn't interfere with anything else, so I believe it should be doable to have them work together.
(2017-08-15, v:4.9) B Shepard: Left button
Hi, the tool works great, but I'd like to be able to use the left-button for scrolling (like grab and drag on firefox). Hopefully that is possible.
(2017-07-22, v:4.6) АликФильма: Not enough options
No choice with the left mouse button like in Firefox extension. Please add.

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