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Zoom in and out with the right mouse button and left click or wheel.

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Description from store This is an extension for zooming with the right mouse button and the scroll wheel. Right mouse button + left mouse button snap-zoom functionality is also available. *** FINALLY *** Chrome offers an official Zoom-API and starting with version 0.2.0, MouseZoom for Chrome is using it. Zooming should now be almost as enjoyable as on Firefox. In case you're wondering: The "OSD", present in former versions of MouseZoom, has been removed. Instead, Chrome shows an "info bubble" that displays the current zoom level while zooming. Also, Chrome does not support changing the buit-in zoom-levels, so the option for changing those had to be removed as well.

Latest reviews

  • (2021-08-20) Playa del Carmen: Excelente ayuda para personas con dificultades visuales y para no cansar la vista. Práctica y de fácil menejo
  • (2018-10-20) Jeff “jeffand123” A: Have used for years even back in the day with firefox. Thank you for a simple yet powerful perfect tool ***** 5 stars *****
  • (2017-12-25) Sergiy Shalaev: No working.
  • (2016-05-11) Verena N.: Indeed I had trouble with the zoom function I knew already from Firefox. But thank you for explaining how it could work nevertheless. But you FORGOT ONE IMPORTANT THING when giving us the trick how it could work: _________________________ "When you reset all settings and then customized them again, please reload the page/s you want to use the addon." ________________________ Only the refreshing of the tab makes it work wonderfully. Thank you for an awesome addon! All the best for 2014
  • (2016-03-05) James D Bostick: One of the things I'd missed most from Firefox! Now I have it on Chrome too. THANKS!!
  • (2016-01-01) Владимир Михайлович: It is the best extension for fast zooming. But missing option to save default zoom level for URL or domain
  • (2015-11-17) Adrian iks: old version work better
  • (2015-11-06) Ryz 78: after try another extension this better one
  • (2015-08-30) Incredibly useful addon. Once you got used to it, you will no longer be able to use a browser without it.
  • (2015-06-30) Chris Vydas: i too like so many others am coming over from Palemoon and Firefox. a lack of extensions is what always kept me away from chrome for the past 3 years and before that its was Firefox all the way and a similar extension called ImageZoom. Really good to see a capable extension like MouseZoom, available for chrome.
  • (2014-11-30) sebastiano dimartina: non funziona
  • (2014-11-14) Tal R.: Great idea, but doesn't seem to work anymore... Previously it worked on some of the sites, but lately it seems broken.
  • (2014-05-11) Ilya Potekhin: Doesn't work.
  • (2014-04-30) FaFa Head: Doesn't work.
  • (2014-04-04) A B: Doesn't work at all with Chrome 33.0 on OS X 10.9.2 with external mouse.
  • (2014-03-24) Manolis Liveris: Not working ar all.
  • (2014-02-03) Marcin Zawistowski: Przydałaby się większa ilość "presetów" do zapamiętania, ale poza tym jak najbardziej ok...
  • (2014-02-02) Dave Suffling: Doesn't work (Mac OS X 10.9, external mouse).
  • (2014-01-20) molitar arbutus: Did not work at all in Chrome. I found another that is working. this one did NOTHING.
  • (2014-01-18) torq: good work but dont work on youtube thx :)
  • (2013-12-12) r c: I tried zooming on a variety of websites, but it doesn't work. :\
  • (2013-11-09) Joona Knuutinen: it zeems to zoom every page 150% default. the hell?
  • (2013-10-13) I like this one. It's very convenient. Zooms properly and does not clutter the screen. It's weird how people expect it to work without a mouse. It's MouseZoom! It works with a mouse and does it very well.
  • (2013-09-24) Daniel M. Radulovic: Great extension. Been using it since firefox. Obviously, as the "MouseZoom" name implies, you need an external mouse for it to work. Don't blame the app if your computer configuration does not meet the requirements for the extension to work properly (e.g. not having an external mouse, using an iMac without a scroll wheel, etc). Bar none, this is one app I cannot do without. Before it was ported to chrome I was using mousewheel, which was utterly useless and infuriatingly frustrating. Great job on this app!
  • (2013-07-28) Phil: I have a mid-2012 iMac 27inch with the smartmouse. So I can NOT right click and 'use the wheel' as there is no wheel. Tried running my finger up and down while right clicking. Nothing works. Use to have trackpad that I could pinch and zoom in/out but now using mouse. So this does NOT work with a Apple (some of us do have iMacs). So uninstall and see what can be used. Switching from FF 22.0 (crashes-screwy) to try to use Chrome but if I can not edit the menu bar to add a +/- like on FF to zoom in and out then I guess go back to FF.
  • (2013-07-11) Gustav Dahl: I really like it. However, there is a problem: I cannot zoom in/zoom out/reset without an external mouse (laptop). Say I zoom in with my mouse and this extension, if I then go to the same website but don't have the external mouse available, I cannot reset the zoom setting (Ctrl+0 or Ctrl+ / Control- don't work).

Latest issues

  • (2016-03-09, v:0.2.1) Brendan J Boehr: permissions
    Looks like a great extension! Before I install it, could you explain why it requires this permission: "read or change all your data on all the websites you visit." Thanks!
  • (2014-02-06, v:0.0.9) Ivan Cajic: Doesn't work at all
    I don't know if this extension is 'alive' or have you abandoned it, but it doesn't work at all for me...
  • (2014-01-18, v:0.0.9) torq: streaming control
    hi use on youtube streaming control terrible... please fix it
  • (2013-11-02, v:0.0.9) Matt Sieracki: Autozooming?
    Thought i would give you a heads up on an issue. Great app by the way. Problem is that the extension seems to autozoom when I click a link that opens up in a pop up. I think it's running AJAX, I can send you page code if helpful. But this is the platform i work with on a daily basis, but i have to disable you extension in order to properly work. The site in reference is, www.risevision.cm. You can sign up free with any gmail account to test the admin backend. Direct link: http://rva.risevision.com/ I have included screenshots of the issue i am having below. Feel free to email me at [email protected] if any questions. Before it automatically zooms: http://www.dmm4biz.com/misc/mousezoomissue1.JPG After Pop Up: http://www.dmm4biz.com/misc/mousezoomissue2.JPG
  • (2013-07-15, v:0.0.9) Robert V: Zoom toggle my click.
    I use this app mainly for remote access where the screen is scaled to too small. Zooming allows the screen to be readable again. I'd appreciate the ability to "set left click on icon" to toggle from 100% to 150%. This would allow quick and easy toggling where right click isn't passed through fully (TeamViewer)


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