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Description from store 0.6.3: + Now supports the new advanced page editor, fixing the lack of CodeMirror and updated icons 0.6.2: + Mizal's and Killa_Robot's trophies have been added to the dark and light themes + Now utilizing `CMReady`; basically preventing cases where CodeMirror might be loaded before its options were ready + "Anchor" button renamed to "Permalink" + Removed a redundant check in the storygame search script + Fixed right-aligned post title in locked threads + Themes should no longer apply color to CKEditor (RTE) dialogs + There's now a check for CKEditor presence before attempting to use CodeMirror, since PMs have the RTE now + It also now ignores the "preserve line breaks" option, just as the storygame page editor does + Masthead image uses the newer, FF versions + Added icon image for the "resolve" button + Visually updated navigation panel in My Duels and About Us + Fixed broken warning icon 0.6.0: + Fixed broken collapse/expand buttons + <script> and <style> elements are ignored when applying forum post formatting + Autocomplete for tagging members (on the forums with the CodeMirror editor) + After three characters, it polls a larger list of members instead of just the ones online + Inverted storygame viewer theme; flips brightness and saturation, but retains hue; images are relatively untouched + Also included a total color invert + This is intended to be a temporary option until a true dark theme is implemented + Added storygame categories to navbar 0.5.1: Patched post preview overflow 0.4.9: + Preview HTML when replying, editing, or making a new post + Enabled only when both async enhancements are on and rich text is off + Preview is done live, so it's constrained to a sandboxed iframe + HTML Normalization for forum posts (works with either plain text editor; on by default) + Mainly, it prevents unclosed tags from affecting the rest of the thread, though leaving a tag unclosed is still liable to cause strange behavior internally + Additionally, characters outside of the ISO 8859-1 range (including emoji), which would normally be turned into "?", are converted into hexadecimal HTML entities + Also preserves whitespace and forces all attribute values to be double quoted + The "Logged in as [user]" footer now links to the user's profile page + Online/offline status in user's profile sidebar + Theme tweaks + Forum post title no longer shoved to the right when there are no buttons + Forum post title CSS updated in general + Avatarless users have borders instead of blank boxes in the forums + A few new replaced icons, including some of those on admin-only buttons + Navbar text shrinks to better accommodate items if there are more than six (i.e. for admins) + CodeMirror ligatures are context sensitive (disabled in strings and plain text) and can be turned off entirely (they're off by default) + Title font now uses lining numerals (numbers all stay above the baseline) + Switch Route 159 typeface from OpenType to WOFF (and weight 300 to 400) 0.4.8: - Div wrapper for replies - Smarter forum action buttons Pre-0.4.8: HTTPS support Complete overhaul of storygame search functionality + Can search by tag, rating, length, etc. Things you wish were clicky links are now clicky + Any posted links, member tags, unpublished games, and much more. Site navigation links are available from every webpage + Can access through drop-down menus if using themed CYS. Complete graphic overhaul + New icons, symbols, and trophy graphics that are more modern in both looks and format Complete MyStuff overhaul + Arrange widgets for messages, storygames, your notepad, points, and anything else you can think of to create a great dashboard area where you can see everything you need to at once. + Toggleable Able to collapse and anchor thread posts + Anchoring allows one to copy the direct post link + Collapsing allows one to read long threads with greater organization ability; allows one to collapse a post and it's replies for better screenshots and archiving ability New profile settings + Storygame Developer Mode ~ Allows for in-preview variable editing ~ Shows link and page IDs for testing and development purposes + CYS theme integration ~ Makes the site beautiful; Dark Mode for easy browsing at night, light mode for an elegant new look with the same comfy feel, or just keep the default :) + Choose to recieve alerts or not ~ Customize whether you see alerts as a badge on the CYS extension icon without even having the site open! ~ Choose what alerts you want to be notified of Text editors have toggleable syntax highlighting + Very useful for coding CYS-script or post HTML + Colors the text of key elements and allows for ease of finding particular sections of code + Quite useful for debugging code and identifying mistakes Lots of nit-picky fixes + Some letters were a misaligned by a pixel...we fixed those and some other stuff you'd never notice.
Latest reviews (2018-09-19) Aislynn Carpenter: The new layout and storygame search functions are a vast improvement.

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