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Importify is a paid application on Shopify platform, It allows you to find products from various websites, add them to your…

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Description from store Importify is a paid application on Shopify platform, It allows you to find products from various websites, add them to your Shopify store and sell them online. The chrome extension works together with the web application. Features: - Import Products to your Shopify store from various websites. - Semi-automatic order fulfilment with an auto-filled checkout form. - Find Aliexpress products with the ePacket delivery option.

Latest reviews

  • (2023-05-27) PEDRO CARVAJAL: falla muchisimo
  • (2023-01-05) Lagbe Abdulmatin: Importify is an excellent product importer for online stores. It simplifies the process of importing products from AliExpress, Amazon, and eBay, allowing store owners to quickly and easily add new products to their stores. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to select the products you want to import, and the detailed product information allows store owners to select the best products for their store. The customer support is also top-notch, and they are always willing to provide assistance when needed. All in all, Importify is a great product importer for online stores.
  • (2021-04-14) Eizel Arndt: It is a very useful app especially for start-up businesses with low capital just like mine. User-friendly, convenient and hassle-free to use. A perfect tool for the booming e-commerce industry.
  • (2021-01-19) Robert Dacher: Works properly, and offers a lot of options for customisation and image select and variant select.
  • (2020-10-17) William Cruz (William Cruz): works as intended! thanks!
  • (2020-07-28) Le Phuc: on your website you said "you have installed our Free Chrome Extension" and after installing it turns out it is not. I felt like I was trapped.
  • (2020-07-15) JaKara Douglas: So many unnecessary errors, loading issues and this is all in the trail phase!!!!
  • (2020-03-21) Nugat Schweiz: dont work
  • (2019-03-30) Jonathan Capistrano: I've been using Importify for more than a month for my drop shipping business and it made my work easy and fast. It used to take 30 minutes on average when I import product data from my online tsuppliers to my Shopify shop. Now, it takes about a minute to import products data to my Shopify store. Pictures, product derscription, SKU, product price and other information are imported with just a few clicks of a button. Importify is a very effective product importing tool.
  • (2019-03-25) Benjamin Timothy: It won't let me import from Amazon and some other stores. When trying to import from Rakutan, it is very time consuming since you have to click on a store and HOPE the extension allows for importing.
  • (2018-11-07) Janus Rokkjær: Cool enought but there was an error with price first time i installed the developer has been informed beside that it is very time consuming and some of the sites they use are very very slow. An import list like some other apps of same kind would be nice.
  • (2018-08-30) J Aquino: I love it! The app keeps getting better. They keep on improving and updating it to fit our needs.
  • (2018-07-29) Petru Groza: dont work your stupid add buton
  • (2018-07-28) Christopher Agira: Good
  • (2018-07-02) Spark So: Not very automated. If there are variants it doesn't import prices for each variant.
  • (2018-06-22) Melinda Thebeau: I love this that I can use this and it does it automatic but I am not certain and waiting to get my products in my store.
  • (2018-05-22) Shmuel Alkolombre: very good
  • (2018-03-07) Yuval Tessone: Great tool! Saved me a lot of time and instead of filling each item manually, did it with one click! Support is great, fast and responsive. Had some improvement suggestion, which was taken care on the spot! Together with Inventorify these tools are the best tools for sellers!
  • (2018-01-05) World Shopping: very good and fast support
  • (2018-01-03) Aaron Davis: The wholesalers are not wholesalers they sell online to the public at the same price. How are we to make money
  • (2017-10-26) edna jones: Smooth installation, would love to see more wholesalers added
  • (2017-10-25) marcel levy: Great app, worked smooth thank you guys for creating this.
  • (2017-09-11) Gurgen Aramyan: Great app, saved me lots of time. Thank you guys
  • (2017-09-08) Ara Podosyan: Great and usefull app.
  • (2017-09-07) Daniel Markowicz: Awesome app!! made my dropshipping life so easy!!
  • (2017-08-24) Karlis Gributs: Its not usefull for me
  • (2017-05-08) Basanta Gharti: great app, love the way it works user friendly & easy to follow.
  • (2017-05-07) Sean a.l: Importify is perfect. Importing from more than 20 different stores, as well as, fulfill orders, is incredible.
  • (2017-05-04) Michael Khodos: Overrides affiliate cookies, basically stealing your cashback if you use any cashback sites.
  • (2017-02-28) Saca Eugen: Awesome app. recommend A+++
  • (2017-02-14) Jesse Geitzmuni's Channel: This app is very good! Highly recommended
  • (2017-01-17) עליז ריכטר: the new option of importing reviews is awesome, love the way of importing from 16 different websites thanks!
  • (2017-01-01) איציק סעדון: This app is exactly what I was looking for an efficient and inexpensive, Great support Thanks

Latest issues

  • (2023-07-10, v:9.0.6) Cassandra Thiesen: Add knop
    Ik krijg geen add knop te zien
  • (2023-05-03, v:9.0.3) Montiaudrey 2: L'extension ne s'affiche pas
    Salut, je viens d'ajouter l'extension mais elle ne s'affiche toujours pas et je ne peux pas importer des articles
  • (2022-12-20, v:8.8.1) Tiffany S.: Cant See Add Sign
    The red add sign wont show up when I try to add products to my store. Can you please help thanks
  • (2022-12-20, v:8.8.6) J M: No Add button on Amazon
    Hello,I have uninstalled the application and added it again and I still do not see the add button for Amazon. Are there any other fixes? .
  • (2022-12-20, v:8.8.8) NICK NAVARRA: I can not import products from Aliexpress. No red add button
    I have paid you and I can not add product to my site theforeverwoman.com....please fix this fast..
  • (2022-08-16, v:8.7.6) Sahil Enterprises Digital Marketing Agency: I am unable to import my products
    Unable to import prodeuct the import to your store orange button is not working
  • (2022-07-18, v:8.7.4) sony sam: Not all variants are available to download..
    So not all the product variants are available to download on alibaba. this is the first time its happening
  • (2022-04-13, v:8.6.3) Joey Feng: Translation
    Hi, The website is in Chinese, And I want to keep the Chinese language, without translate to English, how can i do it?
  • (2022-03-21, v:8.6.0) Sheer: issues with app
    Hello chrome etx doesn't work properly .it's unable to import from overstock etc.
  • (2022-01-22, v:8.6.0) Rafael Dostry: Error
    Hi, I don´t get to download the product´s images anymore, I would like why. Thank´s
  • (2021-11-07, v:8.4.5) Sylvie KORENFELD: chrome extension
    Bonjour, Je n'arrive pas a installer l'extensuon de chrome pour importify.
  • (2021-11-03, v:8.4.5) Sunrise Painting: Mthingz Commerce
    We are unable to login to our acct: https://app.importify.net/dashboard/site/login?woocomerce Please assist at your earliest convenience.
  • (2021-10-01, v:8.4.0) Mo Montgomery: Currency and Shipping
    Different websites in different countries use different currency and shipping. How can Importify accomodate this as we want to sell in Canada and USA. The disappointing part is that while we are looking for canada products we can only use amazon.com which does not work in canada. How do we change the currencies and wholesalers website to reflect our country and prices? any help would be great.
  • (2021-09-13, v:8.3.7) MARCELO SENA: i could not sell the product in my home page
    hi. im Marcelo from www.woforyou.com, from shopify. ive tried in Amazon, Sears, Wllmart and others whole sales. yes, i can add to my home page, but when i try to buy from my home page, never could buy it. says that they dont deliver to my country. ive tried with another country, but i receive the same message. i wanna talk with you by phone or zoom, please. i want to use importify, but it did not work. please dont charge me, it doesnt work for me. i desintalled the app. thank you
  • (2021-08-24, v:8.3.6) Aasin Hall: Subscription
    How do I can I cancel my Subscription
  • (2021-05-14, v:8.2.0) Nidhi Patel: Unable to connect or login with wix website.
    Importify dashboard doesn't show show an option to login with wix website.
  • (2021-04-20, v:8.1.7) Reche Rideaux: no add to chrome option
    it will not allow me to add to chrome , there is no button
  • (2021-04-11, v:8.1.5) Arnold: Importify issues
    My WooCommerce API options arent showing up and am missing a whole list of options. also ib have gone step by step every method correctly and to no avail. i need to get theseproducts man before someone else does.
  • (2021-01-27, v:8.1.0) Eden intérieur: Microsoft Edge
    Hi, I'm currently using Microsoft Edge as a browser. I was wondering if I can use Microsoft Edge with the Importify extention? Thanks a lot!
  • (2020-10-09, v:7.9.0) Geneieve Johnson: I don't see the add to chrome button. What should I do?
    What is the reason I don't see it
  • (2020-09-05, v:7.7.9) jack johnson: Add extension
    when i go the Chrome extension page to add the chrome extension for Importify., the possibility to add extension is not on page ??? How to add extension?
  • (2020-04-12, v:7.2.5) Jerrilyn Lake: extension not working
    when I click the chrome extension, it says "You can use this extension when visiting a product page url" instead of giving me the option to import the product. I'm using the Alibaba site
  • (2020-03-09, v:6.9.5) sinthia islam: I can't login with the importify extension
    it shows a login button instead of the add button and I cant login because it only shows a shopify store login. i have a woocommerce site.
  • (2020-02-16, v:6.9.5) Nikki Adebajo: installation
    finding it hard to install
  • (2020-02-04, v:6.9.5) Jill Roby: shipping prices
    please send emails to [email protected] I am wanting to launch store. How is shipping pricing going to work with importify? I have used products from Walmart. Will they decide shipping costs to charge customer? If something is damaged, should they send it back to manufacturer (Walmart)? Will maufacturer ship another automatic if that happens? How can I talk to your support in person or on chat so I can feel more confident about this process? please emails me answers at [email protected]
  • (2020-02-04, v:6.9.5) Jill Roby: shipping
    how do I set up shipping costs with importify products?
  • (2019-12-17, v:6.9.5) Tiffany Stewart: need help
    need help
  • (2019-12-17, v:6.9.5) Tiffany Stewart: can not drop ship
    wont let me add products
  • (2019-11-30, v:6.9.5) City Signs Group: no autofill button
    the autofill button isn't appearing. im subscribed to the gold plan
  • (2019-11-05, v:6.9.5) Le jardin a marco shop: info
    je veux m'abonner au plan premium et ajouter a shopify
  • (2019-10-31, v:6.8.8) Aysia Terrones: there is no add button on amazon
    please advise , do you have chat
  • (2019-08-10, v:6.5.4) Kamrul Hassan: Cancellation
    Hi, How do I cancel my subscription before taking new payment. Please email to [email protected] Thanks Kamrul Hasan
  • (2019-08-04, v:6.4.8) George Michael: DHGATE app vs. DHgate website?
    I am very happy with your app, just have a question. DHgate app have more options than their website, such as seperating manufactuerers from suppliers and other options. How can I use importify to import from the app and not from the website Thank you
  • (2019-06-19, v:6.3.4) 9028 C.H: Cancellation 2 time
    I hope it work again to give 1 more change. worst then I copy and paste, sometime already hope that shopify at least confirm the app must be can use lol. One day free trial only, lucky no pay yet, If not after make payment get nothing and wasted our time and hope.
  • (2019-06-05, v:6.2.4) Rachelle Wilkins: Hi Every time I try to import products I tells me I need a subscription. I already subsribed for the plan, please advise I am trying to set up my store.
    Hi Every time I try to import products I tells me I need a subscription. I already subscribed for the plan, please advise I am trying to set up my store.
  • (2019-04-05, v:5.9.4) Joan Joseph: cancelle importify service
    low volume/ sound quality on training vedio
  • (2019-03-08, v:5.9.0) not letting me log in
    I m trying to log in and it keeps telling me to install, i have already installed the extension. there is red where it shows my user name
  • (2019-02-18, v:5.8.3) problem with add product
    hey i been have problem 3 week , everytime i try to import a product it said login. need help with issue


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