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Description from extension meta transfer page from light theme to dark one and make it more readable when light is off
Image from store MoonR
Description from store are you often reading online books or blogs in dark? if so using this extension web page theme will transfer from light to dark and would become more readable version 2.1 it is optimized for Facebook and has added dark theme for pretty-printed codes (for example on stackoverflow.com); although when you activate MoonR it is activated for all tabs and if you refresh them or open new one or restart chrome and it will still be active version 2.0 it is much faster and you can click on icon again and page style will be restored to its original state
Latest reviews (2016-01-14) Xiaodong Fang: Great tool. (2015-12-31) Victor Montequin: I thought I found the perfect color inverter. Doesn't slow down my browser, doesn't invert images, makes things readable. Unfortunately, this won't apply to pages by default. YOu have to activate it every time you go to a page!! PLEASE ADD AN "ALWAYS ON" FEATURE! (2015-10-09) Tyler Jaden: It's good. Way better than the app I was using before. But I wish I could customize it. IMO that's the difference between a good app and a excellent app, when the dev doesn't force you into using the colours he likes but lets you use your own. :) Also for some reason the FAV star on twitter doesn't show up yellow :/ it's greyed out. Edit: NVM not as good as I thought. The effect does't stay enabled. If you refresh the page it disables it. Wtf??? Have to keep re-enabling it and enabling it for every page I open. Not worth. Why on earth would I ever want it to constantly become disabled?? If I want it off I can just disable it myself. There isn't even an options button. Moving on to something else. (2015-03-16) i like it but i wish i could customize it (2014-05-14) Andrew Ch: protect your eyes from intense white monitor radiation (2014-02-09) UnknownSoldier9865: Needs an options to set it for cretin pages. (2014-02-08) Mute Bard: It would be perfect if I could choose lime green (favorite color)instead of purple. Love the gray background (2013-11-12) Amiran Toronjadze: Works great without reloading or doing some crippy thing to page. (2013-11-04) Jonny Wang: It would be great to have more theme to choose (2013-10-19) MARCOS EDIVAN GUTTERRES: 100%, great. (2013-08-22) Momo Mono: I really love the colours and the textured gray background. Somehow it makes google docs nicer :P (2013-04-23) Mateus Souza: Finally, exactly what I was looking for, tried many others but they always messed up in one way or another. This one actually works well, it would be nice to have a hotkey to activate it, also a option to auto-activate for all webistes. (2013-03-23) Alexey Danilov: Thank you for this wonderful extension! Could you please add an option to enable automatic loading for all pages when it is active? It would rock! (2013-03-09) Akio Crimson: Changes the background of any website to a textured dark-grey pattern, text to a grey color, and links to a purple color. Button is one-click activation for the page you are currently on, but cant turn it off.

About Extpose

Extpose is a service for Chrome extension publishers.
It helps tracking and optimizing browser extension performance in Chrome Web Store.

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2013-04-28 / 2.1




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