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Description from extension meta This extension sends a notification when someone deletes you from Facebook.
Image from store Unfriend Finder
Description from store This extension sends to Facebook users notifications when someone unfriends them from Facebook. By Clicking on the notification users will find out who deleted them. --------------- Who removed me on facebook? Who deleted me on Facebook? Facebook Friend List checker
Latest reviews (2019-12-08) fitia razakarivelo: marche bien pendant certain temps et après ne marche plus, j sais pas pourquoi (2019-11-16) Charlie Master: 1 year inoperative. It's not working right now. correct it (2019-11-11) Evan Popchock: when I go into the dashboard for this app, I get a message telling me to disable my adblocker. (2019-11-04) Alejandro Sanchez: Extension for Chrome, October 29, 2019 update. Continues to fail. It doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. (2019-10-27) Pierre G: Elle fonctionner correctement, mais n'indique plus les suppression de la liste d'amis (passage de 141 à 140 sans notification. Après un test avec un second compte, il m'indique la notification par contre ... (2019-10-11) Michael Gooch: I have paused adblock on the page and this thing still covers my page with a request to disable it. (2019-10-07) Mohammed Jabban: It's not working anymore (2019-10-01) Thanh Sang: người ta unfriend tại sao vào tường họ lại ra tường mình, lại là bạn thân, ứng dụng nghi vấn dùng acc người khác block lấy thông tin (2019-09-28) Tyson DC: The changes would be shown once for a paid app on mobile then the next day, the stats and changes all disappear. eg history shows nothing despite the day before + - were made. Lots of bugs (2019-08-17) شعبان عبدالحليم: هذة اضافة جميلة لكل جهاز استخدموها (2019-08-12) Bernard Yuan: Bugs all the time and misses a few (2019-08-11) Angel Bott: it is good until in "history" to check old to new update friends list don't work anymore? I hope it get fix soon. Thank you for made this. (2019-08-07) Ying Kit Philip Mak: It used to be good, but not working this few days. Will it be updated again? (2019-08-03) en ne: Error 503 - Service Unavailable (2019-08-01) Alberto Neto: This message repeats, resolve this. "The page you are looking for is temporarily unavailable." (2019-07-26) Damian Z: It shows dead persons from friends' list as "removed" then "added" and all the time, like they were alive, it's very creepy (2019-07-24) Cloeren Jackson: It's OK, but it doesn't really work. Yes, it can report if you've been unfriended but it's inconsistent and doesn't seem to work at all well if you have more than one Facebook account. It's a bit of a struggle to get it to do what you want, even though all you want is to know who's unfriended you. (2019-07-19) JIM LUCAS: it is working fine- so happy using it, I feel sad for those who unfriend me. I also got some answer form some who unfriend me and why lol (2019-07-13) Andy Kamdar: Not Working (2019-07-03) Mary Bolender: I love this when It's working. It keeps telling me I need to install the new extension but when it says take me to it, it sends me here. I uninstall then reinstall it but no cigar. It happens all over again. I have no idea what's going on. So far this was the best one and most reliable one as well. Please fix it? Last time I message on FB I never got a reply. (2019-07-03) RY Wong: I installed this app yesterday. Can I see who deleted me a few days ago from the app? (2019-06-15) Sang Huỳnh Tấn: Xài rất ok, cập nhật khá nhanh. Chưa thấy chỗ phê bình.... (2019-06-15) Rael Alberto: Me ha encantado (2019-06-13) 임혜롱: 버그가 너무심해요 ㅠㅠ 사용자 프로필이 안뜨네요.. (2019-05-19) Md. Abu Nayeem: Not working at all. Page not loading.
Latest issues (2019-11-18, v:3.3.0) Sue B: Not updating
Hi, App has not been working for a few weeks now, will this be fixed? Thanks
(2019-08-18, v:3.1.0) Elisabeth Maury: application ne fonctionne pas correctement
L’application ne s'ouvre pas à chaque demande La poubelle pour supprimer ne fonctionne pasEt le temps de réponse est long
(2019-08-11, v:3.1.0) Veronique Levieux: Problème
Bonjour à vous, depuis quelques jours, l'application ne fonctionne pas et l'icône a disparu de ma barre d'outils. L'extension est toujours activée. Auparavant, il y a eu un message commençant par "503 ... " Pouvez-vous m'aider svp ? Merci à vous, bonne journée
(2019-08-09, v:3.1.0) Giannis Sp Papagiannopoulos: Not working
Its not working for several weeks. Will you fix it or shall we remove it?
(2019-08-07, v:3.1.0) Ying Kit Philip Mak: Currently down
This plug-in is good, but not working this few days. Will it be updated again?
(2019-08-06, v:3.1.0) Elisabeth Maury: application ne fonctionne plus
L'application ne fonctionne pas lors de l'utilisation toutes listes sont vides et si on essaye de cliquer apparaît Erreur 503 - Service non disponible Le serveur est actuellement indisponible.et j'ai trouvé ceci en recherchant: Application incorrectement configurée Désolé, Unfriend Finder n’a pas été autorisée à apparaître dans l’Espace Apps Merci de remédier à cela ou de faire le nécessaire pour que l'on puisse accéder de nouveau à cette application
(2019-08-02, v:3.1.0) Michael Collier: App not working
This is what is coming up on the screen. Error 503 - Service Unavailable The server is currently unavailable.
(2019-08-02, v:3.1.0) Glendale Walter: Error 503 - Service Unavailable
Error 503 - Service Unavailable The server is currently unavailable.
(2019-08-02, v:3.0.3) Brianna Kottschade: not working
its not working again. kind of annoying. and when it does work all my deceased friends deactivate and activate their accounts.
(2019-07-21, v:3.0.3) Kim White: Chrome is telling me I need to reinstall?
Is this a new issue? or isolated?

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3.2884 (423 votes)
Last update / version
2019-11-17 / 3.3.0




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