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Copies Delicious bookmarks to the Google Chrome bookmark bar. Groups them by tag in named folders on the bookmark bar. It is sweet.

Image from store Delicious Bookmark Bar Sync 1.1
Description from store URGENT: Chrome 19 broke the login. Version fixes this problem. ---------------------------- PLEASE: send bug reports to [email protected] If you use the comment area here in the Chrome App Store for bug reports, we have no way to contact you if we need additional information to fix the bug, and we have no way to remove the comment after the bug has been fixed. ---------------------------- This extension does a one-way (two-way optional), on-demand (auto-sync optional) copy from your Delicious bookmarks to the Google Chrome Bookmark Bar. This is done on a tag by tag basis - you select which tags to copy. Tags are created as folders on the bookmark bar, and those folders are filled with your Delicious bookmarks. For two way copying (back to Delicious), just create new bookmarks in the bookmark bar folders (the ones that the extension created) and check the sync back option. Note: Login via Yahoo ID is not currently supported. Release 1.0.1 (Version Notes: 1) Fixes login issue related to Chrome 19.x. Release 1.0 (Version Notes: 1) Bug fixes. Release 1.0 (Version Notes: 1) Compensated for Delicious API change that caused private bookmarks to not be synched. 2) Added support for when adding an existing Delicious bookmark to a new tag folder in Chrome. Beta 9.8 (Version Notes: 1) Rolled back the empty tag/folder removal feature because the Delicious API sometimes returns no bookmarks when some do exist. Empty tags selected for syncing will be synched as empty folders. Note that removing folders for deleted tags is still implemented. 2) Added a setting for the maximum number of tag columns (the maximum used to be hardwired at 5). Beta 9.7 (Version Notes: 1) Added a quick link to Delicious itself. 2) Added support for deleted tags (folders are removed in Chrome). 3) Made the sync-back description text optional. 4) Added option for how long to save a password. Beta 9.6 (Version Notes: 1) Fixed issue where a bookmark could not appear in 2 different tag folders. 2) Fixed several typos. Beta 9.5 (Version Notes: 1) Added optional auto-sync (operates anytime Chrome is running). 2) Added background processing of tasks. 3) Fixed bug affecting tags in non-English character sets. 4) Added scroll bar for tags area to improve handling of large numbers of tags. 5) Improved start-up responsiveness in certain login situations. Beta 9.2 (Version Notes: 1) Fixed error on non-English Chrome versions. Beta 9.1 (Version Notes: 1) Fixed OSX issues. 2) Fixed a Sync-Back issue. 3) Added selectable themes. 4) Added Pinboard support (released as a separate extension).

Latest reviews

  • (2019-11-13) P N: DEAD SERVICE. Should be removed from the store. Marchait très bien en 2017, mais le service delicious est mort depuis longtemps à présent.
  • (2018-05-15) A: Я не смог зарегистрироваться для использования данного расширения
  • (2018-01-03) Phil Ba: Login not working...
  • (2017-08-12) Ben Martens: Loved it before but it has stopped working.
  • (2017-06-16) The Good Rev Bad Andy Arr: Would be nice if this actually would login. :( One website change is all that needs to be added.
  • (2016-11-23) Murilo Coutinho: The tool would be perfect if it also exported the comments.
  • (2016-10-12) Jorge Gutierrez Giner: Justo la extensión que necesitaba para poder disfrutar las funcionalidades de Delicious, que uso desde hace más de 10 años, en Chorme. Permite sincronizar los favoritos y utilizarlos en el navegador convirtiendo los Tags de los favoritos de Delicious en carpetas de favoritos de Chrome. Genial!! If you are using Delicious and Chorme, that's the extension that you are looking for. This extension sync your Delicius Booksmarks on to Chrome Bookmarks using Delicious Tags as Chorme Bookmarks folders. Simply genious!
  • (2015-04-03) Jackson Filippone: I loved it and I will do it more because itis fgun
  • (2015-02-17) Peter Nickson: I despair. Something so simple like registering should stare you in the face surely. I can't register so..... goodbye..
  • (2014-10-24) Andrés Fuentes: No funciona en modo privado, imposible guardar contraseña. Sale aviso de pagina potencialmente peligrosa.
  • (2014-05-24) Raimundo Gomez: Funciona perfecto
  • (2013-09-02) Vincent Ciaramella: Very good! Would recommend!
  • (2013-01-13) Ryan Hsiao (gmsz): Cant login, error message: Error 401 Unauthorized occurred while receiving the document.
  • (2012-12-04) Mauro Galimberti: ottimo! lavorateci ancora per ottimizzarla al meglio please!
  • (2012-10-23) Anton Korobko: Just what i needed!
  • (2012-10-01) Evandro Branco: Muito bom, posso acessar meus favoritos do delicious rapidamente.
  • (2012-06-21) Micha [Mag11c] (Mag11c): Great addon! Now pls add tag combinations like "foo bar" syncs all bookmarks with both tags "foo" and "bar". Thanks Michael
  • (2012-05-07) Renan Rufino: hey, do you have or have thinked to do this using GOOGLE'S BOOKMARK ? Plx, answer me!
  • (2012-05-04) Bülent U: Cool
  • (2012-03-12) K H: 1.0 (1004) working perfectly. Love how you can personalize it, unlike other Delicious Bookmarks. Still waiting for version that adds a side bar, but for now, for me this is the best next thing.

Latest issues

  • (2019-11-13, v: P N: Please, make this great extension for other services
    It was the last one working with del.icio.us in the chrome store, no everything has stopped to work, and delicious is almost totally abandoned by its owners. Will you plan to add a feature to add bookmark or to make such a great extension for tagpacker for instance?
  • (2017-07-04, v: Matt Klein: login no work
    please please fix
  • (2017-06-27, v: Mattia Pavesi: Broken Login
    Won't login.
  • (2017-06-24, v: Gabriel Bandeira: How to sign-up?
    How to sign-up?
  • (2017-06-16, v: The Good Rev Bad Andy Arr: Login broken
    Delicious changed URL, tool needs update!
  • (2017-06-08, v: Rombout Versluijs: Doesnt work
    in chrome 59 i get errors when i try to login.
  • (2017-05-31, v: Unable to Login
    Since Delicious reverted back to their old Del.icio.us URL, I have been unable to log in and sync. Is there a fix planned for this?
  • (2017-05-30, v: Benoît Dumeaux: Login failed
    Login failed
  • (2017-04-18, v: Jorge Gutierrez Giner: Login doesn't work
    Seems that something has been changed on the delicious login page so the extension is no longer able to login on delicious :( I'm using version chrome 58. Could you please help me here? Thanks in advance
  • (2017-03-29, v: Delicious is almost abandonned.
    I mean delicious, not diigo


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