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Copies Pinboard bookmarks to the Google Chrome bookmark bar. Groups them by tag in named folders on the bookmark bar. It is sweet.

Image from store Pinboard Bookmark Bar Sync 1.1
Description from store URGENT: Chrome 19 broke the login. Version fixes this issue. ---------------------------- This extension does a one-way (two-way optional), on-demand (auto-sync optional) copy from your Pinboard bookmarks to the Google Chrome Bookmark Bar. This is done on a tag by tag basis - you select which tags to copy. Tags are created as folders on the bookmark bar, and those folders are filled with your Pinboard bookmarks. For two way copying (back to Pinboard), just create new bookmarks in the bookmark bar folders (the ones that the extension created) and check the sync back option. Release 1.1.1 (Version Notes: 1) Minor bug fixes. 2) Updated to Chrome Extension Manifest Version 2. Release 1.0.1 (Version Notes: 1) Fixed Chrome 19 login issue. Release 1.0 (Version Notes: 1) Fixed a login bug. Beta 9.8 (Version Notes: 1) Rolled back the empty tag/folder removal feature because the Pinboard API sometimes returns no bookmarks when some do exist. Empty tags selected for syncing will be synched as empty folders. Note that removing folders for deleted tags is still implemented. 2) Added a setting for the maximum number of tag columns (the maximum used to hardwired at 5). Beta 9.7 (Version Notes: 1) Added a quick link to Pinboard itself. 2) Added support for deleted tags (folders are removed in Chrome). 3) Made the sync-back description text optional. 4) Added option for how long to save a password. Beta 9.6 (Version Notes: 1) Fixed issue where a bookmark could not appear in 2 different tag folders. 2) Fixed several typos. Beta 9.5 (Version Notes: 1) Added optional auto-sync (operates anytime Chrome is running). 2) Added background processing of tasks. 3) Fixed bug affecting tags with non-English character sets. 4) Added scroll bar for tags area to improve handling of large numbers of tags. 5) Improved start-up responsiveness in certain login situations. Beta 9.2 (Version Notes: 1) Fixed error on non-English Chrome versions.

Latest reviews

  • (2016-01-03) Dima Gerasimov: Nice extension
  • (2015-10-07) John Manoogian III: Nice execution, basically works as advertised, but has some limitations: - support for lots of tags is not great. there's no way to search for certain tags to sync, and no setting to sort tags by most popular, which would help. only about 20 tags can be seen at once in the sync selector. I have 600+ tags, so a resize or a find would be helpful here. (while the options include a setting for number of tag COLUMNS, this doesn't affect the number of tag ROWS, or the overall height of the tag area) - the label text is not clickable in the UI, so user can't click on e.g. "Save", she has to click only the small checkbox next to save. this would be an easy fix in CSS; just wrap the label text in a label element and it will be clickable. as it is, it works, it's just annoying and works differently than UI works on the rest of the web. - the password-saving checkbox ("this is a private computer") flow is totally draconian and doesn't feel consistent with how other Chrome extensions work. i think there's no great reason why a power-user needs to be warned about this multiple times — if they are advanced enough to 1. use Pinboard 2. know there's a Chrome extension for syncing bookmarks, 3. install and configure it, I think it's reasonable to assume that they know what "save password" means without a pedantic warning about public vs. private computers. it's just not a pleasant introduction to the app.
  • (2015-03-29) Tyler Holmgren: Great, the only thing I think that needs to improve is automatically loading tags. That would make this great. I am almost inclined to say that this should be apart of the official extension!
  • (2013-02-13) Marc Schraepler von Gerlach: Works like a charm and made my bookmarking life really simpler. Thank you!
  • (2011-12-19) Denny Kluge: Love this extension. But: for a few days, the sync is broken. The tags are synced alphabetically; the first tag succeeds, all the following tags fail (error message: Error getting bookmarks for tag 'xxx'.) Any idea on this?
  • (2011-12-14) Matt Eckhaus: Great extension, but I'm now getting a message "Error [object XMLHttpRequest] 0 occurred while receiving the document" when I try to log in to Pinboard. I'm behind a proxy here, is Pinboard Sync respecting the proxy settings? Thanks

Latest issues

  • (2020-07-21, v: Raa'Shaun Hunter: Use the API Key!
    Asking us for our account password is pretty insecure when there's an API for this specific use case. An update that uses the API Key instead would be a great feature.
  • (2019-06-26, v: Jim Bowen: Account
    How do I set up an account?
  • (2017-10-31, v: DoseOfDamien: Ipad
    Does it add a Bookmark bar to the IPad?
  • (2015-10-10, v: Hayley (Trax): Why not use the API token?
    Why does it want my Pinboard password? It should use the API token.
  • (2015-10-07, v: John Manoogian III: simplify save password UI
    see my review for my thoughts on this!
  • (2015-10-07, v: John Manoogian III: improve support for users with many tags
    ideas: - increase the default height of tag selector - javascript find for certain tags - option to sort tags by most used - option to increase height
  • (2015-10-07, v: John Manoogian III: UI labels should be clickable
    please wrap the UI label text in <label> elements so they're clickable.
  • (2015-10-07, v: John Manoogian III: Icon design
    I would remove the rainbow colors from the icon — very distracting and unrelated to Pinboard the site or anything the extension does. The colors just look like Chrome's colors, but it's a Chrome extension running within Chrome, so not really necessary. I would just use a nice bold pin. My $0.02.
  • (2013-11-09, v: Denny Kluge: Layout for tag selection is broken
    Sorry, I forgot to mention: OS: OSX 10.9 Chrome: 31.0.1650.48 beta
  • (2013-11-09, v: Denny Kluge: Layout for tag selection is broken
    See screenshot: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8R39dq-1E8XMlRaQkQzWF9MZlU/edit?usp=sharing


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