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Description from extension meta Comments to Cats blocks comments from top websites and literally, transforms them to cute, chubby cats.
Image from store Comments to Cats
Description from store Comments to cats is a comment blocker extension designed to block comments all across the web. It blocks comments on all popular websites, including Youtube comments. Just add the extension and it will block and replace for you those toxic comments with one of our special cats. After installing it on your browser, you can choose on which websites the extension will be activated on, enabling comments blocking on every page. Also, you can always toggle the comments on, if you wish to. But why? Besides loving cats, If you wonder why one would want to block comments, the answer is simple. There are many legitimate comments and discussions, but there are also plenty of hateful, toxic and commercial ones that should be removed. With this new extension, you can choose when and where to block comments if you have no interest in reading them. Important to know! this comments blocker extension can show YOUR cats and block the sites you like us to block with the images of your cute cats. If you enjoy using our extensions, want to suggest a new website for the index or to send us your own cat, you can contact us via various channels: Email: [email protected] Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CommentsToCats Website: http://www.commentstocats.com We hope you'll have a great experience with every cat you'll meet, Comments to cats team.
Latest reviews (2019-11-14) Diamond Chef: It is amazing. I love watching videos and seeing these amazing cats on here. And what I love about it is I submitted a cat and eventually I saw my boy as one of the cats! It made my day since he passed away a few years ago. And I just get happy feeling he is still with me even on the internet. And all the other cute animals light up my heart! You should 100% get this. I promise you will not regret it! Who wouldn't wanna see all these cute balls of fur? (2019-10-28) Estelle Newall: Exactly what it says on the tin. Get cute pictures of cats instead of comment sections. 10/10 would recommend to everyone. (2019-10-24) Noviian: doesn't work sometimes, even on big sites like youtube. (2019-09-24) Madison-chan: Awesome to see cats instead of garbage comments (2019-08-05) Ivan IvanYch: Bce работает. Cent Browser Версия (Официальная сборка), (32 бит) (portable) (Chromium 74.0.3729.169 (2019-06-20) Brian Castro: Most important extension on my computer. Also cat 158 is mine, her name is Ada. If you see her, please tell her I said "meow". But more seriously this is a great app. My only suggestion would be the option to remove the "Show comments" button in the preferences... because I will sometimes look at the comments anyway because apparently I hate myself. (2019-04-26) PastelWofie: I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! (2019-04-02) Chara Dreemurr: I love it <3 (2018-12-05) Paul Bryan: Comments worth viewing are extremely rare, if not nonexistent. Cats worth viewing are yes. (2018-11-16) rowan kinneavy: Can we see the source code? I understand the need to check the DOM of every web page but of course there are privacy concerns. Is this something you would put on github or similar? Also considering the quality of a couple of these reviews, an option to replace them with cats would be nice. (2018-11-07) May Frost: This saved my life (2018-10-12) Mint Marshmallow: Cute kitties! What else could you want? But seriously, I like it for those times I don't want to see dumb comments in the youtube comment section as I'm scrolling down to see recommended videos. (2018-07-30) Natalie Halimi: Cats cats everywhere :) (2018-07-18) елена дудлина: ужас (2018-06-29) Peter: Does give you the option to view comments , so they are not "removed" (2018-06-26) Anna BlueBunny: Rettet mich täglich davor dumme Kommentar Spalten zu lesen die mich sowieso nur aufregen UND erfreut mich stattdessen mit einem Kätzchen. Wundervoll. (2018-05-14) rebekah: i like the cats they were cute (2018-03-29) Malak Romano: Can you plz make it for disqus btw i love this (2018-03-14) Helen: AWESOME (2018-02-23) This is just straight-up retarded. (2018-01-06) Unikorn: Ничего не работает!!! Котиков нет(((( НИГДЕ (2017-11-29) Сергей Любой: Мяу! (2017-10-28) Herzogin Lore: So. Many. Cute. Cats. It lets me rate them, but every cat is good. It doesn't work on some sites, but it works on all the big ones that I visit. A+ 10/10 would cat again. EDIT: Ended up having to disable because it was causing any search on google to become nonresponsive/very laggy. If this could be fixed, I'd be happy to use it again, though. It was good while it lasted. :< (2017-09-09) James McGrew: I love it. Great way to avoid getting lost in comments. Dev also quick to respond to issues in my experience. (2017-08-28) mandalu plus: es bellisimooooooooooooooo

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