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A port of uTools(firefox extension) to Chrome - Because lazyness is better

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Description from store uTools for chrome is a refined and limited version of uTools for the online game Utopia. -- 25th February 2013 -- Compatible with age of Relentless Onslaught -- 6th September 2012 Update -- Latest version has working options selection. **Now compatible with Veil of Shadows** **update** in order to function with angel, you must use the clipboard button :) http://www.k3ltic.com/uTools uTools for chrome offer the following functionality: Improved user-driven menu sorting of kingdom page ability to tag kindgoms ability to view gains on kingdom page Display spells on throne/enchantment page MO Calculator (Modified Offense) *NEW* Tagging now on sorcery and warroom page *NEW* Option to show networth on aid page *NEW* Added a networth hightlight option on kingdom page

Latest reviews

  • (2015-04-05) Kenny Kellett: Couldn't get Gains on Kingdom Pages for Age 64, but all-in-all, this is a big help!
  • (2015-02-23) Rob Burnett: lots of things not working ....Gains not shown sci foreman ..building % but still an ok tool
  • (2015-01-29) Cathy Simmonds: Brilliant tool. Super useful. Couple of tweaks needed for prettiness/full useability but honestly worth it.
  • (2014-10-12) Adam G: Some things dont work. Building percentages should be shown like in angel. I'd really rather replace angel....
  • (2013-07-12) In Initiative: On the mystics page the active spells go to left justification and smash all together, it a little inconvenient as I keep having to go to the throne page to confirm my active...
  • (2013-06-22) Michael Persico: On the mystics page the active spells go to left justification and smush all together, it a little inconvenient as i keep having to go to the throne page to confirm my active... Love Utools...
  • (2013-04-16) J FAWKES: When this is enabled it stops the in game bookmarks on the kingdom page from working. Also as others have mentioned thieves auto update doesn't work when you change from to survey or sos. Otherwise it's pretty solid
  • (2013-03-09) James Ephraim Tabilla: some little problems: thieves auto-adjust is buggy. won't update upoopu.ocm SoT
  • (2012-11-27) Please update for Age 56, as you have the FF addon!!
  • (2012-11-21) Tanya Pazitny: Hey, the most recent update on 11/20 is causing trouble for me. I am getting a pop-up whenever it loads a new utopia window that just says "true". I love this tool. Please fix!
  • (2012-09-15) Amanda Piasta: Great add on - Thank you! Doesn't seem to be adjusting thieves lately. Also, is it possible to make the mail button flash when you have mail like the firefox addon?
  • (2012-09-08) Kathleen Patten: This used to be a fantastic tool, since the latest update its been broken. Clipboard button is gone, pages aren't loading correctly. It's essentially useless now :(
  • (2012-09-07) I'm having the same difficulty with utools atm.
  • (2012-09-07) Rolf Bjørnådal: Hey there. For some reason. Utools have started screwing with utopia. I cannot copy paste any more (not with ctrl+a etc) the copy button is also just gone suddenly. Spells do not show up. Text that describes what the numbers are etc are blacked out.. (Race, Building eff, wizards,thives, elites etc..) Ive tried reinstalling chrome, removing cache , reinstalling utools etc, still wont work :/
  • (2012-09-07) Caleb F: Almost perfect until the recent update this morning. The CSS are pretty messed up. Can barely read anything. The colors are dark gray and dark gold against black color. Mystics page won't show active spells now.
  • (2012-02-17) Great but needs a update for the new age.
  • (2012-02-11) Dani Lica: Very useful! It'll be available for age 53 and up?
  • (2012-02-05) Zheng Tzer Lee: currently not working with the latest chrome?
  • (2012-01-17) Aaron: Great addon for players of Utopia.. Gains Estimation almost spot on.. Works great w/ Angel!
  • (2012-01-04) Nathan Baker: Great to have this on chrome. Is missing features from the firefox version, but I can be patient. :)
  • (2011-11-20) RR Liu: I can't stand the fact that the page content moves immediately after page loads (due to extensions loading only after page load). For example, content will move up on the page after ads are removed. Can you make it so that the page content doesn't shift? For example, make the "copy to clipboard" button absolute positioning, or on the right or left of the page instead of above the content. Thanks!


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