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Auto Load New Posts for Google+™

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Load new posts on Google+ automatically.

Image from store Auto Load New Posts for Google+™
Description from store This extension enables you to load new posts on Google+ automatically. You don't need to click blue 'New Posts' button to load new posts. And for better usability, this extension dose not auto load new posts if you scroll down the stream. In this case, the blue 'New Posts' button will appear. You can load new posts by click that button, or just scroll to top. * This extension hides 'Resume' button. * The Icon image is contributed by Tsuchisaka Yoshiya. * The source of this extension is hosted on GitHub and licensed under MIT License (https://github.com/morou/GooglePlusAutoLoad). [ChangeLog] Version 1.3.12-1.3.14 - Merge code with Safari version Version 1.3.11 - Fix: resume button isn't hidden in some case. Version 1.3.10 - Merge code with Safari version Version 1.3.9 - Refine code (no new feature) Version 1.3.8 - New Google+ Layout Compatibility Version 1.3.7 - Chrome Canary 32 Compatibility Version 1.3.6 - Change Icon - New Google+ Layout Compatibility Version 1.3.5 - Hide Resume button Version 1.3.4 - Add Icon Version 1.3.3 - Improve performance Version 1.3.2 - Refine code (no new feature) Version 1.3.1 - Reduce extension file size. Version 1.3.0 - Auto load new posts even if you open notification area. Version 1.2.4 - Pend to load new posts when you edit comment even if you scroll on top. ------- Google+のストリームで新着ポストを自動読み込みする拡張です。 なお、ページをスクロールして下の方を見ている場合は、自動読み込みを行わず従来の青い新着ポストボタンを表示します。青い新着ポストボタンが表示された状態でページトップにスクロールすれば、自動読み込みを行います(もちろん、青い新着ポストボタンを押下しても読み込みます)。 * この拡張をインストールすると「再開ボタン」は非表示となります(経緯についてはこちらの投稿を参照ください https://plus.google.com/100338330235656198101/posts/axECVQigPpJ ) * アイコンはTsuchisaka Yoshiya氏に作成していただきました * この拡張のソースコードはGitHub上で公開しています。ライセンスはMIT Licenseです。 (https://github.com/morou/GooglePlusAutoLoad) [更新履歴] Version 1.3.10 - Safari版とコードをマージ Version 1.3.9 - コード整理(新機能はありません) Version 1.3.8 - Google+の新レイアウトに対応 Version 1.3.7 - Chrome Canary 32 に対応 Version 1.3.6 - アイコン変更 - Google+の新レイアウトに対応 Version 1.3.5 - 再開ボタンおよび栞マーク非表示 Version 1.3.4 - アイコン追加 Version 1.3.3 - 性能改善 Version 1.3.2 - コード整理 (新機能はありません) Version 1.3.1 - ファイルサイズ削減 Version 1.3.0 - 通知エリアを開いている場合でも自動で新着ポストを読み込むようにした Version 1.2.4 - コメント入力中の場合は自動新着ポスト読み込みを一時停止

Latest reviews

  • (2015-11-19) [UPDATE] No longer works with the new G+ layout that's rolling out 11/18/15, but hope to see update. I'm glad I found this extension, now that the stream will still load posts automatically while I'm using the notifications drop-down panel (which is off and on constantly, about 90% of the time I'm using the G+ tab in Chrome). Would like to see an option to pause instead of having the "New" posts blue button show up when I scroll down to read new posts.
  • (2014-11-03) Kaoru N: 拡張機能を追加するだけで使える、だれでも使えるのがいい。
  • (2014-10-07) ユキカツ: すごい役に立ってる拡張機能です! ありがとうございます!
  • (2014-04-07) Omid G.: Very useful for G+. Instead of refreshing your stream to get new content every time this little addon does it for you. It does what it promises!
  • (2013-10-16) Víktor Bautista i Roca: Sometimes it doesn't work properly. Every now and then, specially after a big, portrait format, picture, the focus moves down a little and it stops autoloading.
  • (2013-05-16) Urban Persson: Please let us write in notification field with updates on.

Latest issues

  • (2017-01-18, v:1.3.14) takeru the Gadgetster: eager for an update
    Google+ classic UI is being terminated, so as this extension shall stop working. Your update would be so highly appreciated....
  • (2015-12-11, v:1.3.14) Zander Douvenlaaft: Notification panel disappears on auto-load
    The notification panel over on the right will disappear whenever the auto-load happens. You have to mouse over the right to open it up all over again.
  • (2015-11-19, v:1.3.14) New G+ design 11/18/15
    Will this be updated for the new design G+ is slowly rolling out as of 11/18/15? I hope so! Love you guys!
  • (2013-10-18, v:1.3.8) Scott Ralston: Broken?
    Just stopped working a few days ago
  • (2013-10-15, v:1.3.7) Víktor Bautista i Roca: It has stopped working
    I guess G+ has changed again the layout or APIs, as today (2013.10.15) this plugin has stopped working.


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