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Additional "sauce" to improve the strava website.

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Description from store The Sauce extension supplements the strava.com website with better cycling power and running pace information. It's a simple, lightweight and pure client-side javascript addition. There are no external API calls made with this extension and it is completely open source. Feature Highlights: * Critical Power table for cycling activities. * Best Pace table for running activities. * TSS calculations. * FTP overrides for all athletes, regardless of subscription. * Normalized Power calculations for selections in Analysis page. * Viewing cyclist's weight. * VAM calculations for cycling climbs (BETA) * Inline comments system in Activity page. Release Notes: v4.1.0: * Beta support for VAM (vertical ascent meters / hour). v4.0.0: * Critical power calculations now support irregular recording intervals (non 1 sample / second). * Fixes to running pace calculations. * Add elevation stats to critical power and best pace dialogs. * Add cadence stat to critical power and best pace dialogs. * Support auto closing dialogs when clicking away from them. * Much needed code cleanup. * Add name information to Advanced menu's FTP overrides table. v3.2.0: * Show average pace in running "Best Pace" chart instead of elapsed time. * Use kilometer based pace for metric loving athletes. v3.0.0: * Activity Feed Filtering (click the sauce bottle to change): * Show/hide virtual runs and rides (e.g. Zwift) * Show/hide promotions * Show/hide challenges * World Ranking badges for segments v2.0.0: * Running support. v1.2.0: * Fixes for several loading glitches. * Smoother FTP override handling; Added clearing support. * Fix for ranking badges when gender is unspecified. * Style and tooltip additions to better explain critical power. v1.1.0: * Fix analysis view's inline comments to accommodate site changes. * Minor style tweak for analysis view. v1.0.0: * Fix for updated strava comment data structure * Improved device compatibility of critical power analysis v0.1.0: * Heartrate stats in Critical Power table * Promise of reasonable stability v0.0.7: * Normalized power for selections in Analysis tab. v0.0.6: * Inline comments Disclaimer: I don't work for Strava nor have I interacted with any persons from Strava in the writing of this extension. Much of the work is inspired by the Strava Enhancement Suite, which I can also recommend in conjunction with this extension. All the information used in this extension is readily available within the Strava.com website.

Latest reviews

  • (2019-12-20) Dominik: Nice add-on!
  • (2019-09-09) Ryan Devlin: Will give 5 stars if you can make the running critical zones in min/km instead of min/mile
  • (2019-03-13) top, lightweight. not noticeable, but when sitting on strava with a browser without it... :D you searching / missign it's features A LOT!
  • (2018-08-29) André Smit: This is the perfect plug-in to use Strava to its fullest potential if you have a power meter. There is one thing (more like a suggestion) that I wish it had: To keep track of your personal critical power, so that you can see what your best 5s, 15s, 30s, etc power is all-time.
  • (2018-03-10) EMuybridge: Love the critical power numbers but the pre-populated comment function is terrible. I've clicked it accidentally and commented stupid garbage on peoples activties. Leave the comment box in but stop pre-populating the garbage comments. Nobody would intentionally post any of those anyway so what's the point?
  • (2018-03-04) Robbie S: Loving the FTP & Normalised Power estimations! Thanks
  • (2017-11-02) 季增林: 哈哈 偷看别人FTP和其他数据
  • (2017-08-23) Lucky martinelli: davvero ben fatta!
  • (2017-08-13) Maciej Chrapkiewicz: Na pierwszy rzut oka » SUPER !!!
  • (2017-05-20) DEDE s: eine super Ergänzung und wirkt auch nicht überladen! danke dafür :-)
  • (2016-09-28) Tyler Edwards: This is a must have for all of you data junkies out there who love to post process a ride almost as much as you love to hammer out the data itself. Nice little tool for displaying power data.
  • (2016-09-11) I confess I'm not the worlds biggest Strava fan. IMHO it doesn't report some of the important data thats required when riding with a PM. . . until now ! This simple extension turns even the free Strava option into a viable alternative to Training Peaks. Brilliant !
  • (2016-02-14) Masayuki YASHIRO: Estimating power is larger calculated.
  • (2016-01-22) Catherine Culkin: I love all of the data! This gives a few of the measures only seen in hardcore training software (like golden cheetah). Very helpful when coupled with a power meter.
  • (2015-12-18) Mike Ede: Awesome effort!
  • (2015-08-21) Jeroen Post: Awesome and useful powermeter stats right where you want them. Great addon, thanks!
  • (2015-08-16) Matt Messinger: Fantastic!
  • (2015-06-04) Greg Lonnon: very nice! I love the additional information!
  • (2015-05-24) Andrew Collins: Genius.
  • (2015-05-20) Dejan Kamenšek: Cool, but probably really useful only for those with real powermeter

Latest issues

  • (2019-10-05, v:3.1.1 [release]) Matt Webb: NP not shown for selections
    Hey, is NP supposed to be calculated for selections when on the Analysis window? Currently I can only seem to get NP for the entire ride. Thanks!
  • (2019-08-06, v:3.1.1 [release]) Dan Boni: analysis
    hey since i downloaded the extension my analysis section on an activity is now completely blank, any idea what could be?
  • (2019-07-08, v:3.1.1 [release]) Dave Brodmann: CP calculations are incorrect
    Not sure how long this has been happening. But today I noticed the STrava Sauce generated Critical Power calculations are incorrect. They are low. For example on this ride: https://www.strava.com/activities/2514207627/overview strava sauce reports CP 30sec as 267w instead of 354w if you look at power curve.
  • (2019-06-18, v:3.1.1 [release]) Timo van Diermen: Critical power
    Hello, My critical power output only shows power outputs up from a 5 min interval? Am i able to change this trough options? I would like to see the 30sec/ 1min/ 2min interval aswell. Best regards, Timo
  • (2019-04-30, v:3.1.1 [release]) Tim Dodd: Extension is doing absolutely nothing - it used to work well.
    I am getting no data of any kind displayed by Strava Sauce. It used to work well, but now there is nothing. In advanced options I am invited to input my FTP, but there is no data input field. All I can do is to save or clear. On the main Strava screen I have no listing of critical power, no FTP input/override, no cat analysis in my segments. If I enable/disable the browser refreshes, but the page does not change. I have cleared all browser data, even uninstalled and reinstalled. Nothing is working. Also, maybe related, maybe not, my map in Strava is not showing my GPS track. Any ideas? I'm missing my Sauce. Thanks.
  • (2019-04-12, v:3.1.1 [release]) Ryan Goldenberg: Source for CAT rankings
    Hi Justin, great extension - use it everyday to analyze my rides! Do you mind sharing where the power profile data comes from that drives the CAT badges (e.g. CAT3, UCI) on the critical power popups? They seem quite accurate, just curious where you got the info. Thanks!
  • (2019-02-05, v:3.1.1 [release]) Claudio Crivelli: Cannot see the FTP of my friends
    Hello! Untill yesterday I was able to see the data from my Friends, now I just see the default FTP (200W) so the others data are not correct, I guess. While I can see my personal data with my customized FTP. This is happening also to them: they can see their customized FTP but not mine. What happened? Should we set something? Thanks & regards, Claudio
  • (2018-10-22, v:2.0.2 [release]) Gustavo Souza: Can't CAT icon
    Hi, when looking at the watts/kg on the various timeframes, the CAT icon is not showing like your screenshots. Could it be a conflict with some other extension?
  • (2018-07-05, v:2.0.2 [release]) Intensity summarize
    Is it possible to make an intensity summarize where you can choose between "last week", "last month" and "last year"? To see what your training has been like. e.g: 75% Z1, 10% Z2, 9% Z3, 6% Z4
  • (2018-04-13, v:2.0.2 [release]) World Ranking
    Hey First of all: Great app... My question is about the work ranking. I have at world ranking on 20 min CP of Cat5 14% and 30 min CP of 17%. What does that mean ? Best regards


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