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Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

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Screen Capture FULL Web page or any part. Edit screenshots. Record screencasts - record video from your screen.

Image from store Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder
Description from store ★ Used by Several Million users on different platforms ★ ✔ Screen capture whole or partial screenshots ✔ Edit and annotate screenshots ✔ Screencasts — record video from your screen and webcam ✔ Trim and Crop screencasts ✔ Convert video to gif and mp4 ✔ Quickly Upload and Share screenshots and screencasts 📷 Capture screenshots ▸ Capture the entire web page, or a specific section of it ▸ Supports scrolling when capturing screenshots from web pages ▸ Capture the entire browser window ▸ Capture a screenshot of another program ▸ Quickly capture a section of the webpage ▸ On a blank canvas, create your own simple drawing or model ▸ You can add own watermark on screenshot (Premium) 🎥 Record videos and share screencasts ▸ Record video from your screen to make a screencast ▸ Record video of another active program ▸ Record video from a webcam ▸ Add your own watermark on the video (Premium) ▸ Customize the video screen resolution and frame rate ▸ Annotate the video with various shapes, including arrows and rectangles ▸ Convert from WebM to MP4 and GIF (Premium) ▸ Crop your video (Premium) ▸ Trim your video (Premium) ▸ Upload the screencast either to Nimbus Note or save to your disk ▸ Publish screencasts on Youtube (Premium) ▸ Upload videos to Google Drive, and Dropbox (Premium). ✄ Edit your screenshots ▸ Add graphics and text boxes to your screenshot ▸ Resize and crop ▸ Add arrows and stickers ▸ Highlight text ▸ Blur certain sections to hide sensitive information ▸ Add watermarks (premium) 🚀 Share your screenshots ▸ Save screenshots in JPG and PNG ▸ Save to Nimbus Note ▸ Quick upload and share without registration ▸ Send screenshots to Slack ▸ Upload screenshots to Google Drive, and Google Classroom ▸ Upload screenshots to Dropbox (Premium) ▸ Save screenshots to a PDF ▸ Add comments to your screenshots and screencasts ★ Nimbus is certified for Education: ✔ FERPA (Family Education Rights & Privacy Act) ✔ COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection) ✔ CSPC (California's Student Privacy Certified) ✔ iKeepSafe (Privacy Compliance Organization) 3 easy ways to capture a screenshot 1) Click a small icon in your address bar. 2) Right-click and choose an item from the context menu. 3) Use custom hot keys that you configure in Nimbus Screenshot settings. Nimbus Screenshot supports horizontal scrolling. The editor interface allows editing objects even after you add them to the screenshot (and this feature is totally unique)! Good alternative to TechSmith Snagit extension. It is good replacement for "awesome screenshot capture & annotate" extension or App. ★★★ ★★★ Firefox Version: https://addons.mozilla.org/En-us/firefox/addon/nimbus-Screenshot ★★★ ★★★ Privacy policy - https://nimbusweb.me/nimbus-screenshot-privacy-policy.php

Latest reviews

  • (2020-04-16) Вячеслав Потравный: Багато методів вибору фрагмента / вікна / елемента для скріншотів. Я дуже задоволений!
  • (2020-04-16) Christopher Padilla: Introduced through employer for some Amazon crowd sourcing tasks and it has serviced me outside of that. Much appreciated.
  • (2020-04-16) Khloe Jackson: Works fantastic.Perfect for my online school now a days.
  • (2020-04-16) Pradeep Chaware: Best screenshot capture I have used
  • (2020-04-16) Anurag Mishra: Simply the easiest user and developer friendly and feature rich Chrome extension available. I would have tried so many extensions and even desktop recording solutions, but this beats all of them. Keep up the good work team and thank you so much!
  • (2020-04-16) Gaetano Vergara: Funziona in modo agile.
  • (2020-04-16) Imam Mulia B: anjay! keren pisan
  • (2020-04-16) Ohsicks Forsevin: works great,excellent app
  • (2020-04-15) Jaya Gulati: it doesn't even let me click on the icon at the top i hate it
  • (2020-04-15) BENJAMIN EUGENE GEE: I have used Nimbus since Nimbus first came out it is hands down the best. i used to use snag it but Nimbus is superior.
  • (2020-04-15) yarel9: Muy buena aplicación y extensión para realizar trabajo de multimedia de diversa índole y tener respaldo de actividades. Gracias!
  • (2020-04-15) Alpha Romeo: It's really cool and does the job well :)
  • (2020-04-15) Carlos clemente: Genial esta extension que permite hacer una captura de una pagina web completa y guardarla como imagen o PDF. Por ponerle un "pero" me falta entre las opciones que se pueda fijar siempre el formato de captura que sea a PDF, ya que si lo quieres asi en el momento de guardar debes decirle que se haga con ese formato. Y genial el que puedas fijar lo que hara por defecto al pulsar el icono, que yo uso para hacer capturas de paginas web diversas y con un solo click me hace "casi" todo. Lo dicho, muy recomendable
  • (2020-04-15) Hussein Habibeh: nice application
  • (2020-04-15) Arnold KOUAME: bonne application
  • (2020-04-15) Jason Roberts: This app was awful i couldnt even take a simple screenshot for shcool waste of time and the rating wont even allow one star
  • (2020-04-15) Dekho aur Jano: Just great! I have seen nothing like it in my 30+ years of using software/freeware/shareware
  • (2020-04-15) TayloRiley: It did its job of recording and all but when I wanted to draw something I couldn't find my drawing bar anywhere and I was not happy about that because I was really exited about it.
  • (2020-04-15) Lovely Arora: Amazing I love it
  • (2020-04-15) Amy Edwards: Ok, it works fine. The only thing is it won't let me end the recording. I press the "stop recording" button, but all it does is close all my tabs but it doesnt stop recording. One time it actually worked, but never saved the video. It happens to me all the time.
  • (2020-04-15) Karen Musaelyan: После последнего обновления начал мешать работе java script-ам в админке редактора wordpress! Пользовался долго. Жаль, что испортили программку!
  • (2020-04-15) Daniel Romanholli Lobato: Foi muito boa, mas não funciona mais.
  • (2020-04-14) Roland Toth: Very professional
  • (2020-04-14) Robert Holloman: Works great. Simple to use.
  • (2020-04-14) omar marigh: Très bonne application à essayer pour utiliser et adorer ces performances

Latest issues

  • (2020-05-25, v:9.1.9) o caminho do inglês: is not function in my computer anymore
    look, i was using the program when just stoped to work and now my extension for google is not working anymore, i cant even take the video that i was recording. what should i do?
  • (2020-05-22, v:9.1.9) Holly Nabil: Archive of screencasts?
    Is there any record or archive of screencasts made by the Chrome Extension? Apparently one of mine did not save/download to my computer properly and I wonder if there is any way to access it?
  • (2020-05-22, v:9.1.9) TheOutThereChannel: Bugs I have found
    1) The options support link says site not found 2) the min window (zoom) for selection snapshot, needs a option to hide it as it dont automove out of the way when curso is over it, when using 150dpi on windows 10.. it modifies the browser sizing as well although you can use compatible mode to change DPI again still seems to be a issue there.
  • (2020-05-18, v:9.1.9) Paul Pereverzeff: Video recording
    I've been using video recording during the meeting but when it finished I wasn't asked where to save it, so I don't know where to find it. Could you help me with that?
  • (2020-05-17, v:9.1.9) Greg Hutnik: Access
    I have not access besides to the blank screen and desktop screen shot. If you can please help and solve this issue I would greatly appreciate it.
  • (2020-05-14, v:9.1.9) Athena The Warrior: Nimbus Pro
    Why are the prices so expensive? For a small extension, that is way too much to pay. If it was a nice, cool game like Meow Playground I'd understand. But this price? No way. The reason I wanted Nimbus was to record my screen, and I really wanted a Watermark. But I can't! I needed the Pro just to do this. I didn't need, like ANYTHING else in the deal. I made a channel, and I wanted to record my Meow Playground screen. I wanted more likes and subscribers and stuff. This. Is. Expensive. So, you're either going to fix this or I'm deleting Nimbus. I AM NOT HAPPY WITH THIS. And the ads are annoying and I even tried NOADS for Chrome. I guess it's not an ad but it's SO annoying. Everything I click something, it pops up from hell. STOP THIS. I am rating this a 1 - star. SORRY.
  • (2020-05-14, v:9.1.9) oliver kalscheuer: Audio doesnot work in MS Edge and in Chrome
    Recoding video in the browser (Edge/Chrome) work fine Recording the hole desktop works in Chrome , but in Edge there is no audio Recording a spezific desktop application does not record audio (Edge and Chrome)
  • (2020-05-13, v:9.1.9) Luke Thompson: No webcam in dropdown
    Hi, I have installed the extension. When I go to video settings there is a dropdown arrow by webcam but there is nothing in the dropdown. There should be the inbuilt camera and my external camera. Both work in other apps. Can you help?
  • (2020-05-13, v:9.1.9) reine marie etienne: aide
    je viens de m'achetez un casque .avec .couteur il ne marche pas
  • (2020-05-11, v:9.1.9) Mehal Sharma: EXTENSION
    i cant add extension to chrome. It says cant moved directory into profile
  • (2020-05-10, v:9.1.9) Muhammad Waqar: Recording video does not work
    Hi Team, I have been using Nimbus and it is extremely useful. However since last week the video recording is disabled now. I tried uninstalling several times and it did not work. Also updated chrome but even that did not work. Please can you guide. thanks
  • (2020-05-10, v:9.1.9) Spencer Seachris Golf: Screen Record Problem
    After i added Nimbus to chrome, I tried to record my screen but it wouldn't let me. I unintstalled and reinstalled a couple times but that didn't help it at all. I dont know what I did wrong.
  • (2020-05-09, v:9.1.9) M&B: screen video recorder
    The annotations such as squares, arrows, check symbols, etc. sometimes fail to display on the screen. I tried to addd the annotations in different ways in different web pages, but no luck. I use MacOS Catalina 10.15.4. It is frustrating the annotations don't work properly!
  • (2020-05-09, v:9.1.9) Chantal Chesterman: Screen/Tab record not working - greyed out
    I am trying to record my video lessons for a course I am taking so I have access offline but the the record feature keeps greying out every time my browser is restarted. The site is still using flash video but that can't be the problem since I have had it working on this site, with these videos before. Why does it keep glitching?
  • (2020-05-08, v:9.1.9) Divya Joshi: Unable to Download mp4 even after Upgrade Plan
    I have made payment for upgrade plan but it still doesn't let me download mp4 videos.
  • (2020-05-08, v:9.1.9) Kristin Romeo: My Nimbus is not working.
    Won't let me click on anything to create an action.
  • (2020-05-08, v:9.1.9) Jackie Lee: Video is not working
    When I click record screen - it starts but there's no option to stop or pause the recording. When I click on the Nimbus button again, it just goes back to the normal menu. It never opens up into a new tab to view/edit the video afterwards like it usually does.
  • (2020-05-06, v:9.1.9) Smrutha Ramesh: Record option not available
    Screen record option not working all of a sudden
  • (2020-05-05, v:9.1.9) Noli Dee: REcord
    REcord tab is not working al of a sudden I cant figure out how to fic it
  • (2020-05-03, v:9.1.9) Jesús E. Aponte Oviedo: Didn't see the edit toolbar during a recorder
    Hi there, I followed the instructions you posted in your chrome web store home about recording. When it supossed to popup the toolbar edit (just starting the record), this doesn't show. When finalize the video recording (tab or desktop), it throws me to a new tab with dfferent options. Clicked on edit video, and again, didn't saw the edition tool bar. Hope you could help me about it. Thanks.
  • (2020-05-03, v:9.1.9) Nir Ronen: Black / blank screen capture
    Hi, I installed Nimbus on Chrome, on my new Dell XPS 13. Every possible option capture that I try returns a black rectangular capture. I hope you call help.
  • (2020-05-01, v:9.1.9) Dinesh Kumar Krishna: Drop down record issue
    While capturing or recording screen it doesn't record drop down.
  • (2020-04-30, v:9.1.9) Tim Dalvang: doesn't capture parts or anything else but entire screen anymore
    it stopped allowing me to use all the options. Now i can only capture desktop.
  • (2020-04-28, v:9.1.9) Ketan Pandya: Unable to record audio
    Hi, I have been recording screencasts smoothly last few weeks. However, right now, the audio does not seem to record. Screencast does record fine. Please help. It appears that some Nimbus setting got changed and it does not record my voice overs on the screencast anymore. thank you in advance! Ketan
  • (2020-04-28, v:9.1.9) jf.strobel: Unable to capture the entire page
    I upgraded to Pro and have had absolutely no luck capturing the entire page! I have tried repeatedly but it has not worked. I am a teacher who is spending too much time trying to figure this out! I also paid out of pocket for this upgrade. Please, please, please help me! Thank you


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