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Capture FULL page screenshots. Edit and save screenshots. Record screencasts - record video from your screen. Record how-to guides.

Image from store Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder
Description from store ★ Used by Several Million users on different platforms ★ ✔ Screen capture whole or partial screenshots on any size of screen. ✔ Annotate and edit screenshots in our powerful image editor. ✔ Record video from your screen and webcam using the video recorder. ✔ Record step-by-step guides and tutorials. ✔ Trim and Crop. ✔ Use our editor features such as background color change, color change text, etc. to make your simple images and captures more colorful and memorable. ✔ Convert video to gif and mp4 in our video recorder. ✔ Quickly Upload and Share online screenshots and screencasts using the capture tool. 📷 Capture screenshots ▸ Make a full page screenshot or a specific section of the page through scrolling screenshot using our screenshot software (screenshot capture). ▸ Supports scrolling when capturing from web pages. ▸ Capture & edit the entire browser window. ▸ Quickly capture & edit a section of the webpage. ▸ On a blank canvas, create your own simple drawing or model. 🎥 Record videos (screencast record) in our video recorder (screen recorder) and share screencasts ▸ Record video from your screen. ▸ Record video of another active program. ▸ Record screen from a webcam by using the screencast recorder webcam feature. ▸ Use our blur tool to hide specific sections of a webpage while recording your video (Premium). ▸ Add your own watermark on the video (Premium). ▸ Customize the video screen resolution and frame rate. ▸ Annotate the video recording with various shapes, including arrows and rectangles using the video recorder. ▸ Convert from WebM to MP4 and GIF (Premium). ▸ Crop your video using video recorder (Premium). ▸ Trim your video recording on the video recorder screen (Premium). ▸ Upload the video either to FuseBase or save to your disk. ▸ Publish video on YouTube (Premium). ▸ Upload to Google Drive, and Dropbox (Premium). 📄Capture Step-by-Step guides and tutorials ▸ Record any process from your screen, and Nimbus will automatically create a guide with screenshots and descriptions of actions. ▸ Edit the description with the help of an AI assistant. ▸ Add new elements to the guide using the powerful editor: tips, tables, files, etc. ▸ Share guides with friends and colleagues in just a few clicks or create your own knowledge base. ✄ Edit your screenshots ▸ Add graphics and text boxes. ▸ Resize and crop. ▸ Add arrows and stickers. ▸ Highlight text. ▸ Blur certain sections to hide sensitive information (Premium). ▸ Add watermarks (premium). 🚀 Share and get a sharable link to them ▸ Save screenshots capture in JPG and PNG through our capture tool. ▸ Save to FuseBase. ▸ Quick upload and share without registration. ▸ Send to Slack. ▸ Upload to Google Drive, and Google Classroom. ▸ Upload to Dropbox (Premium). ▸ Save to a PDF using the powerful capture & editor combination. ▸ Add comments to your captures and screencasts.

Latest reviews

  • (2024-06-14) Phil Graham: I use the nimbus app. Works perfect for my everyday needs!
  • (2024-06-13) Tina Hite: Lots of options and very easy to use!
  • (2024-06-13) Lawrence Chikonye: Excellent service! Keep it up!
  • (2024-06-13) Kalawen 74: C'est bête ça marchais super bien mais là ça ne sert plus à rien...
  • (2024-06-09) Michael N.: Easy to use and takes great screenshots.
  • (2024-06-09) Dr. Hariswami Das: Excellent
  • (2024-06-08) Leo Sammy: Excellent and quite essential for productivity.
  • (2024-06-06) Janet C: 用了两次啦,挺好用的。谢谢设计者
  • (2024-06-03) Claudio Gualeni: Ottima applicazione. Con pochi clic salvi un'immagine di una pagina, di una parte, selezionando o tagliando come vuoi, anche quando non è possibile la stampa in pdf.
  • (2024-06-03) Matejka De Rocco: Lo peor, he pagado en octubre y me pone que sigo con el plan gratuito y no me deja trabajar
  • (2024-06-02) charles marker: It works
  • (2024-06-01) Andy Orham: Absolutely great product and service. I depend to it everyday!!!
  • (2024-05-31) Jambo Hsu: 2024-5-31 更新:昨天起,這個插件造成 X.com 只能顯示5則貼文,以下都空白,必須將插件停用才能正常瀏覽 X.com (現在) 額外的設限強迫購買之外,介面設計也變差了,連在暗黑模式網頁自訂區域截圖都很困難 (以前) 簡單又好用,比其他截圖軟體更方便
  • (2024-05-30) K Durga Chawan: very usefull app ..we can take screen shots easily..i like it n recommend it to my friends..
  • (2024-05-28) Alex Lex: ok
  • (2024-05-21) Joe Ligon: This is now my go to chrome extension for marking changes to webpage. Simply LOVE IT!
  • (2024-05-20) 8651 binhai: 非常好啊
  • (2024-05-19) benis “benisdabog” da bog: Good
  • (2024-05-19) Valeriy Blyumin: Хорошее расширение для Хрома
  • (2024-05-15) Moustafa Al Etreby: I love it, it's one of the must to have add ons on your browser, i have it every where, while using macbook, it makes my life way easier
  • (2024-05-13) Zhe Sun: 好用
  • (2024-05-10) Kid Rain: 非常好用的一款截屏录屏插件
  • (2024-05-09) Руслан Светлый: отличное приложение, пользуюсь лет 10, топ
  • (2024-05-09) 徐鹭: nice
  • (2024-05-08) etech Andry: Efficace ! :)
  • (2024-05-07) Milica Radovic: Great features! Very useful
  • (2024-05-07) Clinica Medicina Estética: 06 mayo 2024.- Presenta fallas ya que se mueve de lugar cuando quieres capturar la zona de tu eleccion-...... o sea se va para otra zona
  • (2024-05-02) Muhammad Adnan Siddique Ch.: wonderful ...me satisfied
  • (2024-05-02) Stani Ngoma: plugin très utile !
  • (2024-05-02) Game world: very useful
  • (2024-05-01) Sergio D: Estuvo muy bueno pero dejó de funcionar la captura de página completa y el scroll.
  • (2024-04-29) Beo Domino: Very good recording app
  • (2024-04-27) Andrea Del Vesco: Utile aggiunta al browser per catturare schermate e streaming
  • (2024-04-24) Andre Jesus: Muito bom!
  • (2024-04-23) Marco Gonzalez: Es muy intuitiva y fácil de utilizar
  • (2024-04-20) BARIS DEMIR: recently changed some features to PAID. Time to delete and find another screenshot extention
  • (2024-04-20) אליהו שם-טוב: פשוטה ויעילה ואני משתמש בה הרבה תודה לכם נימבוס
  • (2024-04-20) Trieu Yen Vy B2111599: Tuyệt vời
  • (2024-04-16) Yakup YILMAZ: Çok kullanışlı bir program
  • (2024-04-16) 李庚: nice
  • (2024-04-15) Alexander Garzon: The extension's failure to adhere to settings is frustrating. Despite testing it across various computers and platforms (macOS, Linux, Windows) over several months, I consistently encounter an issue where the 'New' indicator reactivates after every app update. It's baffling and persistent, detracting significantly from the overall user experience
  • (2024-04-08) Lucas Macedo: Useful and simple. Great app.
  • (2024-04-05) contemplation: 太棒了
  • (2024-04-05) Екатерина Жукова: удобно и качественно
  • (2024-04-05) Skiffea Easkiff: Super
  • (2024-04-01) Javier Garcia: Es fácil de usar, intuitiva y, a la vez, muy potente. Para utilizar de manera individual o compartida. La recomiendo 100%.
  • (2024-03-31) Botond Magó: Remek kis eszköz.
  • (2024-03-30) javaid abro: good but opening time is very slow
  • (2024-03-27) Bacma N: top, pas eu besoin de payer
  • (2024-03-25) ADV SHAKTI KUMAR JAIN: Earlier I used some other chrome extension for screen recording and Fireshot was my favourite. Since a few days I started trying 'Nimbus Screenshot' and I have forgotten the previous ones. Then I chose Screnly, but the free edition restricted PDF etc features, at present scrnli is better. I deleted Nimbus. Advocate Shakti Kumar Jain, Chandigarh https://npadoctor.com

Latest issues

  • (2023-11-21, v:9.9.881.9989) Ian Hartsook: Limit to Screenshots?
    I installed the extension and it worked perfectly to take a screenshot of an entire webpage, but after a couple of screenshots it pops up with a window about upgrading to the paid version. I haven't found anything online that states there is a limit to the number of screenshots. I'm not looking to do any fancy editing, just want a screenshot of a webpage.
  • (2023-10-07, v:9.9.875.9989) Shaun Wilson: Chrome app has been disabled
    The Chrome app has been disabled. I get this error: This item has been disabled in Chrome. Enable this item When I click on "Enable this item" it refreshes then shows the same error message. Please help to resolve this issue.
  • (2023-10-04, v:9.9.875.9989) Bill Dow, PMP: Will not load chrome extension on MacOS
    Hi guys, I get this error. Package is invalid: CRX_File_NOT_Readable. Any suggestions?
  • (2023-10-04, v:9.9.875.9989) Sumelyco Puebla: Does not work.
    It stays forever in Capturing...... screen
  • (2023-09-24, v:9.9.875.9989) mariarosaria arcella: utilizzare NIMBUS CAPTURE PRO A PAGAMENTO SU UN ALTRO PC
  • (2023-09-08, v:9.9.873.9989) VikRAM Balwada: Not able to add in crome
    Plz help
  • (2023-09-08, v:9.9.873.9989) VikRAM Balwada: Download problem
    Where is the option fo download
  • (2023-09-02, v:9.9.873.9989) Vince Wilson: not working
    i found one that works on me. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/full-page-screenshot-20/leeampediajiofkmbbodpogaaimcncne
  • (2023-07-18, v: Animacje Zosi: cancel subscription
    I can't find where to unsubscribe
  • (2023-06-16, v: Patrick Hoover: Refund
    Yesterday I paid by credit card for the Pro version so I could take a screen video over 5 minutes long. Today the Google extension is worthless. It will not work and no phone support. No chat support. Crooks!!!
  • (2023-06-02, v: PER_ MI: For home user, it forces to buy Pro.. NOT good for home user
    For home user, it forces to buy Pro.. NOT good for home user
  • (2023-04-24, v: Wallyvianna Projetos: Time limit to record
    There is time limit to make screen records in free version of Nimbus? What is the time?
  • (2023-04-16, v: Alexander: Upload stopped working 2 months ago.
    I can't upload any screenshot/video to my workspace, constantly getting error 'Problem with server or your Internet-connection. Please try again.' Chrome console having this error: Access to XMLHttpRequest at 'https://sync.nimbusweb.me/' from origin 'chrome-extension://bpconcjcammlapcogcnnelfmaeghhagj' has been blocked by CORS policy: Response to preflight request doesn't pass access control check: The value of the 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header in the response must not be the wildcard '*' when the request's credentials mode is 'include'. The credentials mode of requests initiated by the XMLHttpRequest is controlled by the withCredentials attribute.
  • (2023-04-03, v: NutriCargo Warehouse: Charges to credit card
    We've sent 4 emails in the past 2 months to cancel adn you keep charging us. We are on the phone now with our credit card company starting a chargeback
  • (2023-03-31, v: Shafik Ahmed: Very Good Tools
    If you are looking for good quality tools then you can use the following tools right now, this extension is very good. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/full-page-screenshot-20/leeampediajiofkmbbodpogaaimcncne
  • (2023-03-31, v: Sadik Mahmud: Very Good Tools
    I love this extension, I use so many tools but they're not working perfectly. Finally, I got the best tools here it is. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/full-page-screenshot-20/leeampediajiofkmbbodpogaaimcncne
  • (2023-03-15, v: D. Attridge: Opera
    Has anyone got the video record to work on Opera?
  • (2023-02-23, v: K G: Screenshot of URL
    Is there a way to include a website's URL in the screenshot?
  • (2023-01-22, v: Walek Sinii: Установить язык.
    В настройках не нашел - Как установить язык ?
  • (2023-01-20, v: Joe Show: Please add the Ukrainian language.
    Please add the Ukrainian language. Thanks
  • (2023-01-13, v: Ann Michael: Netflix black screen
    Starting just today, I can't take screenshots or record from Netflix anymore. When I attempt anything, the screen blacks out; it's the only streaming service that's done this so far, and started sometime over the past few days as it was working on January 7th.
  • (2022-03-15, v: רון פינצי: Nimbus Pro
    Hello I've just upgraded to Nimbus Pro in order to capture whole web pages with unlimited number. However it still limits to about 20 pages… What's wrong? Thanks Ron
  • (2022-03-10, v: Wendy Herrera Nájar: Not able to reproduce my records
    I tried using nimbus, for the second time now. After recording a 1.30 hour meeting, I'm not able to replay them or even save them I purchased the license to have complete features and don't have a time limit for screen recording. I'm using a macbook with chrome.
  • (2022-02-24, v: Alejandro Moreno: Nimbus extension cant stop recording...
    Nimbus extension cant stop recording...
  • (2022-02-23, v: Elisabeth Monjaret: Video recording
    Hello, The video recording can't be stopped unless I quit chrome. This morning I woke up to see it's been recording for 16 hours...
  • (2022-02-22, v: Lisa Knapen: Select download subfolder
    Is it possible to save the images automatically in a subfolder in downloads, instead of in the main downloads folder?
  • (2022-01-25, v:9.9.7) Елена Садыкова: Deleted video memory
    Hi! Could you help me please? I have serious problem my videos are deleted. Maybe you have special cloud memory where we can find that videos what we need.
  • (2022-01-24, v:9.9.7) Armaan Malik: Not working
    when I click on extension icon, a white bar with no options keeps on appearing.
  • (2022-01-10, v:9.9.5) JC X: error
  • (2022-01-06, v:9.9.5) Apekshit Dhoke: Clicking on "Record Video" not working.
    Whenever I'm trying to "Record Video" using Nimbus plug-in it causing chrome to crash the moment I click on it. Tried multiple times and same issue is occurring. Please advise at the earliest as I need to submit a video recording for a project on Jan-08-2022.
  • (2022-01-03, v:9.8.9) Matthew Davidson: Nimbus Screenshot image choppy, half missing
    Nimbus image *ENTIRE PAGE* incomplete, half missing Tried it TWO More Times, same result ???
  • (2021-12-31, v:9.8.9) Monire Badri: افزونه Nimbus
    سلام وقتتون بخیر باشه من نمیتونم افزونه رو نصب کنم وازش استفاده کنم خیلی امتحان کردم اما نشد
  • (2021-12-14, v:9.8.7) Srikanth Peddi: log4j vulnerability
    We are reaching out to check if Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder has been impacted by vulnerability on Java component called Log4j (CVE-2021-44228) . (Log4Shell: RCE 0-day exploit found in log4j2, a popular Java logging package | LunaSec)
  • (2021-12-03, v:9.8.7) Baga G: local files
    Hello I am not able to capure screenshots from local files, for example file:///D:/2021/sample-page.htm Any idea how to fix this? Thanks and best regards!
  • (2021-11-15, v:9.8.3) Ahmed Mohamed: Suggestion
    Is it possible to collect all versions of Nimbus screenshot and screen video recorder in one place?! The older version, if there are problems with the newer version, as in the current situation, and is it also possible to add the copy feature to the clipboard in the versions! A very important addition, and I am a permanent user of the tool ... Thank you
  • (2021-11-10, v:9.7.9) Larry Arns: capture preview and final .jpg do not match in brave browser
    When i use the select area choice on a brave displayed website, the resulting picture is moved to the right with a blank strip on left side. Nimbus works fine for me on chrome and firefox, but not on brave.
  • (2021-11-07, v:9.7.9) Matteo C: Nimbus prevents screen going to sleep
    After I take a desktop screenshot my screen will not go to sleep after inactivity. I can check from running powercfg /requests that the browser is listed under there. If I kill Nimbus the Video Wake Lock disappears from power requests.
  • (2021-11-03, v:9.7.9) Yanisa (Beam) Kulsrisuwan: Cannot "Select & Scroll" on Google Sheet
    Hi, it seems Nimbus extension cannot "Select & Scroll" on Google Sheet. Or if it can, could you help guiding please? Thank you
  • (2021-10-30, v:9.7.9) XDpedramXD: r
    I have a question does the extension record desktop audio too?
  • (2021-10-29, v:9.7.9) Brandon Watson: Selected Area Upload
    Good day, everytime I do want to select an area to upload and save, the pic is that not of the selected area, but of the upper left hand corner of whatever page is up. How can I fix this? I have used Nimubs for a little over a year not and has worked fine. Just the past month has it started doing this. Suggestions?
  • (2021-10-29, v:9.7.9) พีรวิชญ์ ภัทแก้ว: good
    good jobsogood
  • (2021-10-21, v:9.7.9) Jirapat Pongam: cannot use after update
    After update to 9.7.9 I cannot use it to capture on my work webpage. It only can capture visible screen, if there is more page below using entire page cause extension to freeze at 0% and not capture at all
  • (2021-10-19, v:9.7.7) Adi Cohen: מציג הודעות שגיאת רשת לכל תוסף שאני רוצה להוריד
    לא מצליחה להוריד תוספים- מנסה להוריד את ה TAG ASSISTANT ואת ה GOOGLR ANALYTICS BUILDER. רושם כל הזמן "download interrupted" ורושם "שגיאת רשת"
  • (2021-10-19, v:9.7.7) Marcus Buhrer: Опция "фрагмент + прокрутить"
    Как пользоваться опцией снятия скриншота с прокруткой длинного изображения (фотографии)?
  • (2021-10-13, v:9.7.7) Donna Casey: video capture not working
    I start recording a video using the extension and it just randomly stops recording in the middle before I can stop it, thus making the video useless since it wasn't done yet. Has happened repeatedly.
  • (2021-10-09, v:9.7.7) Hadi Rizwan: wait i doident use it
  • (2021-10-08, v:9.7.7) Hannes Peters: Dislocated screenshots
    Nimbus isn't working properly on my new laptop. When I take a screenshot, everything is fine during editing mode. But when I download and open it, the screenshot is dislocated. So eg it would show only half of what was screenshotted, usually dislocated to the right. Any ideas what might be causing this?
  • (2021-10-07, v:9.7.7) Azzy Marma: Screencapture selected area is bugged out
    Hi, I screencaptured a video of this issue and can send you for further investigation. I have a Macbook Pro and when I'm trying to take a screenshot using 'Selected area' feature, it doesn't capture the selected area but instead a random area above to the left (it's 100 a bug). I reinstalled the extension and the problem is still there. I saw that someone also has this issue with Macbook, so I think this is related to your programming code for Mac's. Let me know where I can send the captured video, thanks.
  • (2021-10-07, v:9.7.7) Erik Diamond: Quick upload won't produce link.
    After editing the screenshot, I clicked on "Quick Upload" to get a link. However, there is a bar running and running and running as if it won't produce link. I have tried refresh, clean cookies, etc. Nothing works. Is your server down or something? I have tried on all browsers, same result.
  • (2021-10-07, v:9.7.7) Noor Clean: Screen and Scroll button does not work anymore
    usually when you click this button, it will drag automatically as you scroll while holding your left mouse button, yet it does not anymore, even when i manually scroll and enlarge the screenshot area, the screenshot result is messed up and does not capture the whole thing, i try to remove and reinstall the extension but the problem still occurs, what should i do


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