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Advanced Feed Reader - Read news & blogs or any RSS/Atom/RDF source.

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Description from store Why Feedbro? We believe time is our most valuable asset. We believe it is waste of valuable time to spend minutes or even hours every day to go through dozens of websites, blogs etc. manually. We believe that all the new information that you are interested in, should be automatically aggregated into one place from various sources you care about (both Internet and intranet) into easy-to-read format and automatically filtered based on the rules you define. We believe that the faster you learn, gain new knowledge and information the better you will succeed in life as an individual and as an organization. Therefore it is vital to learn new things every day and follow relevant and valuable sources of information effortlessly. We believe privacy is important so that only you know what sources you follow. Feature highlights: - Full standalone feed reader (RSS, Atom, RDF) as a Chrome extension - no online services needed - Extremely fast! - Multiple viewing modes: full article view, headlines view, headlines + one article (Opera RSS reader style), newspaper view, magazine view - Built-in Social Media plugin support (Youtube, Youtube Search, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn Groups, LinkedIn Jobs, VK, Pinterest, Yammer, Bitchute, Vimeo) - Can convert partial feeds to feeds with full articles with a built-in Readability style conversion engine! - Built-in Rule Engine lets you define rules for filtering, border highlighting, auto-bookmarking, tagging, hiding and regexp highlighting articles. Rules also support Chrome popup notifications and sound effects. - Article tagging and searching by a tag - IFTTT support! - Favicon support - MathJax support (LaTeX for mathematics formulas) - Finds feeds from web pages and makes it very easy to subscribe to new feeds - Organizes feeds into folders (+ read all items in folder at once) - Drag & drop support for organizing feeds and folders in the tree navigator - Flexible "mark as read" options (when article title is shown, when article bottom is shown, manually) - 'Show only unread items' option helps you to read only what is new - Read any feeds that your computer can access (also in your company intranet, not only public Internet) - User interface themes: Light, Dark, Aqua - Article filtering based on article age - Custom feed specific scan interval - Custom feed specific number of items to store - Keyboard shortcuts (similar to Google Reader) - Works well with high frequency update feeds - Can import feed subscriptions from an OPML file - Can export feed subscriptions to an OPML file - Easy to drop inactive or broken feeds - Article headline view for quick skimming - Basic authentication support to read password protected feeds - Article sharing to various social media sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Reddit etc and via Gmail/Email client - Buffer and Hootsuite support for scheduled social media sharing - Supports offline reading

Latest reviews

  • (2020-01-17) Victor Qu: This extension will be worth five stars if it adds the ability to open all articles in a specific feed, similar to the "RSS Feed Reader" extension
  • (2020-01-11) Tomek Kowalczyk: often a problem with downloading RSS from exsite24.pl, for several days can not download data from the channel at all
  • (2019-12-28) Sheng Chen: amazing、
  • (2019-12-28) F FP83: + la mejor extension RSS para chrome, se actualiza constantemente + Muy ligero en consumo (60-100K de RAM) + Las bases de datos (.db) de los feeds muy reducidas en espacio HDD. + 4 temas para elegir / 6 vistas para el lector / uso de favicons / arrastra y suelta feeds manualmente + RSS Scrapper : Recoge las fuentes rss de cada web que visitas y las añade a Feedbro (compatible con muchas webs y redes sociales como feeds en twitter) Seguramente EL MEJOR cliente rss para navegador, superando incluso a muchos clientes de escritorio que se encuentran en desarrollo activo. Gran parte de su atractivo es por su alta compatibilidad con sitios especificos. [Suggestion] [new option] On view mode 3, use only favicon to identify the origin.the title would occupy the same line, a single line per new feed.(more compact)example: <favicon><feeds title><date (rssowl like). [Suggestion] [new option] for feed tree: compact buttons/icons only (optional) for "all items" "starred items" "rules" "tags" "feed statistics". I think that with this you can extend the number of folders without going to the scroll bar. * sorry for my bad english :) and congrats for Feedbro client
  • (2019-12-17) Rosa Ward: One of my feeds has "invalid content type" in the properties. How do I correct this?
  • (2019-12-09) b vv: Recently it often freezes or even crashes on my computer, please update and fix
  • (2019-12-05) Eric Wilkinson: Excellent reader extension. Easy to use and completely free.
  • (2019-12-05) Yu Lin Shen: Please remove white-space: nowrap; in div.item-title at layout.css The feeds title are cut in smaller screens or tabs. thank you
  • (2019-11-30) Robert: The more I use Feedbro, the more I love it. Feedbro is now one of my main start pages that allows me to see what I want, when and how I want to. I can now group sites I go to frequently by type and see the parts I want without having to go to each and every website to see it. Cant wait till I learn more about how to use this extension to get full use of it.
  • (2019-11-26) Antonio Savage: This extension is without a doubt the best RSS reader, paid or unpaid available. It has so many darn features while still being FREE! Thank you dev for this amazing extension! One way that I use this extension is at my work where I have a list of vendors that we use and their status feeds subscribed to. Whenever I get an alert from this extension, I know that there may be an issue with a service and to look into it.
  • (2019-11-20) Van: Хорошее, удобное расширение для чтения rss-лент. Хотелки: - русский язык интерфейса; - выбор звуков оповещения; - меню не в самом расширении (кликом ЛКМ), а кликом на ПКМ.
  • (2019-11-14) Mario Wilhelm: Excellent RSS-Feed-Reader.
  • (2019-11-02) Jaël Noah Herzog: Effektiver Feed Reader mit Unterstützung für verschiedene Sprachen. Eine deutsche Datei für die Lokalisierung ist unter https://github.com/thebugfixnet/feedbro-locale verfügbar. Der direkte Link zum Einbinden in Feedbro lautet: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/thebugfixnet/feedbro-locale/master/feedbro-locale-de_DE.json
  • (2019-10-11) Ser Qualquer: Simplesmente o melhor leitor de RSS gratuito da internet.
  • (2019-10-08) 左潇潇: nice
  • (2019-10-08) Classy Cube: Look no further this right here is the greatest RSS reader. Thanks a ton!
  • (2019-09-30) multiple languages???
  • (2019-09-16) Mark Polar: I think Feedbro is the best rss reader out there, but they definitely need an android app. I would like to use this at any time during the day while on the go. Not be limited just to my laptop.
  • (2019-08-13) Eadwine Rose: Awesome so far. Was looking for the ability to search in a folder with news feeds, but didn't find that. However I could sort that out by making a rule that once a feed article comes in with a certain text in the title the thing automatically gets starred, and I should then find them in the starred overview, nicely sorted. Wait and see as I have just set this up. But I really like it!
  • (2019-07-18) Светозар Родасвет: По умолчанию сохраняет максимум 20 новостей для каждой rss (до 100 в настройках), остальные просто теряются, если надо больше, то это можно сделать только изменив настройку каждой rss в отдельности, но эта большая трата времени.
  • (2019-07-04) BigBang2012: Excellent RSS-Reader extension! Adding a keyboard shortcut for moving to the next unread item would make it perfect.
  • (2019-05-30) Tom Schi: it's a great replacement for other products like the expensive https://feedly.com And the migration is done in seconds by using the import-function :-) Thanks a lot!
  • (2019-05-18) John Doe: Very powerfull, flexible and easy to use extension that is regularly updated and developed!
  • (2019-04-08) Jo 1312: Best free Rss Addon for Chrome!
  • (2019-03-30) the best RSS tool!!!

Latest issues

  • (2020-01-20, v:4.0.2) Yossi Zahn: Feedbro chokes when trying to parse a Gitlab repo activity feed
    Hi, I have a feed of Gitlab repo activity. Feedbro chokes when trying to parse it. This is the stack: TypeError: Cannot read property 'replace' of undefined at feedbro.FeedParser.convertRelativeLinks (feedbro.min.js:1) at feedbro.FeedParser.fixContent (feedbro.min.js:1) at feedbro.FeedParser.handleLoadFeedData (feedbro.min.js:1) at feedbro.FeedParser.responseHandler (feedbro.min.js:1) at XMLHttpRequest.f.onreadystatechange (feedbro.min.js:1) I think the issue is an empty <summary> element, such as: <summary type="xhtml"> </summary> Thanks
  • (2020-01-20, v:4.0.2) Pocket Gesamt: Javascript
    Warum ist ein Feed mit Javascript nicht anzeigbar (z.B. von Bild.de)?
  • (2020-01-10, v:4.0.2) n/a n/a: Increase/Remove Feed Limit
    I don't remember if by default, feeds are capped to 50 but there's a limit that you can set feeds to up 100. However there's a manual option you have when editing a feed, to increase the cap to 2000. The problem is you have to do this manually for each and every feed. I have a LOT of feeds and when I add a new feed, manually uncapping it is a hassle. I would like either the default feed limit from options, to be increased, either to the current manual limit (2000) or beyond (unlimited).
  • (2019-12-22, v:4.0.2) Nodetics Solutions: Possible critical bug in Chrome
    It seems that Chrome 79.0.3945.88 (Official Build) (64-bit) has a critical bug that can disable XMLHttpRequest and fetch functionality completely. If this happens, Feedbro cannot load any feeds. This seems to be a recent Chrome bug. See https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=1036603
  • (2019-12-20, v:4.0.2) fan ner: the tab icon of Feedbro is not visible
    When Vivaldi 2.10.1745.21 (Stable channel) (64-Bit) starts, the tab icon of Feedbro is still visible. If you switch to the Feedbro tab, the Feedbro icon disappears after a short time.
  • (2019-12-17, v:4.0.2) Rosa Ward: invalid content type
    One of my feeds has "invalid content type" in the properties. How do I correct this?
  • (2019-12-07, v:4.0.2) Eric Wilkinson: reader not updating edited entries.
    i have a couple of feeds that work by editing previous entries, and these changes are not being seen in the reader app. https://twitchrss.appspot.com/vod/ [streamer name] issues an entry when the streamer goes live, and then edits that entry, but keeps the same pubdate, to link to the VOD created when they stop. properties -> preview correctly shows the updated entry, but already posted entries dont update unless i completely delete the feed and recreate it. (that is, the entry is always "[stream title] LIVE" with a link to the stream itself, instead of updating to "[stream title]" with a link to the VOD) is there a way to properly automatically view these updates, or is that unworkable?
  • (2019-12-06, v:4.0.2) Robert Stewart: Width adjustments awkward and incomplete
    Entry width can be set to "default" or fixed widths. Any fixed width that looks right, may be wrong once the window is resized. Relative sizes, expressed as a percentage of the window or some part of it, would be far more useful. Limiting users to just a set of predefined widths is also troubling. Why not permit the user to enter the value directly, then just validate their input against some range? There are no settings to control the width of the article content in the entry panel. In view 6 at least, there's a lot of wasted space on the left and right side of the content. I'd like to make the content use a good deal more of the horizontal space. (This is particularly evident when using Dark Reader since the content shown by Feedbro is not affected by Dark Reader while Feedbro itself is.) You could manage this by a setting for how much of the panel's width the content should consume or you could allow the user to specify the width of the margins.
  • (2019-12-06, v:4.0.2) Robert Stewart: Display user-selected feed by default
    You offer the option to show the All Items list by default. Why not permit the user to select the feed to show by default?
  • (2019-12-06, v:4.0.2) Robert Stewart: Undoable delete
    Delete is non-recoverable, but can be triggered accidentally. It would be nice if you kept the most recent N deleted entries in a buffer, thereby permitting their recovery. A simple undo command should recover the most recently deleted entry, but you could provide a special "trash" feed in which other deleted entries can be found and undeleted, if desired.
  • (2019-12-06, v:4.0.2) Robert Stewart: Add dismiss/hide option
    When finished with an entry, you offer two options: leave the entry in the list marked as read or delete the entry. I'd like an option that allows removing the entry from the list, like deleting it, but with the ability to find it again. IOW, add a view option that shows deleted but not purged entries. (Your current delete option purges.)
  • (2019-12-06, v:4.0.2) Robert Stewart: Entry list not updated when managing entries
    If I click on a feed, then delete all entries (usually after reading many, of course), the list will be empty. However, if I click on another feed and then click the first one again, there often will be new entries. New entries should be added each time the user navigates from one to the next.
  • (2019-12-06, v:4.0.2) Robert Stewart: Max entries management
    The maximum number of entries that may be retained keeps the oldest entries and ignores newer ones. It would be useful to be able to reverse that. Also, why limit users to one of the predefined values? Why not permit the user to enter a number of their choosing? You can constrain the value they enter, but 100 can be limiting in some cases (in some feeds, I choose to read only select entries, but with a maximum of 100 entries, I can miss entries I'd want to read because they are never loaded).
  • (2019-12-05, v:4.0.2) Yu Lin Shen: The feeds title are cut in smaller screens or tabs.
    Please remove white-space: nowrap; in div.item-title at layout.css The feeds title are cut in smaller screens or tabs. Thank you!
  • (2019-11-23, v:4.0.2) Pahin: Enclosures are not displayed
    Here is the RSS feed. https://3dnews.ru/news/rss/ It has enclosures with images, but they not displayed in feedbro
  • (2019-11-22, v:4.0.2) Danes Hanak: Feedbro instalation on another computer
    I want to install the Feed Reader Feedbro also on the new computer. I would like to know if starred items + tagged items appear also after the import of Feed Subscriptions and Rules or if is some possibility to transfer these items from the old to the new computer Thanks a lot for your answer Best regards Dan
  • (2019-11-04, v:4.0.0) Panagiotis Charitakis: Feeds from Youtube Topics Subscriptions do not show on FeedBro
    Hello, when i subscribe to a youtube channel and import it to FeedBro everything is working fine. But when i subscribe to a youtube TOPIC and import it to FeedBro, it does not show anything. How can i see the feeds of a youtube topic? Thanks.
  • (2019-11-02, v:4.0.0) Jaël Noah Herzog: German locale / Deutsche Benutzeroberfläche
    Danke für die Möglichkeit nun Übersetzungen zur Verfügung zu stellen. Eine deutsche Datei für die Lokalisierung ist unter https://github.com/thebugfixnet/feedbro-locale verfügbar. Der direkte Link zum Einbinden in Feedbro lautet: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/thebugfixnet/feedbro-locale/master/feedbro-locale-de_DE.json
  • (2019-11-01, v:4.0.0) Y: A good extension, can you add a simplified Chinese interface language?
    A good extension, can you add a simplified Chinese interface language?
  • (2019-10-30, v:4.0.0) Balentay: Recently changed desktop notifications
    Hi there! I was wondering if there is a way you can make it so that we can pick between desktop notification layouts? The new layout makes it harder to read. With the author or title on top it cuts off content by a few lines, and with the content in gray text it makes it harder to read at a glance.
  • (2019-10-30, v:4.0.0) Secretaria Computação: Locale template
    O got the Locale template to translate but the following message returns when I try to import the file: "Locale update failed! Error: 601 SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0". What am I doing wrong? I don't know much about coding and programming.
  • (2019-10-30, v:4.0.0) Nodetics Solutions: Feedbro 4.0.0+ now has multi-language support
    Want to help to create an "official" translation? Check out Feedbro Options page to download the locale template. You can then translate the UI, upload the file to the net and import it to test the translation. If you want to contribute your translation to public use, please contact [email protected]
  • (2019-10-25, v:3.47.1) Ser Qualquer: Shortcut to open next article list item
    One suggestion is to add a shortcut to open the next item in the article list.
  • (2019-10-23, v:3.47.1) Shawn: website issue
    So this is really bizarre, but i'd been having an issue for months that I just figured out is caused by this extension. For some strange reason, this extension is causing Twitter to bounce back and forth between the old and new layouts. I disabled every extension I use and went one by one and the issue only ever came up when this was enabled. I love this extension but that was driving me insane so if you could somehow figure out why this is causing that to happen and fix it i'd be most appreciative.


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