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Click a link to download every image in a thread!

Image from store 4chan Image Downloader
Description from store UPDATED - Works with 4chan X! Changes and Fixes: - Download continues after deleted images are encountered. Thanks for the tip, Google User. - Extension attempts to close new tabs that it has opened. - Added support for 4chan X (with default settings). Click a link to download every image in a 4chan thread. NOTE: If you have the "Ask where to save each file before downloading" option enabled in Chrome's settings, Chrome will open a "Save As" dialog for every image in the thread, which may cause Chrome to crash. Please consider disabling that option to use this extension, or temporarily disabling it when you wish to download a thread. Now on Github: https://github.com/jdgregson/4chan-Image-Downloader

Latest reviews

  • (2020-08-02) Gabriel Ezeta: This extension no longer works, it only opens a tab for each image on the board and does nothing with them. pls fix
  • (2019-03-31) Rojhat Demirer: did not download
  • (2018-11-27) WnRandom: doesnt work at all, garbage
  • (2018-09-11) Duck: Just doesn't function with me, and it seems I'm not the only one having this issue, does anyone have an alternative?
  • (2018-09-02) Jay P: Not Working
  • (2018-08-05) Admiral PatPeter: Opens a new tab for every single image in the 4chan thread and doesn't even download them. DownloadThemAll! used to work better than this until it was axed. At least Firefox addons start downloading.
  • (2018-07-25) Luh Mayo: trash doesn't work and developer doesn't care enough to reply to anyone's cry's for help
  • (2018-07-25) Wade Henricksen: used to be 5 stars, but it stopped working some time in 2018
  • (2018-07-13) sinthor4s: currently only opens and closes each image in a tab and doesnt download anything
  • (2018-06-21) Maximilian Stüwe: stopped working a few weeks back, pls fix
  • (2018-05-20) Will Christian: It has recently stopped working. Like people have said it open's all the tabs and appears to use bandwidth to download stuff but it actually never stores the videos anywhere.
  • (2018-05-09) jason bourne: This used to be great, but stopped working a few weeks back. Fix it and it's back to 5 stars. It won't save any images, whether you enable each tab opening (which crashes chrome usually) or not.
  • (2018-04-18) Dickola Tesla: it worked beautifully for like a week. now it not only opens a million tabs (it didn't before,) but it doesn't download anything. rubbish.
  • (2018-04-04) Josh.Y PARK: "download all images" this isn't working can you fix it ?
  • (2018-03-10) Doesn't work. Also opens a new tab for every image, which is just ridiculous
  • (2018-03-06) Discontinued Gaming: Won't save every picture, only would do less than half.
  • (2017-12-23) Myshkaaa: It's good, but when I tried to download a thread with over than 100+ images, it's just won't download anything.
  • (2017-06-28) Genocado: It's a good extension I can tell you that but it doesn't work along side 4chan X
  • (2017-05-13) meint48: maybe add compatibility with yuki.la
  • (2017-03-26) َ takingitright: you have to disable 4chanx and probably other addons for this to work
  • (2017-03-21) Shenna Wew: doesnt work
  • (2017-02-05) Jake Pie: works better than I expected. Just have to make sure to disable "Ask where to save each file before downloading" or else it gives an individual popup for each one...
  • (2015-12-27) Sir Faro: Gets the job done but what would be helpful is an option to choose where to put them all instead of changing it in chrome settings each time.
  • (2015-12-07) David Bandel: It won't download all the images. Chrome even said "this extension wants to download 128 images" and it only downloaded about 55
  • (2015-10-14) Myc Clark: Didn't download all the images and doesn't play nicely with appchan.

Latest issues

  • (2019-05-23, v:0.0.3) Norman Malkova: Application No Longer Works
    Application No Longer Works.
  • (2019-04-02, v:0.0.3) Quintis: working?
    is this app no longer working? have you stopped working on it?
  • (2019-04-01, v:0.0.3) Pasha: 4channel
    can you update it so it works with 4channel.org
  • (2018-10-29, v:0.0.3) Danial Roberts: not working
    I click download it pops open a new tab with first image that then closes but does not download image. ive removed any extensions that also download image/video and disabled my tampermonkey but still no joy. any advice ?
  • (2018-04-04, v:0.0.3) Nicholas Mahoney: Image downloader no longer working
    Upon hitting download all images it'll do the old open up all images but wont download them.
  • (2018-03-21, v:0.0.3) Tyler Prentiss: not working
    it was working until recently, now nothing
  • (2017-11-06, v:0.0.2) JC G: Ne fonctionne pas lorsque 4chan X est activé
    Voila tout est dans le titre dommage
  • (2017-09-24, v:0.0.2) Bernardo: Other sites
    Make it work in yuki.la
  • (2017-01-11, v:0.0.2) Thiago Romero: Other sites
    Is it possible to make the Downloader work for other chans sites that are very similar to 4chan? Like 7chan for example?
  • (2016-12-08, v:0.0.2) Bach Arin: multiple tabs
    When i click download i get the little confirmation box, then it opens up ALL the images as tabs in my browser. It also doesn't download any of the pictures of .gifs.


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