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Description from extension meta Automatically renames image downloads according to the type they are
Image from store Image Extension Fix
Description from store Automatically renames images according to the type they are. No more .jpg GIFs or .large-0x539 JPEGs. This extension is open source software (MIT licensed). https://github.com/colin-c/image-extension-fix
Latest reviews (2019-03-15) SERGIO EMIR ROZO DIAZ: Excelente, era justo lo que buscaba para poder bajar imágenes de Twitter sin la extensión large. (2019-03-06) ุ: NO MORE .jpg-large THANK YOU! (2019-01-24) Thank you (2018-12-25) Joseph Nath: Great idea but I HATE that it defaults to my "Downloads" folder each time. It takes more time for me to navigate to the correct folder than it does for me to delete a few characters from a file extension. (2018-07-06) Boy & King: Excellent extension, can't even imagine how much time and frustration this has saved me (2018-03-26) Daniel Ferry: Works a treat on twitter, thanks! (2018-03-11) Sachin Bhavsar: It does the job, however it's annoying that it doesn't remember the last used folder. (2017-10-07) Nik Willmore: Fails on Twitter which adds :large to images, resulting in .jpg-large file names that can't act as images. (2017-10-06) doesnt work on tweetdeck :( (2017-08-27) srobidoux: Just installed and it appears to do exactly what I need. Wish I had known this when it first became available. (2017-04-28) Corey Barton: I am so glad this exists! It made me nuts having to rename all of the .jpg-large extensions when downloading images from Twitter. No more! (2017-02-11) Scott Highland: So useful for downloading images on twitter. Works perfectly! (2016-01-24) Askhat Abdushev: Firefox port please! (2014-12-01) Nik Blackwell: Well it works, and even better, it doesn't request unnecessary privileges. Highly recommended. :D
Latest issues (2018-11-07, v:0.2) Square of the Light Ones: Stopped working recently
The extension has recently stopped working when saving twitter images. With the extension enabled, the browser will hang for a few seconds before the save as window opens, and the extension is still .jpeg_large as it is without it enabled. When disabled, the save as window opens immediately, but the file extension is still .jpeg_large
(2018-05-03, v:0.2) ishokuP: Download location
having the last used folder as the download would be better ya know like how any save as would work
(2017-10-27, v:0.2) Kyle Fossum: Download location
having download to last-used folder would be pretty nice, but other than that it works great.
(2017-04-24, v:0.1) Christie Malry: vivaldi
doesnt convert jpg.large to jpg in vivaldi
(2016-10-05, v:0.1) Tristan Grimaux: Add an option to set download folder
Add an option to set the destination folder for images!
(2016-04-26, v:0.1) Brandon Sergent: Needs folder memory.
Would be perfect if it didn't constantly default to the downloads folder.
(2016-02-22, v:0.1) Tristan Catterall: Works great just a small suggestion.
Does exactly what I want it to! The only issue I have with it that it always tries to save images to my downloads. Would be really nice to see if it would just save it where you last saved an image like what happens when you normally save an image and/or a way to disable and re enable the extension in the top right of the chrome window. Thank you!

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