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Right click selected text to search for books on Goodreads.

Image from store Goodreads Right Click
Description from store Search for books on Goodreads with a right click! You can now toggle whether your search opens Now or Later via a dropdown on the extension options page. Just click the Extensions icon in the top right of your browser (it looks like a puzzle piece), the click the three dots next to Goodreads Right Click and select Options. Select the text that you'd like to search (book title, author, ISBN), right click, and choose"Search Goodreads." Your results will show up in a new tab, and you can add the book to one of your lists, create a new review, or get more information about the book. _________ DONATE If you would like to say thanks and support continued development of this and other extensions, consider buying me a coffee: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/jltech _________ If you have any suggestions or bugs that you find, let me know! I'll be looking into adding features in the future, but for now enjoy this fast way to get right to the book you want on Goodreads! _________ Updates: Version 1.1.0 - Searching now or later is now controlled via an extension option (3.7.2023) Version 1.0.2 - Permissions update (7.9.2021) Version 1.0.1 - Goodreads Now and Goodreads later searches added (1.17.2013) Version 0.0.3 - Open Goodreads searches in the next Chrome tab.

Latest reviews

  • (2017-05-15) Elizabeth Wade: Seems like a good app. I like how I can keep a list of books I've read and plan on reading. Now if only I can get to all of the books before I die - the list grows ALL THE TIME lol.
  • (2017-04-14) Molly Whuppie: Great extension. Using "Search Goodreads now" will perform a search and open the search results in a new tab in the foreground. Using "Search Goodreads later" will perform the same search, but in a background tab for you to look at later.
  • (2017-01-09) Kaitlin Lalor: This extension is fantastic - a must have for all goodreads users!
  • (2016-10-31) Jim Stewart: would be much better if the links were 'flattened'. dont know why they are nested as a submenu, if you are opening a lot of links, this really slows down the process. It does what it says it well but is frustrating because of this aspect of its implementation.
  • (2015-10-22) Hairuo: As Nathan Moore comment, Searchng Now and Searching Later give same result. yet, we need to operate/move our cousor to select, this is really annoying, can this extension be modified to just one choice? thanks.
  • (2015-07-02) L G: This is the best extension I have! I love the 'now' or 'later' feature. It's incredibly handy depending on what I am doing on the net. THANK YOU!
  • (2015-03-24) I I: Really? Now or later? What the hell!
  • (2015-01-17) Daniel Bailey: I like this extension, but would prefer to be configure the "read now" vs. "read later" behavior with a checkbox. It'd be nice to have the following functionality: 1. highlight text 2. right-click to get context menu 3. Click once more to open the search in Goodreads. As it stands, the functionality is: 1. highlight text 2. right-click to get context menu 3. Click once more (or hover long enough) to choose "open now" or open later" 4. Click the chosen option to open the search in Goodreads.
  • (2014-03-01) Kathalina A: I am a book nerd so this extension is the best I could ask for.
  • (2014-02-03) Sameh Samir: i love it
  • (2014-01-31) Nathan Moore: Searching Now or Searching Later is functions the same way. I wish that was a user pref to turn off so this would truly be a one click tool.
  • (2013-12-31) Officite Search: This extension is huge.
  • (2013-06-04) emily lousia may olive: I love Goodreads
  • (2012-12-29) Awesome little extension for streamlining some of my Goodread addictions.
  • (2012-09-21) Lee Herman: Perfect - just what I wanted. Immediate search on Goodreads so I can add books I find online to my to-read list!
  • (2012-08-27) Melisa M Miranda: The extension is perfect for those who love using Goodreads. It works great in and outside the site. The only thing missing is to open the search on the next tab instead of the last. Regardless of that this is a great extension.

Latest issues

  • (2019-07-17, v:1.0.1) Risok: skip the submenu
    skip the submenu
  • (2018-02-06, v:1.0.1) Erik Køie: Prefer only "Search later"
    Like the other users, I don't like having to click twice. I always use "Search later", not least because I'm often looking up several books at a time (e.g. from a list of books). Using "Search now" takes me away from the article or list I'm searching from. I agree with another user that it would be nice to have the submenu configurable so you can skip it if you don't need it. I still enjoy the extension as is.
  • (2017-04-29, v:1.0.1) skip the submenu
    Like the previous people, I dont like the submenu. At least make it configurable, so I can choose to have a submenu or not. Apart from that, I love it! :-)
  • (2015-08-13, v:1.0.1) Denita Brown: button
    can't find button
  • (2014-05-26, v:1.0.1) Search Later?
    It is annoying that I have to click twice to search for highlighted text at Goodreads because I have to choose between searching now or later. (a) I would never want to search later. Who would? It makes no sense. (b) It doesn't matter because the "search later" option does the same thing as "search now" anyway.
  • (2013-11-23, v:1.0.1) Please make it easier for 'search now'
    I like the ability to 'search now' or 'search later', however, I would like the 'search now' to be quicker. Like making it the main selection and making the 'search later' come up in the sub menu. For example, when I right click on a book title and click on "Goodreads Right Click", it should take me to the book on Goodreads right now. And have one sub menu for when I want to search later. Almost always I want to see the book NOW. That extra step to search now drives me crazy. Otherwise I love the extension. Thank you for creating it!


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