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Manage your bookmarks and visit your bookmark through keywords searching on any page.

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Description from store A super convenient extension to manage your bookmarks. It's easy to search your bookmark through keywords seaching on any page with this extension.(shortcut: command + B on Mac , Ctrl + B on other platforms) You can edit and batch your bookmarks on the managment page. 2017-11-9 update -modify the states of navigation bar, identify seleted item -fixs bugs where new folder and new bookmark can't be open when it's seleted -new folder is being seleted while moving bookmarks -fixs bug where lists are not updated while deleting bookmark 2017-11-13 -folder and bookmark renaming bug -optimize searching process, enable realtime seaching -fixs other known bugs 2017-11-16 -add operation notice -after seaching, tab selecting is enabled on popup layer, press Enter key to open a new page(Removed) 2017-11-30 internationalized, support English 2017-12-8 Fixed a known issue 2018-1-2 update - Ejects the layer search results, cancels the tab key behavior, which can be selected using the up / down keys, the enter key opens from a new tab - Elastic layer search results, you can use ctrl + number keys (1 ~ 9) to open bookmarks directly from the new tab (From google translate :) ) 2018-05-24 update - Solve the problem that the popup layer input box is not focused, beautify the side slide bar This extension is in development, for any problem, welcome to leave comments or open a issue on github. https://github.com/zangse/vue-chrome-extension/tree/master/hiBookMarks

Latest reviews

  • (2020-04-08) Freak Smith: 如果可以排序书签就更好了,不过貌似都不更新了
  • (2020-03-29) Surfer Moon: 1.建议增加上次打开位置记录功能 2.优化打开速度,现在点击了扩展按钮后要大概一两秒才能打开
  • (2020-03-21) 崖口无盐: 加一个鼠标悬停自动展开的设置选项可好?
  • (2020-01-05) 陈奇: 不能自动展开吗,每次点进去还要点一下文件夹前面的+才能选择书签,多点一下就很繁琐了。
  • (2019-07-11) chi zhang: 感觉打开的速度慢了一点 按了快捷键后过了一段时间才反应过来
  • (2018-12-14) Kun Chiang: 超级好用,超出了我的预期
  • (2018-11-17) tianzhen: 很方便,就是想要一个快捷搜索的,平时打开书签管理器搜索很麻烦
  • (2018-09-21) Mojtaba Vahdati: Really Really Really Awesome and Unique Chrome Extension it deserves more than 5 stars!
  • (2018-09-19) Black Sirius: 非常不错,两个小建议,会很大程度提升体验。 1.记录书签浏览历史,这样能很大程度减少操作。 2.自动折叠其他没打开的标签文件夹,非常实用的功能。 我一直在使用书签侧边栏,这个插件在这方面很好用,建议参考一下。
  • (2018-09-16) HoloLens: 希望点击拓展就直接展开书签栏文件夹
  • (2018-09-14) Just me: NICE as it adds the bookmark icon whenChrome hides it unless we hab a blank tab open. Also use his pother extension to amange apps/extensions, the only one that lists/removes weblinks pretending to be apps and hide from uninstalling. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/%E6%89%A9%E5%B1%95%E7%AE%A1%E7%90%86/jijileelaefjahodboljljdgfpbjjlac/related THANKS SENSEI 5*+
  • (2018-08-27) 舒夜: 希望打开的时候能记录记录上次是展开哪个目录的,这样可以使鼠标少点击几下,更加方便
  • (2018-08-17) 庄引: 不错,使用之后再提意见管理 0. 不能管理其他书签和移动端书签 1.可以增加类似HTML 的drag和drop 拖放书签功能 2.可以参考增加类似之前谷歌书签的功能 3. 可以考虑在github 开放源代码,方便其他人一起改进
  • (2018-08-15) John Fisher: I installed this while searching for a 5-star extension to efficiently reorganize my unkempt bookmarks that have accumulated over the years. I must say that the overall visual appeal and polish is absolutely there and the extension looks and feels aesthetically pleasing. On the other hand, I found it difficult when exploring the interface due mainly to the lack of mouse-over popups on the various controls and sections of the bookmarks manager page. My existing bookmarks seemed to be color-coded, but I'm not sure what the colors meant - if anything. There's also no discernible way to sort bookmarks; alphabetically or otherwise. Perhaps these are in some help section within the Options panel, however, when I try clicking the Options item from the extension's menu and absolutely nothing happens. Ultimately, the 2 primary reasons that I immediately uninstalled it are: 1) From the bookmarks search page, results cannot be dragged into a folder in the folder tree that's to the left. Instead, I had to select the result items (note: there is no intuitive or easy access to a 'select all' search results button.), then click the move button, then click the dropdown, then click the folder I wanted to move to. There's too may "thens" in there for my taste. 2) From the search results page, I'm unable to tell which folder, if any, the bookmark(s) is/are in. This distinction is crucial in the sorting that I'm looking to do. Overall, it looks slick and it may meet your needs, but it will not be my bookmark manager so I did not explore much past what's described here.
  • (2018-07-28) MM GG: 谢谢,很好用.
  • (2018-06-15) Xiaokang Sun: 太好了,非常喜欢。
  • (2018-06-14) 教主: 设置都没有。
  • (2018-06-01) lk ev: 非常不错,点击图标就能打开标签栏,简化了操作。
  • (2018-05-28) Disen Li: 非常满意,很方便查找书签
  • (2018-05-21) hey hey: 对比了一下和其他类似的书签搜索扩展,觉得这个最好,搜索结果比较直观,尤其是ctrl+数字的选择功能非常方便,不过唯一的缺点是搜索框不会自动获取焦点,还需要点击到搜索框或者按tab键才能输入文字,希望作者有时间能改进一下,感谢.
  • (2018-03-31) 麻田散鉄: 非常好,就是想要个方便的搜索功能而已,前面那位说的按快捷键直接打开搜索框自动聚焦也很好,不知道能不能实现(Win10最新版),因为经常要到一堆书签里找,这个搜索功能超级方便!
  • (2018-03-20) Kai Wu: 打开太慢了!!
  • (2018-02-09) Everyxin: 希望当我按Ctrl+B的时候可以(光标直接落在搜索框上)直接输入要搜索的内容. Hope that when I press Ctrl + B can (cursor directly on the search box) to enter directly to search for content. :)
  • (2018-01-11) Aaron Aka: 很棒,只是感觉使用文档写得不够完善
  • (2017-12-22) Kui Sun: 挺方便的,比之前那个Bookmark 好用,以后要是能用拼音首字母模糊查询就更方便了啊. 强烈建议增加 自动聚焦 和 数字键1-9 匹配搜索结果...不然每次都要用鼠标去点那个输入框,再打字,再按N次Tab+回车... 还有就是 默认展开书签栏吧.一般大多收藏都是放书签栏里面的,每次都要去点击书签栏...(这个动作很多余啊,其它书签那栏基本上很少用的.)

Latest issues

  • (2020-06-09, v:0.0.15) dawei jiang: 在谷歌浏览器右上角点击图标没有反应
  • (2019-12-25, v:0.0.15) nebula S: 有关“其他书签”
  • (2019-09-10, v:0.0.15) 。。。乱七八糟: 建议
  • (2018-12-23, v:0.0.15) Wolfuardian Eos: 書籤管理時...
    能不能夠在勾選其中一個書籤時就自動進入多選模式,可以直接透過點擊大框框就自動勾選呢? 意外發現這個插件,才知道可以這麼輕鬆舒適的管理書籤,然而小勾勾實在不適合手殘黨呢XD 拜託您、麻煩您嘍!
  • (2018-06-28, v:0.0.15) Huang Mr.: 不能移动文件夹
  • (2018-02-09, v:0.0.13) Everyxin: 方便使用
    希望当我按Ctrl+B的时候可以(光标直接落在搜索框上)直接输入要搜索的内容. Hope that when I press Ctrl + B can (cursor directly on the search box) to enter directly to search for content. :)
  • (2018-01-30, v:0.0.13) 彭勃: 有快捷键冲突
  • (2018-01-21, v:0.0.13) Gunner Young: 蛮好用的
  • (2018-01-21, v:0.0.13) Gunner Young: 蛮好用的


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