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Creates a Nozbe task with the web page address you are currently on

Image from store Nozbe bookmarklet extension
Description from store This Nozbe Chrome extension is a handy button that creates a task in your Nozbe inbox and also saves the current Web page address as a comment of that new task. Why is this useful? Perhaps you would like to share a web page with your Nozbe team who are part of a shared project? Maybe you see that really cool birthday gift idea and want to put it into Nozbe? Hit the button and create a new task 'Idea for Birthday present' and the webpage address will be in the comments. Copy and Paste is so last year you know! How does this differ from the Nozbe bookmarklet? It doesn't, using the bookmarklet favourites link or the button in the toolbar has the same effect. Wow, that's a little underwhelming? Perhaps, however I always hide the bookmarks bar in Chrome to gain a little more screen real estate. That causes the Nozbe bookmarklet link to be hidden too. So, I decided to create a small extension that launches the existing Nozbe bookmarklet code from the Chrome toolbar. How safe is my data? This extension calls upon the existing bookmarklet (https) code developed by Nozbe. Your API key once entered into the extension is only stored locally in Chrome, you will need to configure the extension on each Chrome browser you use. How to setup. Full instructions can be found on the options page in the extension. Your instructions don't make sense to me? More detailed instructions can be found on ProductiveWizard.com Hope you find this useful.

Latest reviews

  • (2019-09-12) Евгений Иванов: Not working at all
  • (2018-06-26) Amy Wurdock: Hasn't worked for several months now. I keep trying every once and a while but no luck.
  • (2018-04-30) Ricky Wu: 很不错!希望可以响应更快些,另外最好可以添加“文本评论” 比如##
  • (2016-11-17) Cheeky Duck: Great lil extension. Works perfectly for me. Thanks PW!
  • (2016-11-07) Kevin Murray: It needs an upgrade. Doesn't work with Google chrome any more.
  • (2016-08-11) Michel Strøm Tandrup: Doesn't work for me at all. Nothing happens when I click the icon (yes I know how to add the API key).
  • (2016-07-12) Paul Thoroughgood: Inconsistent - works well on some sites, but others such as gmail just pulls up a blank box. Would be great to see this fixed.
  • (2016-06-16) David Rhoades: Works for me just fine. You just have to follow the simple directions and enter your API key.
  • (2016-03-27) Stephen Eccles: I like Nozbe & this extension is a great idea ... but it fails to work at all for me. I just get a Nozbe logo popping up when I click the extension icon - and when I click the popup it sends me to Nozbe login page (even if I'm already logged in). No tasks have ever appeared in Nozbe when I've tries using this extension. I'd use it a lot if it worked.
  • (2015-07-23) Ahmad Shaarawy: buggy
  • (2015-02-19) Antonio de Pádua: Best productivity software
  • (2014-07-31) Betty Bingham: It is a great idea, but it works inconsistently. If it worked consistently , and there was a way to always get it out of your way when you didn't need it, then it would be great.
  • (2014-07-18) Joel Widmer: Love that it links to emails but after you add a task, the drop down stays up and you can't close it. It also pops up periodically. If those were fixed it'd be perfect.

Latest issues

  • (2018-06-26, v:1.0) Amy Wurdock: Not working
    I get an "oops, try again" notice every time I try and use the extension.
  • (2017-04-02, v:1.0) asturlicis ga: La extensión de Nozbe ya no funciona
    Al ser una versión antigua, no funciona. Me interesa para señalar páginas web como tareas a medida que las voy visitando. ¿No podrían actualizarla a la versión nueva de Nozbe? Muchas gracias.
  • (2016-06-02, v:1.0) Gerwin Schalk: German version
    Any plans to make international versions? German in my case? ;-)
  • (2016-06-02, v:1.0) Gerwin Schalk: New Nozbe Logo
    It would be great if you can use the new Nozbe logo... ;-)
  • (2016-03-27, v:1.0) Stephen Eccles: No task is created when I use the extension
    I just get a Nozbe logo popping up when I click the extension icon - and when I click the popup it sends me to Nozbe login page (even if I'm already logged in). No tasks have ever appeared in Nozbe when I've tries using this extension.
  • (2016-03-16, v:1.0) 2 bugs found
    Hello, I've found 2 bugs for the bookmarklet ext. 1. I can't get it close after adding a task. 2. It reacts very poorly when opened in a gmail window/tab. In fact, it goes crazy - it seems to keep trying to open numerous ext. windows repeatedly. So I cannot input any task into the ext. and I cannot gmail either.
  • (2016-02-07, v:1.0) Paul Helmick: work when no url in tab
    If you are on an empty chrome tab and just want to add a task w/o a url associated with it - and you click the extension icon - it does nothing. Is there a way this can just be used to simply add tasks that way?
  • (2014-12-20, v:1.0) Zackry Cooper: The box does not close when opened
    And I cannot make it work on my machine?
  • (2014-12-06, v:1.0) David Schneider: It keeps crashing?
    Hello! I downloaded this and tried to add an action and it keeps saying please try again? Dave


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