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The NonBeta version of OpenStudy Beta. This extension collects IP addresses of the users using this extension, This info is Secured.

Description from store ------------------------- +Important Announcements+ ------------------------- ~Let me know if you want your notebook data auto-synced to our servers~ ~NEW, If you ask me and/or give me the StyleSheets I can enable a custom theme for your account, this means that when you log in you will see it that way, but only you... I can also create custom themes for certain peoples profiles... You can request these...~ ~NEW MENU~ ~Before you complain about the print button being all distorted, its only distorted because you don't have your print settings correct for OpenStudy, please before posting about this change your settings to this http://prntscr.com/7jqqh7 ~Please Please PLEASE report any bugs you find, in case they slipped through me and my team I wont be able to fix them unless I know about them~ ~Leave suggestions for future updates~ ~If you cant find some of the features in this update, that's because you need to find the code for some features, if you get close to the right code it will give you a hint to what the code is, you'll find the hint in your console, and for other hints to various codes will be hinted by me over time (and stuff that has already happened) I WISH YOU ALL GOOD LUCK ON THE GREAT CODE HUNT! :) ------------------- Online Version Notes+ ------------------- ~600+ hidden features ~1867 codes total~ ~7 Freebie Codes, "squidward", "Project Google", "Harlem Shake", "Rainbow 1", "hulk", "Ab4W93d2G3j2D02F2D525Hrqq2f2334tgSADfSdfASDF3r325dSFA3aaES", "poop"~ ~117 Found Codes Total ~Custom themes on a per user basis ~More To Be Listed At A Later Date (Lazy Again)~ -------------- +Version notes+ -------------- ~Official Release~ -------------- +Beta Updates+ -------------- ~ --------------- +Alpha Updates+ --------------- ~Character limit on posts ~Maximum size a post can be, meaning no more latex bombs will be possible, by jaynator495 ~Better mod tools (Done, but unstable until I have the opportunity to look at the RAW OpenStudy code.) ~Better Spam Filters ~Fan button without having to click someone's picture/username ~There are 250+ more things in the alpha stage that cannot be announced~ ~Alpha version is not available to the public, only my team gets to test the Alpha version, features that are hidden and/or said are in the alpha phase along with features that are not announced yet, under this is will announce various things that are almost out of the Alpha stages.~ ------------------ +Upcoming Features+ ------------------ ~A button for a pop up user list (dashboard) at the top ~1200+ more, these will be added at a later time to this list~ --------------------------- +Current Features and Credits+ --------------------------- ~Notebook online save/load by Jaynator495 in collaboration with wio. ~Extra draw tools by Jaynator495, inspired by wio ~Notebook by Jaynator495, inspired by wio ~Quote by Jaynator495, inspired by wio ~Enhanced CSS by jaynator495 ~OpenStudy bug fixes by jaynator495 ~enhanced notifications by jaynator495 ~Faster OpenStudy by jaynator495 ~Easter eggs by jaynator495 ~Faster BackEnd coding (LaTeX, MathML, TeX, JavaScript) by jaynator495 ~Print by jaynator495 ~Faster site load times! ~faster latex load times! ~faster MathML load times! ~faster JavaScript load times! ~faster overall load times! ~secret codes to activate some features, meaning if you know the code then you deserve to use the secret feature, there are also Easter egg codes, these codes will be things i have done in the past, accomplishments, stuff that has meaning to me, as well as stuff that has meaning to my friends... also some names are stuck in this update... some of the items listed on this update list requires you to find the code. ~More Will be added later~ ~Was To Lazy To Complete This List, However the new update adds over 90 things to this list! ^_^~ ------------ +Information+ ------------ If you want to know why the version log is jumpy, that is because some updates do not get published through beta and go to alpha first, and quite a few fixes are made before its actually published to beta. Some updates go straight to beta, but this ONLY happens on online updates. This extension was made by Jaynator495. Scripts used in this was made by the following OpenStudy users in order of most contributed, Jaynator495, Wio. this extension will allow you to try the OpenStudy projects I'm working on, and leave feedback on what you think about it. How to gain access to my beta team? simple, for now its going to be open. (note: this has nothing to do with what might be in a later OpenStudy update if there's a update you don't like leave a comment on this post of which i can remove the issue.) this extension will add assorted features and bug fixes to be released into the extensions still in the works. For things that would generally require access to the server, it can be accomplished without access to the server due to the way OpenStudy handles requests/posts I cant tell you any more because this can be very abused. I'm just pointing this out before people start saying that some of the features i listed are "impossible" because it would need access to the server.

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