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ActivityTab: Organize and Save Your Tabs

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Enables you to organize and save your tabs for future use.

Image from store ActivityTab: Organize and Save Your Tabs
Description from store Organize your tabs by renaming and coloring your tabs! Save your tabs according to color and relaunch them with a click of a button! ActivityTab allows you to effectively keep track of your tabs by allowing you to rename, color, and save your tabs. Accessible through the extension popup, commands, or context menu, ActivityTab allows you to quickly modify your tabs to your liking and save them so you can swiftly launch a set of tabs that you want to return to. Features: ● Rename a tab ● Save colored tabs ● Save all tabs ● Close tabs of a specified color ● Creation of tab groups that keep track of your saved tabs Once set, the name and color of a tab will persist when changing webpages and when the tab is refreshed. To save tabs of a certain color, select a tab with that color and then save it. Once you install the extension, make sure to refresh your tabs so that the extension will work on them (they do not recognize the extension since they were opened before the extension was installed). About Permissions: I need the permission “Read and change all your data on the websites you visit” so that the extension can rename and color webpages from any website. I don’t store anything about you as everything is stored on your computer. Tips: ● Close tabs that you don’t need! If you save them, you can always access them later! ● Saving all of your tabs can be really useful when working on a project! By renaming and coloring your tabs, you can open all the tabs for your project and still be organized! ● Remember that there are many different ways to rename and color your tabs! You can use the popup, commands, and context menu! Pictures of the extension features can be found above, and detailed explanations of the extension features can be found below. Enjoy! Please leave a rating and feedback if you found this extension useful or if you have suggestions for improvement! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The extension popup can be found by clicking on the extension’s icon in the toolbar, and the context menu can be found by right-clicking on a page and hovering over the extension’s icon in the menu. The commands can be seen and customized by going to chrome://extensions/shortcuts. Extension Popup and Context Menu: ● Rename a tab by entering a name and pressing the enter key ● Color a tab * In the popup, click on the colored buttons to color the tab * In the context menu, click on the color’s name to color the tab ● Save tabs of a specified color by entering a name for the tab group and pressing the enter key ● Save all of your tabs by entering a name for the tab group and pressing the enter key ● Close tabs of a specified color by setting the color and clicking on the trash icon * Only accessible in the popup ● Launch the tabs in the current window or in a new window * Only accessible in the popup ● Delete a tab group by clicking on the trash icon * Only accessible in the popup Commands: ● Ctrl + Left/Right Arrow will cycle through the available colors and color the tab ● Ctrl + Up Arrow will rename the tab ● Ctrl + Down Arrow will save the tabs of a specified color Known bugs/quirks: ● Some webpages will not be affected by the extension because Google does not allow their extensions to affect those pages (ex: Chrome Web Store pages) ● Changing the color of a webpage will change its bookmark icon as well; you can reset the bookmark icon by clicking the bookmark icon to launch a regular page or by just launching a regular page of the website ● Webpages may lose their color and name on rare occasions; the only way to fix this is to recolor and rename the tab

Latest reviews

  • (2021-10-25) Pat MySecret: Ok, I get this now. What's great is that you can save a color coding and/or your own name for the tab, and that you can save a collection of these tabs even after you shut your browser, and the color/name will reappear.
  • (2021-09-06) Tom Schi: The usability is annoying: for sure, you have to try to save tabs because it for sure does not work as you expect. Hint: Try to use the <enter> key. DANGEROUS! because of the very annyoing usability, it can easily happen that this extension opens some hundred tabs. Be prepared to get a cofee untils Chrome is ready to get the command to uninstall this extension :-( it's really sad.
  • (2021-04-06) Brock Barnett: Works as expected. If you are installing it for the first time, make sure you refresh an already open tab before you try to change the color of the tab. Note: this replaces the favicon with a color. Additionally if you want to change how the shortcuts work for this extension then go to chrome://extensions/shortcuts The one thing that would make this a 5 star extension for me is if you could control which colors you have and add even more colors.
  • (2020-12-21) Picolé de Chuchu: It doesnt longer works, I cant colororize tabs
  • (2019-07-28) Schittli Portable: It would be very useful, but Ctrl + Left/Right Arrow are used to jump the Text-Cursor to the next / previous word in Textfields, therefore Chrome is almost no longer useable :-(

Latest issues

  • (2019-07-28, v:0.0.1) Schittli Portable: Thanks a lot! / Suggestion: Add just a colored border around the existing icon
    Thanks a lot for this very useful Chrome-Extension!, they make Chrome useable :-) I have a probably small suggestion: The Tabs Icons are usually important, because they allow us to identify the Website behind a Tab. Therefore it would be great if you could just add a colored Border to the existing icon. This would bring a double benefit: 1) The Websites can still be identified by it's icons 2) And we can mark them with colors Thanks a lot, kind regards, Thomas


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