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Smooth Checkbox for Gmail™

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Select/deselect multiple checkboxes by click and drag!

Image from store Smooth Checkbox for Gmail™
Description from store Now you don't have to click each checkbox when you want to select multiple checkboxes. You can just click and drag to select a bunch. Deselect Behavior: If you drag your cursor during deselection, every checkbox touched will be deselected. User Data and Privacy Policy: This extension parses Gmail web pages to simply add new user interface functionality for selecting/deselecting checkboxes. This extension does not collect or store any personal or sensitive user data. Gmail is a trademark of Google Inc. Use of this trademark is subject to Google Permissions.

Latest reviews

  • (2021-05-07) David Curtis: not working
  • (2020-02-14) Jon: No longer working AGAIN :(
  • (2018-01-31) Elinor Benchimol: Works great! Pop-up menu (that opens after selection - optional) is missing options (Delete, Move etc.).
  • (2016-06-19) J: Amazing. thanks!!!
  • (2016-04-20) This extension is really helpful, please make a similar one for inbox.
  • (2016-03-07) og.leanslut _: The best.
  • (2015-01-29) William Steele: UPDATE: IF you use multiple panes in gmail, all panes will have highlighted checkboxes. Kind of a dealbreaker. It took a minute to work but after refreshing, it worked.
  • (2015-01-24) Tube: The extension does not work and should be pulled down . The developer should accept that the extension is broken.
  • (2013-08-24) Johan Hereora Hummerhielm: This STILL doesn't work anymore! Warning! DO NOT DOWNLOAD! Stopped working months ago and the developer hasn't done ANYTHING to fix it. EDIT: Yesterday the developer sent out a update which asked for my permition again - and now it's WORKING. 5 stars to that developer!
  • (2013-05-23) Ori Samara: So easy to use and fast!
  • (2012-10-18) Paweł Benetkiewicz: For Gmail only? You should think about universal functionality.
  • (2012-10-09) Hey, it doesn't seem to be working, and it looks like users have been telling you this for a while - are you going to fix this?
  • (2012-10-07) Айдер Бекташ: Понравилось!
  • (2012-06-13) 内田慧: so nice. I use Iron browser,you know it's a brother of chrome. Only on top tray, this works.
  • (2012-05-09) Motown rock: Great idea, but works inconsistently, particularly with multiple inboxes
  • (2012-04-25) Greg Ohannessian: works well in classic inbox view but functionality disappears in priority inbox

Latest issues

  • (2021-07-07, v:1.4.9) Arlene Gnoose: Not showing up in GMail
    Running on a Dell laptop with Edge. Cannot get the extension to show up in GMail, even though it shows as installed. Suggestions??
  • (2019-05-30, v:1.4.9) Jon: Not working again
    1.4.9 broken
  • (2019-03-01, v:1.4.9) Jon: Doesn't work any more for the last week or two
    Starting scrolling skips up a page and starts again from there.
  • (2018-05-15, v:1.4.4) Mike Park: New Gmail
    doesn't seem to be working for me with new Gmail. Any known issues?
  • (2018-05-02, v:1.4.3) Cole Maddox: Violates google store agreement
    The extension keeps disabling and the reasoning given is that it violates the google store policy.
  • (2017-05-29, v:1.4.3) Marking function does not work
    Issue No.1 Sometimes I can drag to highlight mails and sometimes I cannot. Each time it stops I have to re-read the page or activate the add-in again and again. Issue No.2 "mark as read" and "mark as unread" function is not working all the time. - I am using ver. 1.4.3. - This has happened since I installed this add-in. - I re-installed twice but the issue is still remaining.
  • (2016-11-22, v:1.4.1) Adam Weiler: moving to top of inbox automatically
    is this an issue across multiple users accounts?
  • (2016-11-22, v:1.4.1) Checking wrong emails
    When I click and drag emails to check using this extension, it highlights emails at the top of the list, even if I am clicking and dragging items at the middle or bottom of the list. I have version 1.41 installed. I have tried it in Windows and on a Chromebook and have the same behavior. I have tried removing it and adding it again on the Chromebook, and it didn't fix it. I noticed this behavior yesterday, but I haven't been on my computer for about a week, so it could have started doing this before yesterday.
  • (2016-11-16, v:1.4.1) Simon East: Conflicts with Multiple Inboxes in Gmail
    This extension has worked great for the last few years, but recently I've noticed some issues when using it in my inbox. I think it's due to using Gmail's "multiple inboxes" feature. http://blog.hubspot.com/sales/email-multiple-inboxes When I drag and attempt to select some specific emails, it triggers checkboxes in some of the other inboxes but misses the ones in my intended inbox. Can send a screen-demo if required.
  • (2014-11-12, v:1.4.1) Frank R: Doesn't work yet
    Doesn't seem to be working and hasn't worked for quite some time. It is greyed out in the extensions box on chrome and I deleted and installed the newest Nov 12, 2014 and it still doesn't work. Worked when I initially installed it months ago, but hasn't worked in months and this newest version didn't fix that.
  • (2014-11-12, v:1.4.0) Christophe Gillard: Problem with selection
    The extension 1.4.0 cause a problem with the mouse selection. We can't select a text if we activate your extension with google chrome 38.0.2125.122 m ( with window 7 32 bits)


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