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A button that replaces the bookmark location that shares the most characters with the current tab with the current tab's location.

Image from store Comic Updater
Description from store For those of us that are way behind on your favorite web comic, the only way to make any progress is to: 1. Open a bookmark to the latest comic you've read 2. Read any number of comics 3. Manually copy and paste the new link to the latest comic you've read back in to your bookmark This add-on automates that process by providing you a one click bookmark updater. It works by finding the bookmark whose link is closest to your current tab (ie, the closest link to your current tab of http://xkcd.com/699/ might be your bookmark to http://xkcd.com/680) and replacing that bookmark's link with your current tab's link. In the case where there are two bookmarks that are equally close, you'll get a popup saying that the add-on could not find a unique closest bookmark and no changes will be made. Note this extension is also available for Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/comicupdater/

Latest reviews

  • (2017-10-04) Adrien Green: Exactly what I was looking for, amazing job! It could use a nicer icon and maybe some options to please the qualms the other reviewers are facing. I'd be happy to make a better icon for you free of charge. Send me a message on G+ if you're interested. UPDATE: as of 2017 or so this doesn't seem to work anymore which is fairly disappointing.
  • (2017-02-24) senselocke: Excellent. I read a lot of webcomics, and this makes keeping track of my place very easy. Only possible improvement I could think of would be setting a certain bookmark folder, so you can keep other bookmarks for the same site in another. But, this is only a suggestion--it's great as-is.
  • (2015-11-19) Ec Little: Does exactly as advertised!
  • (2015-06-03) Isaac Hansen: Works like a charm
  • (2014-12-07) Nathan Gay: I will marry this extension given half a chance.
  • (2014-04-02) This is the best solution for webcomics so far. Aggregators have either copyright problems or are too slow. This works very well. It needs more options though. I like keeping some saved comics bookmarked in a separate folder and I have to keep them somewhere else because the updated can't resolve the conflict.
  • (2013-09-11) Matti Eiden: Works great for me! Thanks!
  • (2013-02-15) Jeroen De Vlieger: Fills a huge need! only 4 stars because it has some lacking features: - confirm bookmark to be updated - alg to find closes matching bookmark is a bit lacking.
  • (2012-12-23) Marvin: Exactly what I was searching for, plain and simple
  • (2012-08-01) This extensions works great however I noticed it does not update the bookmark title just the url. Also confirmation of which bookmark was updated would be nice.
  • (2012-06-21) Krista Beth Dudley: Finally we have this app, so I can catch-up on my web comics and not have to work about the bookmarking work!!! Thank you!
  • (2012-04-17) Bennett Young: Handy tool for those of us who watch anime, read manga, or comics online. Only reason not a 5 is i would like a pop up to confirm which link it's updating as i have multiple links from the same domain want to make sure i'm updating the right one.

Latest issues

  • (2018-06-12, v:1.0) Asher Litwin: Undo Option
    Sometimes I accidentally click this button when I'm on a non-web-comic webpage, and screw up a particular bookmark (like bookmarking something on a Confluence subnet to another confluence subnet page). Is there a way we can build an Undo into this? Maybe track a history for each individual bookmark?
  • (2017-09-14, v:0.9) Jason Rosenberg: It has stopped working.
    It doesn't do anything anymore. I'm told this has something to do with permissions.
  • (2017-08-21, v:0.9) TG Forcomix: Premissions
    I've read the fixes and am not a developer. Could someone update the plugin in the Chrome Web Store?
  • (2017-08-10, v:0.9) James T Kelley: needs tabs permission in manifest
    It seems that Chrome has updated their permissions, and you now need to have the tabs permission to use tab.url. Without this permission, the extension breaks and will not update. This is the same problem reported by Will Fritz and Martin-Taylor. I have edited the addon myself, and confirm that this fixes the problem.
  • (2017-08-10, v:0.9) Will Fritz: Stopped Working
    Does not update bookmark, nor give a message saying could not find bookmark to update. Looks like pressing button no longer does anything at all.
  • (2017-08-10, v:0.9) Eric Martin-Taylor: Stopped Working
    The extension suddenly stopped working a day or so ago.
  • (2017-08-08, v:0.9) David Hawthorne: Stopped working
    This extension just stopped working with Chrome release 62.0.3175.3 last week
  • (2015-02-24, v:0.9) Tracy Cooper Jr: Auto-update please?
    Anyway to add in the ability to auto-update when URL changes? I work on multiple devices so having to remember to click that button at the end of the day is sometimes forgotten.
  • (2014-11-30, v:0.9) Ketsuna Duriane: Youtube
    If you could add support for youtube playlist URLs that'd be awesome. right now youtube URLs are similar beyond 10 characters.
  • (2013-04-07, v:0.9) Two requests
    1. If multiple matches are found, ask the user which bookmark they would like changed. 2. Update the bookmark title too, not just the url.


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