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A lightweight, clean way to view tasks from across all your workspaces in your new tab page.

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Description from store Asana Tab is an extension that allows users to overhaul their new tab page in order to view Asana projects from multiple workspaces in an easy-to-access and completed user interface. For more information, please visit the Github page: https://github.com/kamesstory/asanatabs-react. If you have any questions, please feel free to submit them via Github Issues: https://github.com/kamesstory/asanatabs-react/issues/new v3.4.0 — Adding support for Cohere, to help debug issues and support users. v3.3.0 — Adding support for querying through background script to enable tasks to update and actions to execute even when the tab is closed. v3.2.0 — Corrections to timezones and allowing upcoming tasks to show up again. v3.1.0 — Fixed several task submission issues and made the workspace selection a drop-down. v3.0.0 — Touched up all parts of the app, including the create task button and animations on the task list v2.2.0 — Added nav to Asana website on click of task v2.1.2 — Added URL to be opened upon uninstall v2.1.1 — Minified the background image so there is smoother loading v2.1.0 — Added defaults for the workspaces, start and due dates! v2.0.0 — Revolutionized everything! Now back and better. Cleaner and more modern design, and new framework for more and better changes in the future. v1.5.2 — Added changes to accommodate for Asana API 'id' to 'gid' switch. v1.5.1 — Changed "Mark Task Done" button scaling, and small display main page layout v1.5.0 — Added feedback functionality and settings for local storage of workspaces that users don't want to see. v1.4.1 — Modified tasks to not display extraneous "Date not defined" data. v1.4 — Modified the header to get rid of the white split v1.3 — Added full complete task and new task functionalities, and changed background (yet again) v1.2.1 — Changed background photo for loading time optimization and laid foundation for discrete workspaces and workspace orderings. v1.2 — Added am/pm displays, changed time to 12:00 settings instead of 24:00. Also added date and weekday in American format. v1.1 — Added default display screen with ability to open a project view below the default screen v1.0 — Initial Release, with minimum viewing functionality

Latest reviews

  • (2022-10-30) Connor Stark: Thank you for this! Nice to have feature: Set your own custom picture. Ideally stored in cache or somewhere :D, to minimise loading time even for user images. Thank you! https://www.fyft.cz/
  • (2021-08-19) Robert Pielanen: Amazing, finally a good solution to a major missing feature in Asana. Been looking for this forever. Thank you.
  • (2021-01-31) Mohammad Othman: The simple genius of this extension cannot be understated... it is actually very difficult to find any app or service that allows you to see your overall view of tasks from multiple Asana workspaces, but AsanaTabs just absolutely nails it! I love that it gives you only a peek at today's tasks and you can scroll to see the rest. I also love that it's sorted by due date. Within a few seconds you can clearly see today, tomorrow and after that.. just brilliant! Kudos to you Jason
  • (2020-07-03) Dustin Liang: I use Asana to organize my work and personal tasks, and AsanaTabs has been great at keeping me focused on what I need to do even if I'm too busy to open up Asana.
  • (2019-12-13) Andy Butz: Jason, first it says "Loading Workspaces" but hangs ... then i delete the local data in the confoguration, then it load something and said "error: click here to reload" while showing all workspaces but not one task ... after click it shows button "open asana tabs" then "error: click here to reload" while showing all workspaces but not one task ... if i go into configuration, no workspaces is checked. after checking go out and in again, everything is unchecked ... please help, we all need your fantastic add on!
  • (2019-04-17) Jason, I was SO excited when I got it working! I thought this would just show me the tasks I need to work on today, but as I scrolled down I saw hundreds of tasks (every task assigned to me, including tasks in backlog projects across the workspaces). Is there a way to just view tasks which are located in the TODAY section of My Tasks? I speak for the literally thousands of us who need a solution to this problem of seeing what we are supposed to work on today across multiple workspaces. I have tried many different extensions and none - Taco, Asana global task view - achieve this one obvious thing that is so critical for freelancers and any of us who use Asana for our professional workspaces as well as person projects. You've got it mostly solved -- and if this were possible I am pretty sure that would qualify you as an Asana HERO, and you might want to rename the chrome extension to that! If you would be kind enough to hit me up (https://www.linkedin.com/in/animasarah/ or on FB) I would LOVE to see if you would be open to collaborate/resourcing to get this done.
  • (2019-04-08) Anima LaVoy: I have waited my whole LIFE for this extension! Asana needs this feature and this would be a HUGE gift if I could make it work. All I get is a pretty beach photo and a [please log into asana] button. Jason, can you help me??
  • (2019-02-18) Rahul GS: thank you jason! very cool
  • (2019-02-07) Works great, open a new tab and it seems to automatically load all my asana workspaces. Didn't have to do anything!
  • (2018-04-03) Jason Wang: Really, a great extension! Consider using it if you use Asana at all!

Latest issues

  • (2022-04-16, v:3.4.0) Paige Winstead: Love this Extension! Can you indicate when a task is blocked by a dependency?
    Currently, all tasks that are due today display with a check mark next to them. However, when a task in Asana is blocked by a dependency, even if it's due today, it cannot be worked on or completed until the dependent task is complete. In Asana, these tasks are marked with an hour glass rather than a check mark. Is there a way to change the check icon next to tasks blocked by dependencies so you know they're not available to work on yet? Thank you!
  • (2021-06-21, v:3.0.0) Krzysztof Sokołowski: Tasks without dates are unavailable now
    Hello, recent update removed tasks from list that have no date assigned? was it intentional? can we turn it back on or something? could you maybe fix it?
  • (2021-02-12, v:2.2.0) R Conley: Instructions?
    Sorry - I must be dense - How do I use it? I have it installed and work with asana... but no obvious interface?
  • (2020-04-15, v:2.1.2) Nikita Korotaev: Add always visible input for the new task
    My workflow is that I need quickly add multiple tasks for myself. Pressing "+" every time adds friction. Would be great to have an always visible input for a new task, and add a task by pressing "Enter"
  • (2020-04-15, v:2.1.2) Nikita Korotaev: How to set defaults?
    How to set default workspace & due date?


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