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One-click romanize/transliterate Cambodian Laotian Thai Burmese webpages, view in Western alphabet. Memorize with transliteration.

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Description from store DESKTOP install MEKONGEASY HERE. Then go to any Khmer Thai Lao or Myanmar page and click the icon top right, websites in these languages will then be transliterated to ABC/western alphabet. This system allows learning of correct spelling, and how to read and write these non-latin languages easily, like trainer wheels. The original script is left intact in case you choose to translate any words with an extension such as MYVOCABU https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/myvocabu/fcoakpbajjmgoheogkoblfhbbdacjdjm?hl=en which also plays audio for THAI. SMARTPHONE use YANDEX BROWSER which runs chrome extensions, and instead of MYVOCABU, use GOOGLE TRANSLATE https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.translate with the Tap to Translate option ei|ai as in grey|why ae as in there ou/ao as in now eu as in her uo as in tour (Aussie accent), dua ue as in euha ie as in here w as in uw or euw ŗ as in carer (vowel) ļ as in tickler (vowel) k/q __G in Gold x/ᶍ __K in Kick t/ţ __T in Tick ŧ/ť __T with soft h after f/p __P in Pig s __S in Sit c/j __J in John z/ç __CH in CHop d/ᶁ __D in Dog đ/ď __D with soft h after ń/n __N in Nit ł/l __L in Lit g __NG in riNG y __Y in Yep ᵽ __P with soft h after ñ __NU in NUance m __M in Mit r __R in Rip v __VW · = glottal stop as in About subscript (or stacked) letter coded as ZWSP for reversibility KHMER: A-consonants (BLACK LETTERS, all non-dangling letters) កk ដd ឋđ តt ថŧ បb ផf ហh ឡ ł ណń អ· (and ខx ចc ឆz សs) O-consonants (BLUE LETTERS, all dangly/hanging/hooked/including n ñ) គq ឃᶍ ងg ជj ឈç នn ញñ ឌᶁ ឍď ទţ ធť ពp ភᵽ យy (and លl មm រr វv) A/O series equivalents: k/q c/j z/ç x/ᶍ d/ᶁ t/ţ đ/ď ŧ/ť ł/l ń/n f/p Russianeasy and Arabeasy versions also exist for Russian and Arabic. (laotian, laos, thailand, cambodia, cambodian, myanmar, roman alphabet, english)

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