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Description from extension meta Quickly Reblog and Queue right from a blog's archive!
Image from store Queue+/Archive Poster
Description from store Quickly Queue and Reblog right from a Tumblr Blog's archive!
Latest reviews (2019-11-16) Alexandria Dior: UPDATE EDIT 11/16/2019: Well it was working completely. Even going to someone's page and quick selecting posts was working...but now as of 11/16/19 I can't get it to load from the dashboard to view as archive, but the quick selecting from someone's archive page is still working. UPDATE EDIT 8/20/2019: It still works, but only from the dashboard. It no longer works from other tumblr's archives. So you can't go blabla.tumblr.com/archive and select and/or quick select any of their posts to quickly reblog....which sucks, because that's what i like. And now, it can only go so far when using it from the dashboard. It won't load anymore images past a certain point (no i didn't count the posts it stopped loading after) PLEASE FIX THIS AND MAKE IT ABLE TO USE FROM OTHERS ARCHIVE PAGES! UPDATE EDIT 3/24/2019: No longer working at all. tumblr changed the archive page. Still working. I was able to download it and it's working fine. I don't know about the Cryptocurrency thing, but... (2019-08-27) Ariana Grande: It does not work! fix it or i will leave qplus -.- (2019-08-26) Leo Na: Used to be my go to for ANY posting I did and now it does not work anymore. PLEASE repair it, I need this in my life. (2019-07-15) claire myers: this extension pretty much gets the job done. if you want to use it to mass queue/reblog, then you'll be okay. if you want to do anything beyond that, good luck. it won't let me edit the tags on my posts anymore, and whenever i try to mass draft posts it only adds maybe three or four of the ~20 i'll select. even with the mass queueing, i'll find that sometimes it will add things into my queue that i did not select, which can be really frustrating. overall, this extension is very helpful in keeping my blog active, but i've found myself really irritated because of it on more than one occasion. (2019-07-07) Cheryse Johnson: i know some of the older reviews say it doesn't work properly but :) seems fine to me - everything must've been fixed! (2019-06-27) Samantha T: have been using this extension for YEARS! always works for me! makes mass post or mass queueing on tumblr so much easier! (2019-06-25) Daggi Bee: Doesn't work anmore :( (2019-05-28) Sefa Baturay: There's trouble with the sharing button. She does likes. She's not sharing. Please untie the problem. (2019-05-07) Michael Imbrogno: This was fantastic until recently, I sure hope they update it and fix the issues soon! (2019-04-08) Simple Tv: It was a good extension until it stopped working, please fix it! (2019-04-04) Samantha Weeg: loved it and used it for quite some time, but looks like it doesn't work anymore :( sad day (2019-03-17) Rodrigo SaldaƱa Silva: ya no da la opcion de poder tomar varias fotos y poder rebloguearlas (2019-03-14) Stephan Nichtsnutz: does not work at all - not in Chrome nor in Opera. Pls redo this Addon in a working way. Thanks. (2019-03-03) At this moment maximal 3 stars - the script reblogs just one posting instead of 5 or 4 selected posts. Its better than posting nothing until the last update, but not really fine . (2019-02-25) Works for me! (2019-02-20) erin shelley: LOVE this extension but it's no longer working (2019-02-17) ByChristina: It doesn't work anymore! (2019-01-21) I've been using this extension since xkit guy left, it works great (2018-12-20) Captain Caveman: When I go to the websit, http://archiveposter.com/ i get a error message "Error establishing a database connection" I am wondering why is this happening... it seem that the app doesn't work anymore (2018-10-13) Sean Batt: No support. Abandonware? Not surprised after it installed crypto-mining code. I do not believe publisher's denials; their crypto-miner did not run if you were a paid up subscriber to their other product, Queue+. As far as I've been able to see, Queue+ doesn't work either and paying customers can't get any support from them. The only silver lining is that I learned something about reverse engineering chrome web store malware; I suggest the google interns who run the web store learn about it too, before they deliver much more malware to their user community. (2018-09-12) Dona Mara Prati: it was fantastic, but stoped working :( (2018-06-27) Gerard Avila: a must have, i absolutely love this appp, like a lot (2018-05-18) Olivia Sellers: won't let me download at all. why? (2018-04-30) Yzzy Marie: how can i remove it?? it stopped working and i want it out :/ (2018-04-28) Chris M: dope

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