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Provides ability to copy all curent cards on a board into checklists on a single card.

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Description from store UPDATE: Version 0.3 now grants the ability to take snapshots of individual lists through the List Actions menu on each list. This extension grew out if the need to keep track of multiple cards that exist on multiple boards. For us, all of the work to be done is staged on one specific board, then that work is sent out to smaller teams to actually complete the work. With this extension, it is possible to create a snapshot of the central board before all of the cards are sent out to the team boards. All the cards can then be followed up on at a later date, regardless of where the card happens to be. Currently, the user is required to manually create a list titled 'Board Snapshots' which will then be populated with a card containing checklists of all the visible cards on the board. Each checklist item is a link that will function no matter where the card goes, so long as the user clicking the link has access to the board where the card now resides. Please share any feedback or requests through comments here in the store. I am open to updating the extension if there is a use for it in the community.

Latest reviews

  • (2021-01-14) Mauro Perez: Could not use. Did not find a Create List Snapshot option in the List Actions as someone else mentioned in their review, or find any instructions on how to use. Maybe it doesn't work anymore? Gave 2 stars because it sounds like a great! Would totally change my review if I could just figure out how to use it...
  • (2017-05-12) Cynthia Valdez: Did not work at all, tried following the developer instructions, nothing happened, tried following the instructions in the comments, nothing happened. What a shame, would have been great if it actually worked.
  • (2016-04-24) Konstantin Ort: don't work. Please send the video instructions!
  • (2015-12-09) Mike Urbonas: This extension DOES work - just not the way it's described in the Overview. It actually works BETTER than the Overview description imo :) I created a new board with a test list and a few cards, plus another list titled Board Snapshots. Like others who posted under the Support section, I didn't get a Board Snapshot option in my menu. Nothing... But, I soon noticed under the List Actions menu I had a new Create List Snapshot option. I clicked on that, was prompted to authorize this extension, and got a snapshot of that list in the form of a new card with a checklist linking to all other cards in that list! So while I couldn't get a snapshot of the entire board, I can get snapshots on a list by list basis, which for me is even more useful than the Overview description! It shouldn't matter but I'm running OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 and Chrome is fully current.
  • (2015-01-14) Victor: Works really well. Would be awesome if you could select a specific list to merge cards from. Say I want all the cards in the "In progress" list to be merged into a single card's checklist. A lot of times people add cards at a far too granular level, and it would be nice to drag all the cards into a list, then use this tool to merge all those into a single card. You already have the functionality, just need to be able to let user select the list. Ideally it would appear in the drop down menu for a list.
  • (2014-11-17) Christoph Ott: Worked great since the last Google Chrome Update - > Infinite Callback Loop when Popup opens and asks for permissions... Please fix it, Love that feature !

Latest issues

  • (2017-06-08, v:0.3) Uğur Güray: how it works
    How we will use that ? There is no option to create a snapshot ?
  • (2017-05-19, v:0.3) The OG SG: The extension isn't working
    I enabled this extension and added the Board Snapshots board and list, but the option to create the board snapshot is not showing in the menu.
  • (2016-05-02, v:0.3) Jean-François LANDANSKI: Extensions désactivées par Chrome
    Bonjour, L'extension est désactivée par chrome. La solution ici : https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/2811969?hl=fr Cordialement.
  • (2015-12-30, v:0.3) Justin O'Neill: Not working
    ...what others said...
  • (2015-12-22, v:0.3) WIN Berlin: Show due date in snapshot
    It would be GREAT if the "create list snapshot" also pulled the due date of the card (or at least had the option)! Right now, the workaround is to add the due date in the card title.
  • (2015-11-18, v:0.3) Carolyn Miller: Not working at all
    Hi. I have added the extension but nothing happens. No Board Snapshot option appears on my menu, and I am not offered the option to authorize the extension. In case it makes a difference, I am using Windows 10. Thanks.
  • (2015-05-19, v:0.3) Linden Davies: Unable to use
    Hi, running the new version (just installed today) looks great but not working for me. I made a list called 'Board Snapshots' but nothing happens when I hit the snapshot button on the right hand menu. Also, nothing happens if I click the 'create list snapshot' button on the list menu...the app is allowed on Chrome, so not sure what the issue is...
  • (2015-04-27, v:0.3) Boom PMT: Instructions?
    I have been fiddling around with it, but I am not getting it to work. Could you provide instructions, please?
  • (2015-02-18, v:0.3) Tom Fields: 401 unauthorized
    here's the error i'm getting
  • (2015-02-12, v:0.3) J Bryan Price: Filters and Labels
    Great tool - I've been creating checklists with card references like this manually and it's been quite a chore. Two ideas that would help my workflow - and possibly others': a) Group cards by Label into separate checklists. [This could create multiple references to the same card, of course, if multiple labels are attached.] b) Apply the current Filter settings (or offer an option to do so). Additionally, as Mark Kilbourne suggested, a reverse link would be very valuable. I imagine as a comment would work best. My role in our Trello board is in release management, so I'd like to use your snapshot extension to pull together a set of completed updates into a release card. I would re-title the snapshot card with a release version stamp, which would then be immediately visible on each card the release contains. Grouping checklists by label would go a long way for me, as we identify our clients with them. Filtering is secondary to grouping, but it would make the snapshot card a little more one-to-one with what I'm looking at. Regardless, this is an invaluable tool as it is; I can reorganize and cleanup a snapshot card on my own easily. Thank you!


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