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Create a blank new tab without any existing content.

Image from store Blank New Tab
Description from store This plugin makes the new tab page complete blank.

Latest reviews

  • (2020-10-24) Yuhua Deng: good job! The size of this extension is only 2.6k, which is one of the smallest extensions of its kind.
  • (2020-02-15) Kerry O'Connor: i have a dark theme but can't make it show anything but white :/
  • (2018-11-30) Ken: This addon prevents Chromium from deleting cookies on exit, I removed this addon and the problem went away, I added this addon back and the problem came back. Would be nice to see this fixed.
  • (2018-08-02) Natalia Turner: I've been practicing minimalism & finally got around to de-cluttering my work space. What a relief to open a blank page with just the essentials in the bookmarks bar. Helps me stay focused! THANK YOU! :)
  • (2018-07-06) romoney5: TOO BLANK THAT ITS BLANK its ok
  • (2018-05-28) Elías Torres Arroyo: No permissions, light and open source! https://github.com/yifanwu/blanknewtab
  • (2018-01-29) Stas Schors: супер!!!
  • (2017-07-07) Дмитрий: Не знаю, почему разработчики Googe Chrome возомнили, что все окружающие непременно должны видеть мои частопосещаемые сайты и даже не дали возможности отключить это! Спасибо разработчику плагина за решение проблемы.
  • (2017-06-28) Thierry Lavallée: Simple. No permission required. You're a hero. thx
  • (2017-02-11) Sam Song: 설정 필요 없이 싹 비워주니까 편하네요. 비슷한 다른 앱은 "새 탭"이라는 탭 제목이 안 떠서 오류난 것 같은데 이건 제목은 있고 내용만 비어서 좋음
  • (2017-01-24) Kevin Manley: privacy! yea!
  • (2017-01-21) Wesley G: Yes!
  • (2016-11-01) Василий Петров: Гениальное расширение!
  • (2016-09-16) Paper Mario: what an ripoff! my shortcuts to my work pages are still here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please fix
  • (2015-10-04) It takes as much time loading the new tab as does the default google chrome new tab page. It should be fster than that because it is blank
  • (2015-09-16) bob STOPASKINGMETOUSEMYFUKINGNAME: Does exactly what it says on the tin, Just wish it came in black =)
  • (2015-06-16) Good job! There is a new tab page with bookmark bar.
  • (2015-05-13) Portable Wares: the litest one i've found.. i've used the other 2 w/similar names but they all ate RAM. this uses 0 RAM :) highly recommend it. FYI: right click > hide button :)
  • (2015-03-16) Артем Алексеев: На удивление работает как надо и без глюков(Chrome 41).
  • (2014-12-29) Brilliant! love the simplicity!
  • (2014-12-23) Gastón: Justo lo que buscaba.
  • (2014-12-17) Undead Fred: Just what I needed
  • (2014-12-15) Anton Zhukov: Just what I need
  • (2014-12-11) Perfect, just what I needed no extra unneeded options!
  • (2014-10-28) Nick Z: Nice! It works!
  • (2014-10-24) Very good, however wish there was support for theme backgrounds^^
  • (2014-08-18) Masha Masha: This is the best.

Latest issues

  • (2019-04-11, v:0.0.2) Samson Faggion: cool
  • (2018-07-04, v:0.0.1) pkg delivery
    cant find out when pkg coming
  • (2018-06-30, v:0.0.1) Please set the Chrome Menu icon tooltip
    The icon for the chrome menu is a B. The tooltip say "That's the tool tip". Can you set the tooltip to "Blank New Tab" so we can tell what extension that icon is for? Thanks! Great extension!
  • (2017-11-01, v:0.0.1) google
    it won't let me change it
  • (2017-04-05, v:0.0.1) help
    it is anoying that i cannot see my other bacround
  • (2016-11-09, v:0.0.1) M H: black version
    can you make a black bacground version to? Regards mars
  • (2016-01-06, v:0.0.1) dadapotok: bookmarks
    I would like to keep my bookmarks opened
  • (2014-10-05, v:0.0.1) Charles Braxton: Themes
    Would be nice if it worked with themes from the web store. It removes or hides the 8 tabs on the default screen in chrome but also hides the theme.
  • (2014-01-22, v:0.0.1) Source Code
    Is the source code available? I am interested in modifying it because I don't like how it says "New Tab" instead of saying nothing.


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