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Description from extension meta Hide your geographic location from websites.
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Description from store Modern browsers such as Google Chrome can tell websites where you're located in order to provide location-aware functionality. Your geographic location is obtained through various means (eg. using wifi data) and is often highly accurate, which can be a violation of your privacy. This extension allows you to enjoy the useful applications of geolocation while protecting your privacy. It does so by reporting a fake location to websites, obtained by adding a certain amount of "noise" to the real location. The noise is randomly selected in a way that ensures that the real location cannot be inferred with high accuracy. Three configurable privacy levels are provided. The higher the privacy level the greater the amount of noise, which gives better privacy at the expense of a less accurate fake location. This can be configured per-website for flexibility: a more accurate location can be provided for driving directions than for a weather forecast. There's also an option to use a fixed location, instead of adding noise to the real one. This offers the best privacy (no dependence on the real location at all), at the cost of very low accuracy. Note: your location can be also detected from your IP address, but usually with poor accuracy. Location Guard protects the accurate location revealed through the JavaScript API.
Latest reviews (2019-11-12) Yuss Gs: funciona muy bien (2019-11-10) Sam 00: Works perfectly and please keep up with the updates of this extension for us. Really like this tool. Update: 11/10/2019 When you try to make a search it tells you "the search service is not working now that you should try again later". (2019-10-24) Robert Peirce: This is weird. I have two identical MacBook Pros. It works on one but not the other. I am trying to make youtube tv use the correct local area. I set fixed location and tell youtube tv to use it. Works onb one and not the other. No idea why. If I am in youtube tv and click the current area button I can get it to reset but only as long as Chrome is running. Once I exit it forgets. (2019-09-24) Jacob Wright: Needs an update. If enabled on latest version of Chrome (77.0.3865.90) it makes the entire browser very choppy and sluggish. (2019-08-28) Herbert Kobby: Works fine with Google Maps, and all social networks I use - only to search a fixed location does not work, if you enter a city, e.g. Berlin, you get always the same error: "The search service is not working right now. Please try again later." Mac OS X 10.14.6 - Google Chrome 76.0.3809.100. Please can you fix that error? Thank you. (2019-07-24) Michael Elkin: I works, but only with FIXED LOCATION, in options you need to set default to fixed location for it to work. However the location is very precisely where I put it. All privacy goes away with fixed location which is horrible. My geolocation Chrome is way off. I am in Chicago, but it puts me in New York, Texas, Idaho, very far away. I need it to set to Chicago which fixed location does, but I really need some variability as well. Also this extension slows my browser like CRAZY, but at least it does work. Update: Simply slows every single page way too much. But still does work. (2019-07-22) Sebastian Szwarc: Problem with map on fixed location settings - it not loads on zoom in certain locations. Also search option not working. (2019-07-21) Miguel Garcia: It works fine. A lot of who can't read directions or don't speak English keep complaining it doesn't work. But, it does. (2019-07-18) Anthony Pothin: Top ! (2019-07-03) Flavin TV: EXTENSÃO MUITO TOP, FALA SÉRIO MANO TOP DEMAIS SE EU PUDESSE DAVA NOTA MIL!! (2019-06-27) Shane Gapinski: Extension works great for me, just make sure to drag your pin to a location that is not where you're currently located and activate the fixed location. However, I would rate it a 5 star if the search feature was working. Not sure if this is a bug or not. Also it would be worth while to be able to input LAT/LONG. (2019-06-06) Mr. Alexander: Works great. My only issue is that when I put it on pause, I have to either close out of chrome and wait for a couple of minutes or keep re-freshing several time (or more) in order for it to forget the fixed location and go back to my real location. (2019-05-03) Alan Hernández: Works great!! Just need to fix the ´Search´ functionality in the fixed location option. Thanks (2019-04-27) Fedir RYKHTIK: Perfect. Love it's manual location feature. (2019-03-08) Jervic Debad: Ahmmm the search textbox is not working please fix it thanks (2019-02-06) Fabrizio Arellano: La mejor! Sirve para ver google shopping como si estuvieras en otro país, no es para cambiar la IP (2019-02-06) Easy to select fixed geolocation and setup for chrome browser. I was able to stream media only available to that geolocation. Thanks!! Very good job. I hope that the fixed location stays with chrome updates as well. (2019-01-23) Djundi Karjadi: Works perfectly!!! (2019-01-23) Rita: Does NOTHING. (2019-01-10) Nicolas E: L'extension fonctionne parfaitement. Il faut la paramétrer correctement et comme elle est en anglais cela semble poser problème à certains qui préfèrent dire que "ça ne fonctionne pas". La position que j'avais définie dans l'extension apparaît bien sur les différents sites testés. (2018-12-29) Pawel Syrek: Not working - Chrome (Version 71.0.3578.98 - 64bit) (2018-11-03) SEO GSolutions: It Works perfectly for me and more especially for online marketers. Techno Tents (2018-10-07) Dan Sterrett: Works great. For some streaming sites, you will also need a VPN (I use IPVanish). (2018-09-24) Will Norman: it works great for me. (2018-09-23) Tom Mc Grath: It takes a while to figure out, but it does work.

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