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Description from extension meta Animated PNG support for WebKit/Blink browsers
Image from store APNG
Description from store Support for animated PNG images in Google Chrome browser. 🎉 Chrome 59 now have native support of APNG, so you do not need this extension anymore. Goodbye, it was an interesting 6 years! 🎉 About APNG format: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/APNG This extension animates IMG elements. Also it animates background images/list style images from css styles (div style="…"), but CSS images support may be incomplete. You can prevent this extension from work on specific domains (Black List mode, default) or allowed it to work ONLY on specific domains (White List mode). Source code is available on GitHub: https://github.com/davidmz/apng-chrome WARNING! CAPTCHA may not work on some sites because of this expansion (it is not always possible to correctly detect captcha images). If captcha does not work on some site, just (temporarily) disable the extension on the it. ---------------------------------- Latest notable changes: 3.1.0 (2017-06-07) Chrome 59 now have native support of APNG, so you do not need this extension anymore. Goodbye, it was an interesting 6 years! 3.0.0 (2016-09-12) IT WORKS AGAIN!!! In Chrome 48 (Feb 2016) Google turns off getCSSCanvasContext API. It was the critical part of extension, and within six months the Chrome has no technologies to animate images. Fortunately, it has changed recently and now this extension works again. In version 3 algorithm was changed from canvas animation to APNG → animated WebP conversion. 2.1.4 (2014-11-28) Fixed some incorrect captcha images. 2.1.2 (2014-01-15) Better Reddit support. 2.1.0 (2014-01-12) Partial Reddit emotes support. 2.0.7 (2014-01-12) Redirects support. 2.0.4 (2013-05-26) Ext. was broken because of bug 238071 in Chrome 27. Fixed it. 2.0.3 (2013-03-19) Fixed bug with images with 'auto' height/width in style. 2.0.0 (2012-10-01) Most of the code rewritten. CSS background/list animations is turned off (except inline styles). Fixed slow work in some sites (g+, gmail and so on). 0.7.1 (2012-04-07) animated-gif-captcha images support (strange captchas of wedge.org) 0.7.0 (2011-08-03) fix for facepunch.com (perhaps the only site where this extension is actually used:)) 0.6.9 (2011-07-14) data: url support, fixes for google maps images 0.6.8 (2011-07-09) fixed bug with CAPTCHA images 0.6.7 (2011-07-03) support for list-style-images 0.6.6 (2011-06-30) tracking changes in image's 'src' 0.6.2 (2011-06-30) background-image animation for internal and external CSS
Latest reviews (2019-05-09) Evgenya: Thank you for this extension, now APNG is natively supported by Chrome \(^_^)/ (2018-05-21) John VGMC: Had this installed for a while when some websites had APNGs, but I had never noticed that Chrome started natively supporting it until now. Thanks to them for finally natively supporting it, but lots of thanks to the creator for providing this in the meanwhile. You rock... (2018-03-22) Alexander Zung: Lmao I only just now noticed that I no longer need this. Here, putting a rating here since I never rated this extension. I just want to say that this extension was very very good while it was useful, and I'm very appreciative of you guys for making this. (2018-02-26) JD R: Goodnight sweet prince, thanks for all the moving images. (2017-08-13) Owen H: Thanks very much for this extension. It was essential up until it became unnecessary. I wish you success in whatever you do next! :) (2017-08-03) Félix: APNG is now supported natively by chrome. Thanks for all the years of getting APNG working on chrome when it didn't natively support it. So long, and thanks for all the fish! (2017-08-03) Mafhiw: The dev bricked the extension on purpose (2017-07-14) Pavel Selivanov: Not required anymore, Chrome has added ANPG support since version 59(released June 2017). Was doing APNG fine before that, thank you for your work :) (2017-07-01) Ilídio Martins: Chrome 59 animates animated PNGs without requiring any sort of browser extensions. (2017-06-20) Ricardo Alejandro García Gómez: La usé durante todo este tiempo. Felicidades por el nuevo soporte nativo. (2017-06-17) Adam Butler: It worked for a little while after I got it, but it currently has stopped working. It was a great app when I first started using it. (2017-06-07) Aidan Edwards: Woops, how did I never rate this? Thanks for all the work you did. (2017-05-21) Joel Christophel: This extension works but is a memory hog. APNG will be supported natively in Chrome 59, which is coming out in the next month. So, farewell. (2017-05-13) jt aj: not working with chrome 56-58. could this be a chrome issue? pls fix this extension as it can't pick up apng on web browsing. (2017-04-24) QuailStudio: local .apng files just stay static ! so useless Extensions for me. (2017-03-11) MrJimNowhere: As of time of posting .apng works exactly as intended (to the best of my admittedly limited testing.) (2017-02-22) Iulian Onofrei: Doesn't work for local apng files nor local html files (2017-02-09) Bhikkhu Pesala: Local APNG files are not animated when loaded from my hard drive. "Allow access to file URLs" is enabled. I don't need the notifications when an APNG file is found, but see no way to turn it off. However, I use Vivaldi 1.7 final, so I can hide the extension icon. (2017-02-04) Chris Koeritz: a really useful but missing capability for chrome. here's my contribution to the test bed for these images: https://gruntose.com/effects_of_ultraviolet_at_fare_thee_well_20150704.png (2017-02-03) Max le Fou: Contains malicious code. Don't install that. (2017-01-13) 稚女八: 很好,但是有个BUG,登录百度账号时一直提示输入的验证码错误,把该插件禁止了验证码就正常了,希望修复一下这个BUG (2017-01-09) Daniel 91953574: está executando bem, lembre de dar acesso as urls dos arquivos, as imagem, para o programa fazer seu trabalho. (2016-12-06) 별의 목소리: 움짤 잘보임 (2016-10-17) Dennis Dolzansky: EDIT: Glad to say it works again! fully deserving of 5 stars. While it doesn't work as of the time of this review, it still deserves 5 stars for doing what chrome should have done years ago. (2016-10-12) Nick C: It only seems to work when you open an image entirely in a new window or tab, and even then it cannot view animations on images accessed from your Hard-Disc.

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