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Description from extension meta Shows an unread count over the favicon for sites that support it.
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Description from store Extracts the number of unread items from a page title and displays it over the favicon. EG: "Facebook (2)", "(2) Twitter / Home", "Inbox (12) - [email protected]" will all have that count put over the page's icon. PLEASE NOTE: This extension will only work if the website shows unread items in brackets in the page title. Inspired by the "Unread message icon" lab in Google Mail. Recent Updates - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1.1.7 • Changed the priority of the Unread Count icon so it can't be overridden by the page's original icon. - 1.1.6 • Fixed a bunch of deprecated method use preventing Unread Count working. - 1.1.5 • Fixed being broken with some sites being broken in Chrome 22. - 1.1.4 • Updated manifest file to version two. • Reworked the options and background pages to use separate JavaScript files. • Changed the default site "google.com" to "google." to cover all Google TLDs. - 1.1.3 • Fixed issue where previous fix broke text entry. I'm not quite sure when this happened, but I apologise if it caused you problems. It's fixed now. - 1.1.2 • Fixed issue with checkbox settings not being saved on the options page. - 1.1.1 • Fixed issue with installing the extension on newer versions of Chrome. - 1.1.0 • Fixed issue with font names containing spaces not working. - 1.0.9 • Updated font options to use fonts only available on the system - 1.0.8 • Updated font options to include a list of commonly available fonts • Made the font weight option a drop down box too • Added a simple "enabled sites" filter - 1.0.7 • Added option to monitor non-pinned tabs • Altered description to reflect the above - 1.0.6 • Added options page • Added basic customisation options (colours, font, etc.) • Added (optional) desktop notifications Known Issues - - - - - - - - - - - • Tab favicon can get stuck under certain circumstances. To fix: press CTRL+F5 to do a complete page refresh (bypass cache).
Latest reviews (2017-12-13) Esteban Yanson: no me anda (2015-09-22) Boris Pardon: Not working on Chrome 45 :-( (2015-06-01) Mariano Cifre: Doesn't work to me. OSX Chrome Version 44.0.2403.18 beta (64-bit) (2015-01-07) Chris Frolik: Doesn't work. Mac OS, Chrome Version 39.0.2171.95 (64-bit) (2014-06-08) Doesn't seem to work for Gmail (2013-09-14) Gianluigi Zanettini: Ottimo lavoro! Estensione inserita nella lista "TurboLab.it Chrome Essentials: Le estensioni indispensabili per Google Chrome" http://turbolab.it/162 (2013-04-12) Joseph San Miguel: It didn't work, as you have to have older Labs which are not available in the current version of Chrome, or are just to difficult for the laymen to find. (2013-02-04) Kahil: It doesn't stand out at all. Needs to be more like tab badge for firefox. (2012-12-29) Zheng Yu Pang: Works great with every site that has notifications! (2012-12-20) Andrew Householder: Didn't even work for me :( (2012-11-16) Laurent Verschelden: works great with reader, did not test with others yet. thanks for this extension ! (2012-09-26) Robert Carruth: Not working on twitter anymore. (2012-09-26) Jonathan Nelson: Robust, covered all the bases I wanted to make pinned tabs useful. Thank you!! (2012-08-17) Behzad Shabani: It could be better. it'd be better if there was some padding around the number and it would be rounded instead of in a square shape. and also if possible shown next to the website icon, not on it great work :) (2012-07-12) Rio Wong: not working for yahoo mail, gmail doesn't show up too (2012-02-16) Timur Dautov: Developer Update extensions! (2011-10-28) Kahil Nettleton: This is an Ok start, but it really isn't usable like it should be. Users want to have a noticeable notification badge there. This should at least be on par with the Firefox extension called Tab Badge Notifications. Rather than overlaying the notification on top of the favicon, it does so next to it in a large, red dot. This way it clearly lets you know there is something new/unread.

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