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Description from extension meta Input Tools lets you type in the language of your choice.
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Description from store By installing this extension, you agree to the Terms of Service at http://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/terms/. Switch to typing in a different language with the click of the mouse, and switch back just as easily. The Google Input Tools extension provides virtual keyboards for over 90 languages, full IMEs or direct transliteration for over 30 different scripts, and handwriting input for over 40 languages. What's New? ✓ Show a demo link and option to help user to modify keyboard shortcut. ✓ Follow chrome extension keyboard shortcut rules. Then users can modify the keyboard shortcut by chrome extension "Keyboard shortcuts" setting page. ✓ Update icons. Usage Instructions: When you first install the extension, click on the extension icon, then select "Extension Options" in the pop-up menu. A new tab will appear where you can select your preferred languages or input methods. The keyboards, IMEs or handwriting input you add to 'Selected input tools' can be enabled at any time from the extension itself. You can always return to this options page to add, remove, or change the order of your input tools. input tool, simply click on the extension icon, select the desired language tool in the pop-up menu, then click on any text box on the web page. To turn off an input tool, click on the extension icon and select the "Turn Off" option. To use transliteration, type languages phonetically in English letters, and they'll appear in their correct alphabet. Keep in mind that transliteration is different from translation; the sound of the words is converted from one alphabet to the other, not the meaning. For example, to get in नमस्ते with Hindi transliteration, type in n-a-m-a-s-t-e. You will get a list of Hindi words sound like namaste. Then, press SPACE to select the first suggestion नमस्ते. Latin IMEs are to help people type in Latin-script languages using the US keyboard. Features include automatic diacritics, spell correction, and prefix completion. To use Latin IMEs, type unaccented letters, and they will be corrected to a desired word. For example, type "franca" in French IME, "français" appears, and it can be committed by pressing TAB. If continuously typing "francais", "français" will be committed by pressing SPACE. To get all the candidates for "francais", press BACKSPACE. To use handwriting input, select the handwriting input of your desired language. Press trackpad or left click of mouse to hand draw a character on the pop-up handwriting panel. Select the character from the suggestion list, or simply press ENTER or SPACE key to select the first suggestion. Need help? Find a problem? Point your browser here for support: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/support/mclkkofklkfljcocdinagocijmpgbhab Keyboard Shortcuts: ✓ ALT+SHIFT+N - Switch to next input tool in the list (if the extension is off, turn it on; if the current input tool is the last tool in the list, turn the extension off) ✓ ALT+SHIFT+R - Revert to the last input tool used (if none, turn off the extension) ✓ ALT+SHIFT+T Toggle the current input tool. ✓ SHIFT - Toggle between En/Cn state (Chinese input tools only) ✓ SHIFT+SPACE - Toggle the SBC/DBC mode (Chinese input tools only) ✓ CTRL+PERIOD - Toggle Chinese / European language punctuation (Chinese input tools only) Limitations: Due to security features of Google Chrome, the Google Input Tools extension will not assist with input in the address bar (omnibox), on the Chrome Web Store, or inside of other Chrome extensions. It does not currently assist with input inside of Flash applications. By installing this extension, you agree to the Terms of Service at https://chrome.google.com/extensions/intl/en /gallery_tos.html
Latest reviews (2019-11-13) can cai cao: rat hai long (2019-11-11) Grampanchayat Ahire: this is osome language...................................... (2019-11-10) Mangala Kannangara: Nice. (2019-11-07) Yuri Kolomiyets: Half the time it doesn't work. It randomly deletes the whole input when added. And when you use Undo, it doesn't restore all of it. So sometimes you will be forced to input the same sentence over and over again, because it gets randomly deleted. Super frustrating. (2019-11-06) Henry Woo: Cantonese input is a nice thing to have and it's good so far. However, it currently bugs with google doc: After some time of typing, I can't type comma, full stop, backspace, navigation keys and some other keys. Reloading the tap works but it's annoying. (2019-11-04) Dr Kavani: Google Input Tools does not have the page for downloading Persian for Windows anymore, and when I go to the page, it shows Error 404. Please solve the problem. Thanks (2019-10-30) Veena Solomon: My language is Malayalam and I have chosen only Malayalam for Input. Why am I shown Hindi even when I have not selected it in my settings? Why are you wasting my browser resources and data for a language I don't use or understand? Just because I live in India, you cannot force Hindi on me. #StopHindiImposition (2019-10-29) 정훈: 역시 구글!! 갓갓갓 (2019-10-28) Cartoon magnet: there is problem with this. it is not working properly in my chrome browser (2019-10-28) Diana Gurzadyan: After the latest chrome update I am unable to input text in chrome in any language other than English. This is a blocker issue and needs to be addressed ASAP. (2019-10-25) Thanh Trúc Nguyễn: ok (2019-10-24) 唐嘉: 我测试下这个输入框是否能够实现调用谷歌工具,好像不行 (2019-10-23) Saggalous Mmwamow: Cantonese (Hong Kong) 1. Crashes all the times when used in Google Docs 2. Non-standard romanisation format used 3. No options for choosing romanisation formats 4. China characters sometimes appear instead of standard characters (2019-10-16) maremanda seetha ramaiaha: there is no mention of telugu typing in general for syestem and pc in particular ,it is not useful at aii (2019-10-01) Kamlesh Rana: its not working with google docs. it works with other online text editor or any sites (2019-09-25) liber tech: Its a very useful tool for me to type malayalam with transliteration option. but, why the hell is the Hindi in my languages list by default, and i can't remove it. Being indian doesn't mean all are in need to type in hindi. (2019-09-24) FUNNY TRUTH: Merci beaucoup (2019-09-19) 張謙: deduct one mark for doesn't support input at website bar (2019-09-19) 龍翔翎: 甚至不能正常使用!ㄡ沒有響應,但先按ㄡ再按ㄧ出現ㄧㄡ十分神經,而且反應超慢,無法快速打字 (2019-09-18) Sanket Ponkshe: please bring back the old version. it was really nice and user friendly. I don't know why it was replaced with this very poor up gradation. (2019-09-15) StyA Satya: please enable offline mode (2019-09-14) Pit GG: Muy buen predictor de texto... (2019-09-13) HENRI Nazori: Bahasa Indonesia Terjemahan (2019-09-13) said hout: حوات سعيد 212656933378 (2019-09-12) YEIMY XIMENA URBANO BURGO: me gusta mucho los cambios ortograficos y la materia

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