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Save to Google Drive

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Save web content or screen capture directly to Google Drive.

Image from store Save to Google Drive
Description from store The Save to Google Drive Chrome extension helps you save web content or browser screenshots to your Google Drive. * Adds a browser action to save the current page. * Adds a right-click context menu to save hyperlinks and media. * Configurable through an options page. This extension allow you to save web content directly to Google Drive through a browser action or context menu. You can save documents, images, and HTML5 audio and video all by right clicking and selecting 'Save to Google Drive'. You can save the currently viewed page using the 'Save to Google Drive' browser action. The directory location and format of saved HTML pages can be controlled with the extension's options page (Choice of Entire image (default), Visible image, Raw HTML, MHTML, or Google Doc). You can automatically convert Microsoft Office files or comma separated files to Google Docs format. After your content is saved, the progress dialog allows you to open the file, rename, or view the file in the Google Drive document list. From the document list, you can organize and share your new document. To save a file:// URLs, or to enable in incognito mode, go to chrome://extensions/ and enable the associated checkbox. Due to security restrictions, this extension cannot capture chrome:// pages or Chrome Web Store pages. New in Version 2.1.1: Bug fixes. New in Version 2.1: Authorization now requires you to be signed into Chrome. In order to save to a different Google Drive account, you must change Chrome profiles. New in Version 2.0.1: Bug fix for Authentication page redirecting to about:blank after clicking Accept. New in Version 2: * Uses OAuth2 authentication flow, so you will need to re-authenticate on first use * Ability to choose destination folder (configured in Options page) * Support for high devicePixelRatio (Chrome Pixel & Retina displays) * Clicking saved folder name displays the newly uploaded file in the destination directory * Options are stored in shared storage, so are synchronized across browsers if Chrome Sync is enabled. By installing this item, you agree to the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy at https://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/.

Latest reviews

  • (2020-09-22) JL Lebario: I continuously get an error message every time I try to use this extention.
  • (2020-09-16) 莫轩恒: 支持储存的大小限制也太小了吧?下载个1G都文件都不能直接往google drive存!希望改善!谢谢
  • (2020-09-16) Duong Le: Sometime is missing a few of pixel
  • (2020-09-12) José Ignacio Delgado Martínez: ssfff
  • (2020-09-10) Liam Soper: Works okay. My adding the option of saving as pdf format and also choosing where to place it in drive each time then I would easily give this 10 stars.
  • (2020-09-08) Supriadi Ramli: MANTAP.
  • (2020-08-31) Paul SD: How is 388mb too large? Useless.
  • (2020-08-29) VSK Elipe: nice
  • (2020-08-27) Ishan Garg: For a 10 MB video download it shows that file is too big to download. So what video are we supposed to download with this? I only works on selected links and most of the time it just shows that link is not applicable to download.
  • (2020-08-26) ana paula francisca: bom
  • (2020-08-23) Santi Joc: Muy buena cuando encuentras algo que quieras guardar y sin tanto esfuerzo xd
  • (2020-08-21) Rhi B: Love this extension! What a gem and time-saver!
  • (2020-08-19) RAUL DE LAO: gusta
  • (2020-08-17) Sameera Madusanka: I needed to get download a video to google drive. size of that was 450mb. extension refused my request as file is too large.
  • (2020-08-16) Wilson Fernando Velasco Rodriguez: es buenisima facil y practica desde hace mucho ok,
  • (2020-08-12) Mário Alves: Este e o maximo
  • (2020-08-09) Pedro Moralis: После установки,засширение,не появляется в браузере
  • (2020-08-09) Sania San: ممتاز
  • (2020-08-08) Mr. Beeblebrox: Does NOT actually save directly to google drive. it downloads, then immediately uploads to google drive. I wish to completely bypass my crappy home internet and transfer the file from the remote web site directly to google drive without going down to my computer and then back up.
  • (2020-08-07) prosody Contexte: Edit 2020: The problem is the Save window closes if you choose to Change versus Save first. I think it took me a few years of enduring the trauma of the save window to speak now. Edit: I just learned you can click "(Change)" after the window opens from a save action and it goes back to the Settings page so you can immediately change formats and save multiple forms for recovery. Thank you. Remember (it does not tell you clearly [maybe the Googler who invented it does not speak English], just says the popular favorite, so here is an actual list) you can set to "Save As...": "Image of entire page (.png) Image of visible page (.png) HTML source (.html) Web archive (.mht) Google Document"
  • (2020-08-07) mai van soi: ok tôi rất cám người sáng lập tiện ich này giúp lưu trữ vĩnh viễn rất tiện đi đâu cũng có thể xem lại hình lưu niệm của gia đình tôi thanks you
  • (2020-08-03) Russell Taylor: NO LONGER WORKS This extension doesnt seem to work anymore. Ive tried to save a few diffent things and it does nothing.
  • (2020-07-30) sharif s: couldnot save a gdrive file itself, says 5GB is too large
  • (2020-07-29) Mohamed Sahl: I made sure it has the correct access to my account, but whenever I really need to use this extension, it just gives back this error "Upload failure: Unspecified error (404)".. Come On Google!! I would have understood that if it was developed by 3rd party, BUT IT'S A GOOGLE PRODUCT.
  • (2020-07-27) Andre Luis Vieira: Nice for some small files (up to 20mb? The file limit size is not stated anywhere) But the important and big ones doesnt work

Latest issues

  • (2020-09-14, v:2.1.1) Guizhang Zheng: Work in the background, please
    it would be much better if the "save to goolge drive" message doesn't pop up.
  • (2020-09-11, v:2.1.1) Leonardo Azevedo: mensagem de "Você precisa autorizar salvar no Drive"
    Quando tento salvar qualquer arquivo, aparece a mensagem "Você precisa autorizar salvar no Drive" nos avisos do Windows. Ao clicar na mensagem, nada acontece. Procurando no Drive algum campo de confirmação também não encontro uma solução. Já procurei por soluções na internet, mas não encontrei resposta satisfatória para o problema. Optei por instala-lo no M. Edge, depois da última atualização e a possibilidade de usar as extensões da Chrome Web Store.
  • (2020-09-11, v:2.1.1) Paulo Matos: Attempted to save a PDF
    If you are reading a PDF and attempt to save it to Google Drive, it just doens't work. :(
  • (2020-09-05, v:2.1.1) Joe Zero: Image of entire page no longer functions
    Saving .png of entire page no longer works, it simply saves visible area regardless of which option I select.
  • (2020-09-02, v:2.1.1) Michele Dima: telefono
    come istallare il mio telefono di casa a internet
  • (2020-08-30, v:2.1.1) Mr. Garber: nothing happens when I click or configure
    I need a single click add to drive. The extension just stares at me. Canary chrome.
  • (2020-08-16, v:2.1.1) AUROCK MUSIC: 저장옵션을 변경해도 화면캡쳐만 되는 현상
    mht로 저장하도록 옵션을 변경했지만 화면캡쳐만 되는 경우 어떻게 해야 합니까?
  • (2020-08-16, v:2.1.1) DARLENE SMITH: I have a linux computer and I it wont let me download chrome, or anthing for that matter
  • (2020-08-16, v:2.1.1) ST JR: How large is too large?
    I am trying to take college classes. I can't access the class on the computer at work (filter problem), but can access the google drive. I can download the lecture video to google drive then watch it at work (my employer is ok with this) but it says that the file size is too large. How large is too large?
  • (2020-08-11, v:2.1.1) Edward Gomez: How to Authorize Save to Google Drive on Edge Browser
    Hello, I am using Microsoft Edge and installed your app there. Each time I use it, I get a pop-up on the lower right saying: "You must autohorize Save to Google Drive" but there is no clear method to an authorization window of any kind. Clicking on the pop-up gives one the impression that one is going to be connected to some kind of authorization window but then nothing really comes up. Is there a way to do this or has Save to Google Drive not yet been implemented on the Edge platform? I have never had a problem with the extension on the Chrome browser but the new version of Edge is looking nicer these days and it would be great to have that functionality there. Thank you for any help with this, Edward
  • (2020-08-03, v:2.1.1) Russell Taylor: Extension doesnt work.
    When i use the extension it does nothing. Right click, save to Google Drive and nothing happens. Unable to click on any of the settings either, e.g. change the save location. It flashes when i click the icon to, and also states unable to screenshot chrome pages.
  • (2020-08-03, v:2.1.1) Henry Stickmin Review: Authorization
    Why do I have to authorize 'Save to Google Drive'?
  • (2020-08-02, v:2.1.1) joseph cuctom: hows ur day
    Its always great when things work.
  • (2020-08-01, v:2.1.1) Sharon Poole: 'Save to Folders'
    When I use this extension, I often click to 'change the destination folder.' Used to work without any problems. Now, when I chose to 'change the destination' folder, the only folders showing are the ones alphabetized "A" or 'B,' The folders titled "C' through 'Z' no longer show up. I am using a Samsung Chromebook, I uninstalled and the reinstalled the app. Folders still not showing in the list. I've cleared cache/browsing data but still no success. Can you help. I used to love using this app to save info to my Google Drive folders. [email protected]
  • (2020-07-27, v:2.1.1) Mahnoor Cheema: Extension won't connect to my account
    It keeps telling me to authorize Save to Google Drive but I don't know how to do that. It doesn't seem to be a widespread problem since there are no articles or past inquiries about it from other people. Uninstalling and reinstalling do not fix the problem. It seems that this extension should automatically connect to one's Google account but it won't do that for me. Please look into this.
  • (2020-07-24, v:2.1.1) عبدالله رجب: الاضافة عندي بها مشكلة
    أثناء تحميل الاضافة وقف إتصال الانترنت و الآن لا تظهر الإضافة عندي على جوجل كروم وعند محاولة تحمليها يخبرني أنها موجودة !!!
  • (2020-07-20, v:2.1.1) Ross Gillis: hi can you help me please
    need chrome reset password for reseting to factory settings
  • (2020-07-17, v:2.1.1) Kokodjo: Erweiterung funktioniert nicht.
    404. That’s an error. The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know.
  • (2020-07-16, v:2.1.1) Paul M: All options now save as PNG...
    Extension has been working fine for months then today it started to save as PNG when I want it to save as a Google Doc. I tried enabling/disabling the extension. Uninstalling/reinstalling. It just doesn't work.
  • (2020-07-15, v:2.1.1) No Name: today i finally find out the problem
    i wanted to know who was submitted my account
  • (2020-07-06, v:2.1.1) Raj PhyLAB: Does not save the image
    On right clicking and try to save the image in google drive it fails to do the and i'm also unable to change the destination folder in the option menu..
  • (2020-06-29, v:2.1.1) Olavi Turunen: Päivitys ..
    Navigaattori ei toimi ja ehkä tarvitsee päivityksen. Olavi Turunen Kitee Ouh. +358400503241
  • (2020-06-25, v:2.1.1) linla pyaemg: you help me
    i need in my computer apk
  • (2020-06-25, v:2.1.1) linla pyaemg: you help me
    i need in my computer apk
  • (2020-06-24, v:2.1.1) Gail Brown: 为什么只能切换目录而不能切换账号呢


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