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Earth View from Google Earth

Description from extension meta Experience a beautiful image from Google Earth every time you open a new tab.
Image from store Earth View from Google Earth
Description from store Earth View displays a beautiful Satellite image from Google Earth every time you open a new tab. What's new in version 2? NEW VIEWS: Enjoy 500 new views from Google Earth's satellite imagery. HISTORY: See the images from the last 10 tabs you've opened. DOWNLOAD: Grab any image as wallpaper for your desktop or mobile. SHARING: Share your favorite image with your favorite people. GALLERY: Explore all 1500 images in our new web gallery: g.co/ev Note: To ensure best performance, please disable any other photo tab Chrome extensions by going to Settings > Extensions in your browser. Learn more about our privacy policy at https://www.google.com/policies/privacy/
Latest reviews (2019-11-16) CR Jack: 非常棒的应用,每次看到这些照片,就有一种想关电脑的冲动,时想关电脑去机场而已。 (2019-11-14) Neven Brijeski: Every time I go onto my computer, it feels like I'm on a helicopter in a different part of the world. It makes me wonder how people manage to get the shots, and makes me appreciate modern technology. (2019-11-14) TRAM McCleary: Lovely pictures. (2019-11-13) Ruhan Majithia: wow😑😐😕 no really it was AWESOME (2019-11-05) Dan Kellett: I used to have the ability to scroll down/up to see the history of images shown in my tabs, where did this go? (2019-11-04) Adrian Waldron: amazing 6/5, 10s across the board. I am a cognitive neuroscientist and artist, academically the evolutionary neuroscience of art, beauty, pleasure and fun. Ethnically I am Pagan. I love Google Earth and I love the Universe. Thank you for making sure I see a new piece of this beautiful world every day. (2019-11-03) Khairah Audi Yudasmara: I love it (2019-11-01) doubledeckerbed: I really love this extension!! Really like how there is an option to view previous backgrounds. Could be improved by placing the search bar in the middle of the page tho :0 (2019-10-24) eliyah richardson: love it! hope everyone else likes it. (2019-10-22) Thomas Paper: I love this extension. I try to guess every time the location of the image. (2019-10-12) Noa Lupart: I really like it but pls I went to keep my favorite bare at the top (2019-10-10) jorge abbiate: Basura total, solamente son fotos, no se puede navegar como en el google earth real. (2019-10-01) Leonardo Aldegheri: Ogni volta uno sguardo sulle bellezze della nostra Terra. Bellissima estensione. (2019-09-29) Isaac Trumbo: My life is divided into two main chapters. Before Earth View from Google Earth Chrome extension, and After Earth View from Google Earth Chrome extension. The glowup has been real. (2019-09-28) Lucid: Similarly to the Google Art & Culture tab extension many of the images are low resolution even though very high resolution versions exist. Additionally, the bookmark bar is removed and cannot be enabled (it's baked into the default new tab). Options to enable the display of only very high res images and the bookmark bar in the new tab interface would make this an excellent extension. (2019-09-26) Hi Neil of 'Cidi Al-Masry' Sidi Al-Masri Sandage: Please include insert a thumbnail, in the default 5+5=10 thumbnail google new tab. Also allow 8 column x 16 row grid for planners. Daily Activity, where the 16 hour rows, each square may nest 3-2-3{00,10,20;45,15;30,40,50} icons each. (2019-09-25) MARIA PAZ Q CASTILLO: Affidavit of Sworn Statement OFF Official True and Correct Clearance on Valid Reliability. (2019-09-25) Qi Wei Xu: 超级喜欢 (2019-09-23) Heath Dundas: Fun way to browse the web (2019-09-20) Paddy: Since this morning 20/09/2019 this extension doesn't work anymore. (2019-09-18) Paul Ricco: Seems to be broken recently, the scroll up on mouse wheel to see previous views isn't working and the click through to Google Earth has disappeared (I'm on Chrome 77.0.3865.75). (2019-09-16) Jair Reyes: LOVE IT (2019-09-12) Enrico: it's a very nice app so I'm learning a lot about beautiful places on earth. a single point: by far too many pictures from the US. (2019-09-11) Asher kamran: i dont really get it buty OK its pretty cool,awsome,but u know i dont "GET IT" (2019-09-10) Jena: I really love it! It makes my desktop look great + it's really cool to see some awesome places around the world!

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