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Description from extension meta View data on your AdSense, Ad Exchange, and DoubleClick for Publishers ads and accounts, and block unsuitable ads on your site.
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Description from store Whether you're using AdSense, Ad Exchange or DoubleClick for Publishers, with the Google Publisher Toolbar you can view information on each of your Google ads, block unsuitable creatives, and see an account overview, all while browsing your own site. The Google Publisher Toolbar adds an overlay to each of your Google ads, which provides some basic information about the ad, including its size, display URL and the advertiser name. Clicking on the overlay generates an Ad Details pop-up with more detailed data including: • A link to the ad’s landing page, allowing for safe clicks. • Summary reporting on the ad unit including performance metrics, such as clicks, RPM and estimated revenue. • The buyer name. • The display URL. From the Ad Details pop-up, you can also take action on an unwanted creative to block the ad, the URL or the ad network, or send feedback to Google. Clicking on the Google Publisher Toolbar icon generates the Account Overview pop-up that provides a helpful summary including: • An estimated account earnings summary for today, yesterday, this month or last month. • The top five channels or top five sites in descending order of revenue for today, yesterday, 7 days, this month and last month. With the Google Publisher Toolbar, you get an easily accessible account overview and enhanced insight into the ads on your page, together with the ability to manage creatives, without ever leaving your site. By installing this extension, you agree to the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy at https://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/. ----- New in 5.1.0 - Removed support for DFP and AdExchange New in 5.0.26 - Announced deprecation of DFP and AdExchange support. It will be removed in July, 2017 (https://support.google.com/dfp_premium/answer/7688984) - Updated to use the latest DFP API New in 5.0.22 - Updated to use the latest DFP API - Fixed authentication flow after OAuth2 changes New in 5.0.21 - Updated to use the latest DFP API New in 5.0.20 - Now available in Filipino - Fixed problems with GPT native ads New in 5.0.17 - Fixed problems after update to Chrome 45 New in 5.0.16 - Now available in Hindi and Malay New in 5.0.13 - Link to the GPT console for DFP publishers. New in 5.0.4 - Export ad details: The "ad details" view now includes a convenient link to export all details associated with an ad into a single downloadable HTML file. New in 5.0.2 - Support for multiple AdExchange accounts: if you manage multiple AdExchange accounts you can pick the desired account from the account overview. New in 5.0.1 - Support for "Rules" for AdExchange publishers: AdExchange publishers can now see the winning bid rule for a given impression. New in 5.0 - Analytics integration functionality displayed in the account overview, providing up-to-date insights on site performance, visitor behavior, demographics and traffic sources. You can access this new data directly from your pages when viewing them on Chrome. More information can be found in our Help Center: https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/6050497
Latest reviews (2019-11-13) Johnny Edward Wellons, II: OK.More to come (2019-11-12) Damian Gądziak: Login process works fine only at Opera browser (lol) not possible to use it with Chrome. (2019-11-02) Роман Липатов: Невозможно подключиться. Жму на кнопку, перехожу в свой аккаунт. Даю разрешение на доступ к своему аккаунту. Появляется страница: Скопируйте код, перейдите в приложение и вставьте его в нужное поле. Но вставлять код некуда. Раньше после нажатия на кнопку оно само начинало работать, без всяких вставок. (2019-11-01) AONG website: ظهرت لدي عبارة (يُرجى نسخ هذا الرمز، والانتقال إلى تطبيقك ثم لصقه هناك) . اين أقوم بنسخ الرمز؟ (2019-10-18) Peter van Dartel Berkhey: Ik moet een code kopiëren en plakken in m'n app, zegt-ie. Heb geen app maar een site. Waar op de site moet ik die code plakken dan? (2019-10-15) Miguel Materano: Parece que ya no funciona me genera un codigo para pegar en una aplicacion que no se cual es (2019-09-17) James M: More to come (2019-09-03) Loro Mutia Ningrum: gimana cara masukin kode aplikasi nya cuk. (2019-08-28) Андрей Быков: С версией Chrome 76.0.3809.132 перестала работать. Требует при входе "Скопируйте код, перейдите в приложение и вставьте его в нужное поле:"... Надеюсь, будут обновления! (2019-08-03) Mahesh keerthisingha: i have problem with this toolbar when i click on extension i got " Error while fetching publisher data".how to fix this (2019-07-25) Isobel Peacockgf: he is bad (2019-07-06) Rajasekharan N.: I have been using this extension for years. Like Google's dictionary extension, Google Publisher Toolbar too started to hang since a few days ago. Uninstalled, reinstalled, and tried again. The sign-in process to link the AdSense account returns an authentication code that needs to be entered into the extension. There is no place inside the app to enter this code. Thus the Google account is unable to be linked to the app. As usual, Google doesn't seem to care about it even though people have been cribbing/complaining about this bug for a long time here. I uninstalled it and used the 'Report abuse" option while uninstalling to flag it to their team. Have to wait and see if somebody hears it at the other end. Hence a negative rating until then. (2019-06-23) John Napoletano: Yeah that authentication code thing sucks. Preach UX then...LOL. When that message appeared I 'refreshed' the page and it turned on instantly. I read somewhere the script fails to execute, the refresh re-tries. I was logged into both at the time, not sure if that matters. (2019-06-22) Oficios, Tips y Mas: No sirve (2019-06-10) Elise: いつの間にか使えなくなってる? ふと新規に設定しようと思ったら、一向に設定完了の画面を出せず諦めました (2019-06-06) Aidan Wick: Broken, keeps asking to insert success code. Already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin, clearing all cookies, enabling "Allow access to file URLs" and nothing has worked. (2019-05-19) cb charepalli: verygood (2019-04-25) Ruslan Vasilets: Last time I also start receiving this error with Sign-in code, but you can try simple fix, which work for me. When you see a page with Sign-in code error, take a look at URL. There should be https://accounts.google.com/o/oauth2/approval/v2/approvalnativeapp?auto=false&.......... so, simply change ?auto=false to ?auto=true and press enter (2019-04-19) Kenneth Lee: Dosn't work since couple days ago. (2019-04-13) Credolinks: Ya no da la opcion de Activarla con el CODIGO que da al conceder permiso de la cuenta de Google ..hera una muy buena herramienta, lastima que ya NO SIRVE (2019-04-12) Kenny Heimbuch: Was a very useful extension. Now it gives you the runaround asking for some code with no reason or other instructions. And this is when trying to install the extension in a new install of Chrome with no other extensions. In fact this doesn't work in any Chrome-based browser either. Doing Google search for this problem yields no help nor any response from Google. (2019-04-04) Youtube-Live B.D: It's very helpful for me. (2019-03-26) jajat vanhouten: tidak bisa login meminta code (2019-03-24) Daniel Salas: no sirve, dejó de funcionar hace meses , era muy útil pero ahora ya no sirve para nada, ahora solo dice que peguen un código en la aplicación (2019-03-19) Florian Nagl: The issue has been unsolved for 6 months now. Where are we supposed to paste the authentication code??

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