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Description from extension meta An eye-dropper & color-picker tool that allows you to select color values from webpages.
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Description from store If you feel the need to alert the developer about a bug use the feedback forum instead of writing a review. If you are having problems with accuracy use the arrow keys, and enter to pick colors once you get the mouse in the approximate location. Please note that colors are picked from a snapshot of the page that is updated only when you scroll. To take a new snapshot press r or use the re-snap button. Sometimes if you just changed tabs, you may see a snapshot error - this is an intentional security feature. Press R or scroll to correct this, or exit color pick and try again. ATTN: Some users may experience funny "wrong color" bugs if they have certain video cards with shared memory. You may need to disable GPU compositing from the page about:flags until further research is done with regard to this matter. As with most extensions of this nature, it will not work out of the box on the web store, or on file:// pages. It will work on local file pages only after you "Allow access to file URLs" from the tools->extensions manager. If you experience an issue, try the following: - Try a new website in a different tab and see if it works there - Try the same website in a new tab and see if that works - Reloading the extension or tab may sometimes be needed If you need to operate on unsupported pages try the desktop app version (mac+pc) at color-pick.com or if you are selecting colors from screenshots, images or photos try the mobile phone/tablet app for IOS and Android - search the store for "ColorPick" (which also includes color based mini games). If you're looking for a quick and easy to use color eye dropper with zoomed drag-able preview for fine tuning you've come to the right place. If you experience any bugs PLEASE report them using the feedback button before rating 1 star. ColorPick may not always perfectly accurate, especially at every zoom level. Please report any bugs! It has been reported that it may take a few tries before it starts working initially. You may have to refresh the page or re-load the extension. Keep in mind that your display's color space matters - if it or chrome is not set to sRGB (and restarted chrome) then some colors set to one value will pick as a different value (as if from a screenshot, which in some cases can have a similar effect). Color Pick attempts to use lossless PNG quality to detect colors. If you experience bugs or distorted snapshot of the page disable this feature to use JPEG quality. If your business is using this extension or the desktop app than you should urge them to purchase the appropriate license. Thank You, Sam ------------------------------------------- This program is a Color Picker, or an Eye Dropper, also a ColorPicker or EyeDroper depending on how you wish to spell it. It also contains webpage region magnification/zoom loupe features. Zoom features may help you to see pixel perfect alignment accuracy during web development adjustments. This extension may someday be supported by URL rewriting affiliate links. This may be disabled from options.
Latest reviews (2019-11-19) Сергей Пустовит: Работает. Есть пожелание, чтобы по умолчанию цвет был lower case, но в настройках есть возможность выбора, и то хорошо (2019-11-09) Zesavageone: Don't get it. probably because im 12 (2019-10-26) Andres Hugo Quispe: Excelente,la recomiendo. Seria genial si pudiera integrarse dentro de google slides y que el color seleccionado con el complemento aparezca directo en la paleta de colores de google slides (2019-10-24) Andrey Dobrozhanskiy: Спасибо, очень удобно! (2019-09-25) mo kh: ♥ عاااااااااااااااااااالیه واقعا کارمو راحت تر کرد.قبلا مجبور بودم اسکرین بگیرم ببرم فتوشاپ (2019-09-10) Roblox TV Network: I HATE THIS I USE IT ON PICTURES AND IT DOESNT WORK ANYMORE (2019-08-31) MozarteanChaos: works nicely. has been asking me to buy a license recently, not sure if that has any features attached or if it's just to support the developers? it doesn't seem to stop me from using it, so i'm not too worried (even if it does stop me, it's pretty cheap so again, not too concerned, more just confused) i've had this extension installed for a while now, and while i don't use it often, it does what it's meant to do when i need it to, and that's enough for a good rating. (2019-08-17) Omely Candy & Snack Shop: verry helpful for UI/UX designers, developers (2019-08-12) Robyn Wright: I liked it (2019-08-02) UPJA Marketing Digital: Gostei demais, muito fácil (2019-07-24) Greg Allen: Wonderful extension and great customer support (2019-07-20) Alya Svoboda: Лучшее для выбора цвета (2019-07-12) Suzy Byrnes: easy peasy way to pick colour in tiny sections of screen for reuse. Thank you very much :) (2019-05-28) Awais Hunjra: Easy to use accurate and fast (2019-05-05) Daniel Romero: Opciones Justar y necesarias sin rodeos (2019-05-04) Gacha Trash: you may think WOW this girl is so stupid for giving 3 STARS i do this because after a long time of me not using it it wouldnt let me pick a color >:( im very mad and sad about this do you guys know how i can fix it? (2019-04-21) Ami Q: Now it wants me to buy a license (2019-04-13) Henrique Maio: Recomendo! Funciona perfeitamente para o que se propõe (2019-04-12) Kyle Salewski: Exactly what I needed. Thanks! (2019-04-10) CoCo Link: Una extensión fabulosa, muy recomendable por su utilidad y fácil de usar. La recomiendo! (2019-04-03) J Chu: Not working anymore ! needs registration ?... (2019-03-26) Leon Herbert: This tool was working fine, today it said I have to register it, so I went and paid the money, but it still says i need to register it, and I could not get a refund even though it was within 30 mins. Either give me a working version or pay me back. I don't have time for this. (2019-03-20) Oscar R Callisaya L: I tried with different pickers and this have all I want. You can pick the color from a web site for image opened in browser. Works nicely (2019-03-06) Kathleen Kruse: LOVE LOVE LOVE this handy tool! (2019-02-27) Şahin E.: Sonunda doğru düzgün çalışan bir picker bulabildim.!

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