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Description from extension meta Change the appearance of websites instantly. Preview and install styles created by other users on stylebot.me
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Description from store ** If you're looking for help or reporting a bug, please report on http://github.com/ankit/stylebot/issues. I can't answer you if you post here. ** Stylebot lets you manipulate the appearance of any website with custom CSS. You pick an element and choose any changes you want to make from the editor. You can change the font, color, margins, visibility and a lot more. You can also write CSS manually. You can preview and install styles created and shared by other users on Stylebot Social (website is currently down. I plan to bring it back up in the future) Features: ★ Easy to use: Pick and style elements like in Firebug. ★ Simple & Quick: Changes are saved instantly ★ Share, Preview and Install styles: When you're on a site, you can easily preview and install styles created by other users for that site - Changelog: https://github.com/ankit/stylebot/releases - Issues or Feature requests: https://github.com/ankit/stylebot/issues - Twitter: http://twitter.com/ahujaankit Privacy Notice: The notice you see about having access to your website data, tabs and browsing activity is automatically generated because Stylebot runs on every tab. Stylebot doesn't try to look at or store any of your private data.
Latest reviews (2019-11-20) kaleem khan: It's very good at what it's supposed to do, BUT what use of it if the navigation is so crappy. there's no way you can go to previous menu after editing the css directly, the only way is to refresh the entire page. (2019-11-03) Jahidul Islam: Just Awesome Extension ever i seen before. I Love This Extension A Lot. Keep It Up Dear Developer. (2019-10-31) Douglas Fresh: I've been using this for over a year now. This extension works great! Microsoft outlook website is just awfully spaced, with open tickets to fix the spacing issues. However, installed this extension setup my own CSS and bam, nice website. Tons of future applications for sure, thanks to the stylebot team! (2019-10-27) IKETOONS: IT'S SO GOOD! THIS IS MY FAVORITE EDITING SOFTWARE! IF YOU WANT TOO EDIT SOFTWARES LIKE YOUR A PRO, TRY THIS! The others is just an 1-click text to edit an they get boring quick. BUT THIS IS THE BEST FOR YOU! But sadly, you can edit fonts only. (2019-10-25) Kiley Ohl: I would literally DIE without this extension. Great for just tweaking small things on a per-site basis, but super useful for blocking 'distractions' on pages (if you are an ADHD'er like me), fixing design bugs (if you are an OCD'er like me), or if you are just learning and want to play around with any site- seeing what 'might have been'. :) Pro-Tip: Inspect element and play with it in WebDev Tools, then just copy to the StyleBot Stylesheet. (2019-10-13) Lê Khắc Bình: Work great! (2019-10-06) itirou tarou: ublock originなどで消しきれない広告や、cookie使用表示なども消せて便利。 cssの適用結果がリアルタイムでプレビューできるのもいい感じ (2019-09-19) Robert Parzych: Jeśli w stylach jest animacja to przy każdym zapisie powiela ją dodając wersje na różne przeglądarki i wywala błąd że własnie te automatycznie dodane animacje są nie poprawne. Dodatkowo gdy próbowałem dodać w osobnej pozycji dla tego samego url tą animację przez wcześniejszy problem to dodanie nowych styli kasowało stare. Nie może być dwóch styli dla jednego url. (2019-09-11) E. Adams: This is the one style editor tool that really did what I needed! (2019-08-22) римский Перес: From this: http://prntscr.com/ow9kce to this: http://prntscr.com/ow9mgv Just Glorious! I wish there was an option to share my config with the rest of users. (2019-08-19) amir salam: ❤️fav extension (2019-08-18) Alex Webb: doesnt work (2019-08-04) TelFiRE: I find this extension to be incredibly useful. One unfortunate thing that really bugs me is that the icon is basically invisible in MacOS dark mode (and I assume with dark Chrome themes on any OS) but the functionality is too useful for me to take a star away for that. (2019-08-03) Anton Cherniavskyi: This extension is wonderful! It's so easy to tweak the looks of my favourite websites. (2019-07-30) muhammad salama: made my restyle my frequent websites. i have been searching for something like that for years. I always thought there must be an app or extension to make me delete or at least hide the annoying elements which appear on websites. I stumbled upon it by chance yesterday and i can not say how happy iam. Job well done! (2019-07-08) Greek News: Very nice! It works most of the times!!! Well done guys!! (2019-06-25) Arch Stanton: Same as many here "Open stylebot" does nothing.. (2019-06-23) Nazmul Idris: Best extension ever! I use it to make text larger & more readable on most websites I visit! (2019-05-24) Alex Kibou: It delivers important functionality but it 'can read and change all your bookmarks'..... okay... (2019-05-15) Kitri Waterman: Great extension! To block notifications for Gmail: div.vh { display: none; } For Google Drive: span.a-la-B-x { display: none; } (2019-05-03) Kirill Yunussov: LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! (2019-04-26) Keith Taylor: Saves me a ton of time in developing websites and is great for custom css for other of the sites i like as well (2019-04-23) BG Bruno: it works but no user friendly update for years - also not works for subdomains (2019-04-15) Vincent Lycoops: Freezing/Crashes the site when typing CSS code. (2019-04-01) Works good!

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Extpose is a service for Chrome extension publishers.
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