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Description from extension meta Selenium Record and Playback tool for ease of getting acquainted with Selenium WebDriver.
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Description from store The new Selenium IDE is designed to record your interactions with websites to help you generate and maintain site automation, tests, and remove the need to manually step through repetitive takes. Features include: * Recording and playing back tests on Firefox and Chrome. * Organizing tests into suites for easy management. * Saving and loading scripts, for later playback. * Support for Selenium 3.
Latest reviews (2019-11-12) Grzesiek Durtan: I try build condition to check is cookie bar exist and click or skip. Zero examples, and zero positive resoults. I lost 4 hours and start search working alternatives (2019-11-11) Анна Кизеева: После обновления от 10.11.2019 в тестовых наборах не срабатывают все тесты, а выполняются через один (2019-11-07) hao wang: 非常有用的应用!!!感谢作者! (2019-10-29) dane kolak: How to change .txt to .side in Save as type default? (2019-10-14) Gabriela Mendes: Simple to use. (2019-10-04) Oscar Ayzenberg: So far very pleased with the functionality and interface. The only thing I'm missing - PASTE from the clipboard (preferably in the middle of entering text). The scenario is as follows: Trying to fill the form with multiple names. Name is on the clipboard, manually entering "My name is CTRL-C from Miami". Is there any way to do with current Selenium? I tried "send keys" with value Kyes.CONTROL+"v" - it didn't work (2019-09-12) Kelli Emerson: Extension was updated today, and now my tests will not run. My window hangs on chrome-extension://mooikfkahbdckldjjndioackbalphokd/bootstrap.html. I tried to email the group email address [email protected] but the email was rejected. Please advise! (2019-09-07) Andrei Unuchak: Стало неудобно работать без возможности экспорта. Перешел на другое расширение, в котором данная функция имеется. (2019-09-05) Asif Khan: Excellent tool.......Love it (2019-08-15) Christian Duchesneau: Bravo, la nouvelle version est génial. L'intégration au CI et la sauvegarde des paramètre de vitesse en font un atout considérable. (2019-08-08) Glen Coadour: Plugin intuitif. Le plugin est en constante amélioration avec des ajouts de fonctionnalité régulière. L'équipe de dev est à l'écoute de la communauté. (2019-07-23) Waleed Zaghloul: Still testing it... (2019-07-08) Jose Meza: This extension worked great while I was using it. However, I decided to remove it because I no longer was using the extension, but somehow it was always causing "out of memory" crashes on my localhost developer tab. (2019-07-06) Alexander Schikora: Still sticking to the 90s, UI is horrible unintuitive and you can't even test local websites (file://) do you guys even use your own products? If you wanna be productive, stop wasting your time in the 90s and move to a proper tool such as Ranorex Web, Selenium IDE should be put to grave (2019-06-21) Jiaqi Chen: python+selenium,web自动化测试利器啊! (2019-06-21) Ди Бык: Приложение не сохраняет проект. Не предлагает место сохранения проекта. При открытии сохранённого проекта он оказывается пустым. Переустановка не помогла Использую Chrome 75.0.3770.100 --- The application does not save the project. Does not offer a save location for the project. When you open a saved project, it is empty. Reinstallation did not help Using Chrome 75.0.3770.100 (2019-05-08) Ravi Salunkhe: Tried recording on some Angular 7 apps and it doesn't work. It's unable to record or find elements...nothing. Can you update me whether or not IDE is capabale to record/work with Angular apps? (2019-04-01) Not working well.. After recording when I play it keeps searching for element and eventually fails. (2019-03-31) Scott Dunsmore: Needs more commands. Needs a way to input unique values into text fields. SO suggested: type fieldName javascript{Math.floor(Math.random()*11)} But this doesn't seem to work. Also several broken links. Go to https://www.seleniumhq.org/selenium-ide/ then "Plugins at the bottom" > Adding Commands To add a command to Selenium IDE firstly make sure to declare it in the > manifest. 404 https://www.seleniumhq.org/selenium-ide/docs/en/plugins/adding-commands/plugins-getting-started#the-manifest Additionally, Selenium core extensions (SeleniumIDE-->Options--->general tab) in the old versions seemed pretty straight forward, but for the life of me seems a PITA here. I'll need to waste a few more hours trying to decipher this. (2019-03-21) Very helpful in getting from zero to script and with command runner provides a mechanism to get into my automation environment! (2019-03-20) Marianne Erlyn Joy Bernardo: Would've been nice if there's an Export to C# functionality. Same with the Other IDEs. (2019-03-17) Al Sargent: When reading these reviews, consider whether they apply to the old Selenium IDE (before 2019) or the new one (2019 onwards). Selenium IDE died back in 2017 due to lack of maintenance, and has been revamped by engineers from Applitools. (Disclosure: I work there.) The new Selenium IDE has a ton of new capabilities: 1. It now has record & replay on both Google Chrome and Firefox. 2. It uses multiple object locators, so your tests run to completion even if your app changes. 3. It automatically waits for the app under test, which helps ensure tests run to completion. 4. It has conditional logic, to handle intermittent UI elements (cookie notices, etc.). 5. It supports test script re-use, for common steps like sign-in/sign-up/sign-out. 6. It supports embedded Javascript code 7. It lets you edit your scripts (basic stuff, I now). 8. It now as a debugger (also basic stuff). 9. It can run scripts in parallel. No Selenium Grid needed. 10. Selenium IDE scripts can be run from a CI build script. 11. Selenium IDE can run scripts using Selenium Webdriver along with Chromedriver/IE Driver/geckodriver/Safari Driver, etc. -- a full range of cross-browser testing options. 12. Selenium IDE scripts can be managed in a code repository. 13. Selenium IDE is now extensible with plugins. 14. Selenium IDE has a visual UI testing plugin (from Applitools). 15. Selenium IDE can visually test responsive web apps (using a plugin) 16. Selenium IDE can find the root cause of front-end bugs (using a plugin) That said, there are still two things that Selenium IDE doesn't have: 1. No way to export Webdriver scripts. This is being worked on, however. You can track progress here: https://github.com/SeleniumHQ/selenium-ide/issues/131 2. Doesn't yet support data-driven scripts. You can track progress and add feedback here: https://github.com/SeleniumHQ/selenium-ide/issues/183 You can read more in this blog post that I wrote. It goes in-depth into all the above points and provides a number of examples: https://applitools.com/blog/why-selenium-ide-2019 Hope this helps! Any questions, please let me know. (2019-03-13) Jan Chodura: Excuse me but without export to other languages it's for me useless. (2019-03-01) Arun V: This is going to help a lot! (2019-02-28) Jon Chino: definitely an improvement! working well straight away

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