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Description from extension meta Live Write CSS onto any page
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Description from store This extension provides a text box on any HTML page so that you can write CSS freely and immediately see the results. I use it every day for quick edits, product demos and other testing out new ideas. The extension options allow you to set a default key command to open and close the editor; turn off the warning that is shown when you close the editor; and enable or disable the automatic saving of your changes when you close the editor. Version 1.8.0 includes the following changes: - The ability to set a default editor size - Warnings and error messages when trying to use the editor in places that it won't work - Improved the CSS to make sure it isn't impacted by other page CSS - Use the Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts instead of a custom shortcut (BREAKING CHANGE) - Code cleanup Version 1.7.3 is mostly a version bump for manifest 2 support. It just brings it up to support the latest versions of Chrome. Version 1.7 includes: - Ability to move the window left / right as well as top / bottom. - Support for RTL pages (forces LTR on the editor) - Support for tab spacing in the editor - other minor bug fixes Version 1.6 includes the following: - You can now save styles that you create for the pages you visit. When you come back to the page, the new styles will be applied instantly. - The editor remembers the size of the editing box on a per url basis. If you've resized it, it will be the same size the next time you open it on that url. - Customizations are now saved per URL instead of per domain Version 1.5 includes the following updates: - Support for tabs in the text area - Support for https URLs - You can disable the warning message - It can remember your CSS changes, even after a refresh of the page - A keyboard command (ctrl+shift+E) can open and close the editor - You can configure the keyboard command in the options - The chrome icon is colorized instead of black - Faster, smoother operation and cleaner code - International Language Support Please update and try it out. You can follow @livecsseditor on twitter for updates and feedback. Thanks :) Jeremy Hubert http://twitter.com/livecsseditor http://twitter.com/jhubert
Latest reviews (2019-09-13) Yosef Park: Doesnt open (2018-12-05) Alexander Poroshin: There is no any documentation! Only the ads at the app's site! Only video! The best thing to develop your own mind, but not good to start using and improve the efficiency! (2018-11-01) taco Ingeniero: no sirve ni me lleva a la pagina super estafa super poop (2018-10-22) Nathi Nonthasen: good one but why so hard to resize? (2018-10-11) Donal O: Suddenly all the CSS I type goes in ALL CAPS with no option to change it? My caps lock is definitely off :-/ What's going on? (2018-09-19) Ganga suwal: It make me easy use and helpful to me. (2018-06-05) No option to save edits for future visits. Which makes this add-on absolutely worthless since chrome developer tools allow you to edit CSS LIVE :/ (2018-05-31) Ali Ridha: needs more feature and improvments IT'S VERY VERY BASIC (2018-05-27) Alicia Carrizo: bien (2017-11-14) Appel Rotte: 되게 재밌음 (2017-08-19) Tanya Kozak: Doesn't open at all. Clicking does nothing. (2017-03-20) Miguel Fernandez: Simply Simple and straight to the point. I would like as you type the class or id of an element to be highlighted on the page. But not required. It just works perfect like this. (2017-03-04) Colin MacKenzie: Didnt work. Either through clicking icon or shortcut. No box appears. (2017-02-09) Jayrom Javier: there are still some minor bugs that are irritating sometimes. so only 4 stars (2017-01-16) Chris Wiggs: Aside from AdBlock, this is the one extension I could not live without. It makes front end dev so much faster and I can't even remember how I wrote CSS before! (2016-12-07) :) (2016-11-10) Maxim Svobonas: Is it possible to add syncronization across PCs? Would be awesome! (2016-10-07) Keisuke URAGO: CSSを少し知っているならば、読みにくいサイトのスタイルを自分でカスタマイズできる。シンプル。 (2016-09-28) Kevin Zeidler: How much do I adore this plugin? Well, after accidentally overwriting my Chrome browser profile today, this happens to be the very first plugin I'm reinstalling. Not Ghostery, not React dev tools, but this tiny little lightweight CSS controller. I depend on it *that* much. The one reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is I wish that it gave UI feedback when an element is matched by a CSS selector. (It would also be super cool to know the values of the CSS being overridden.) For those things you still have to use dev tools. The main difference between this application and dev tools is the interface: this is just a simple runtime extension of the existing CSS, superimposed onto the wndow in a freeform texteditor format. I wish dev tools was the same. (2016-09-16) Dmitriy Fisenko: Работает, но оно полностью бессмысленное, тк сущ инструменты разработчика (F12) Я думал оно сохраняет настройки для сайта - но нет(( А пофакту это однофункциональное расширение. (2016-09-08) John Francis: Have no idea what it does. Just puts the CSS logo on the toolbar. click it and get an empty box. Been designing websites for 25 years. Does not edit stylesheet. Worthless (2016-07-14) Anderson Brandao: Window resize is not good. Also it would be good to load the active css. (2016-06-14) Shakir Kamal: easy to use, instant result displayed. Only one problem that is, it does not work when overlay panel is activated on the page. (2016-06-04) Yasirayad - ياسر اياد: من أفضل الاضافات التي شاهدتها شكراً لمطوريها thx>"D (2016-03-05) Logan Benjamin: All it needs is syntax highlighting.

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