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Description from extension meta Open source browser design tools
Image from store VisBug
Description from store Open source web design debug tools built with JavaScript: a FireBug for designers. - Simple as point, click & tinker - Edit or style any page, in any state, like it's an artboard - Hover inspect styles, spacing, distance, accessibility and alignment - Nitpick layouts & content, in the real end environment, at any device size - Leverage adobe/sketch skills - Edit any text, replace any image (hi there copywriters, ux writers, pms) - Design within the chaos: use production or prototypes and the odd states they produce, as artboards and design opportunities - Design while simulating latency, i18n, media queries, platform constraints, CPUs, screensize, etc - Make more decisions on the front end of your site/app (a11y, responsive, edge cases, etc) - No waiting for developers to expose their legos, just go direct and edit the end state (regardless of framework) and execute/test an idea Give power to designers & content creators, in a place where they currently feel they have little to none, **by bringing design tool interactions and hotkeys to the browser**
Latest reviews (2019-10-28) Akhil Gautam: I really love it while showing demo to clients or other UI devs. (2019-10-22) snowwolf1001: It's very pretty and useful (2019-10-17) Yakko: 能快速查看某物件的詳細 css 數值,視覺化的很好,非常便於參考或是與工程師溝通。 (2019-10-12) paul kosmala: it still needs a few features, but impressive so far. Is there currently a way to Stretch and squeeze elements? I could not find it in the app or a quick google search. seems like that would be a necessary feature to design in this. (2019-10-09) Arshad Alam: I am loving it and this is working good for desktop. I am facing issue in the simulator. It does not seems to working in the simulator. It will be great if it supports in simulator devices also (like iPad, iPhone). I am unable to move it in those simulators. This will be really helpful for the UI developers. Thanks, Mohammad (2019-09-02) Muhammad Yusuf Cabais: This program makes my works more easier! Just a little suggestion, i wish that they will put a minimize option for the toolbar, Because it disturb a little. After that it would be excellent. (2019-07-11) Dinu Mihnea: The best extension, ever !!! (2019-06-27) Nikola Budisavljevic: Really nice extension but have to knock at least 1 star off for how it renders in mobile emulator. With how much traffic is on mobile now, most of my editing work has to do with experiences on mobile devices. Would encourage the developer to find a way to more smoothly render vis bug when in mobile emulation mode. (2019-06-24) weiya ou: Exceeding the expected experience (2019-06-18) Jake Moreland: Absolute beast of an extension, been making my own work-arounds this whole time before i discovered VisBug! :D (2019-05-26) jeel patel: it is cool (2019-05-14) Vien Nguyen: Overall is okay. But this tool is not optimized when using in mobile view port. The tool bar is overlap many contents of the page. Should have option to hide this tool bar but still use the function of visbug. Hope dev team will improve it in the future. (2019-05-02) Errol Mars: Useful and getting better! (2019-04-11) Akuma Isaac: Please add the ability to move the tools bar (2019-04-02) Christian Breuer: Cool. But did not work with iframes. (2019-03-25) Phuc Hoang: Nice overall. Keep going, dev team! (2019-03-21) Fake Mike: Can't get this to work in frames. Is there a way to toggle between the page and frame inside the page? (2019-03-21) Wow. This is the design/development functionality that ChromeDev tools was missing. (2019-03-15) Wu Philip: It is not working for elements in <iframe> (2019-03-13) Ho Nguyen Mai Dong: Đù má hay quá anh ơi (2019-03-12) No hands-free mode (2019-03-12) Roberts Ozolins: What an amazing tool. It's super simple to use and gives you practically every control you could possibly ask for. I have used Visual Inspector and a few other plugins but none of them come even close to this. I hope to see this tool being able to override code in your dev environment. Now that would be special. Two thumbs up! 👍👍 (2019-03-11) Nguyễn Hiếu: it is really good for front end dev (2019-03-08) Yitao Wang: This is such an incredible tool for designer! It's like holding an X-ray to look at how a webpage is built from the ground up! Thank you! (2019-03-07) Long Văn: awesome! thank a lot

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Extpose is a service for Chrome extension publishers.
It helps tracking and optimizing browser extension performance in Chrome Web Store.

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